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25 Things I Love About Christmas | Blogmas Day 2

Welcome to Blogmas day 2!! Today I wanted to talk about what I love about Christmas! There is just so much to love about this season! It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love just about everything about Christmas! These are my favourites!

The Tree

I love Christmas trees! All the ornaments and lights! I love looking at all the different trees but I'm a lot like Monica from Friends when it comes to my Christmas tree. It has to be perfect. White lights, red, green and white ornaments only for the basic ornaments, with cute quirky ornaments all around. Like, scrabble ornaments, little sign ornaments, and tiny snowglobes, and those little coffee mug ornaments from Starbucks. No tinsel, no ribbons. Ornaments of the same colour cannot be too close to each other. And a star on top.

Quirky Ornaments

Speaking of quirky ornaments, other than "stock ornaments" which is what I call plain coloured ornaments my tree is all quirky ornaments. I buy so many every year! I included a few of my favourites in this year's photo set which you can see in the photo above. The sled rides and two snowglobes are a few of my all-time favourites! I made the Let It Snow scrabble title one in 2015 for my DIY Ornaments post. I love buying little things like these. Other than the "stock" ornaments my tree is all ornaments like those ones/

Christmas Lights

I love seeing all the lights on peoples houses. There is this one house close to where I live that decorates there house like a gingerbread house every year! I love driving around looking at lights and seeing all of the cool lights people post on Twitter and Instagram!

The Decorations

I love decorating every space I can! I full-on cover my bedroom. Snowflakes on my windows, a tree in the corner, cute Christmas signs like all the reindeer names, Garland on my mantel (I have a bricked-up fireplace in my room) with Christmasy Snowglobes and lights. I stick lights around the whole border of my ceiling. I want to get wall decals and more signs. I'm a huge fan of signs.

The Smells

I love all the smells of Christmas time! Gingerbread, cinnamon, vanilla, pine! I also love the smell as the air cools as we transition from fall to winter. The grown changes too. I love the smell of natural changing the seasons!

I have so many Christmas Candles! Some of my favourites are a Pine one and the Gingerbread Maple from Yankee Candle and the Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla from Bath & Body Works/White Barn!

The Music

I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! I have been listening to My Christmas Playlist since November 1st! I've been fighting the urge to sing Christmas music since June! I held it in until November to fully enjoy Fall and Halloween.

The Movies

I love Christmas films! I started watching all of my favourites a couple of weeks ago. Some of my favourites are:

Christmas Vacation

The Polar Express

The Santa Clause


Home Alone

The Grinch


Christmas has always been a time when my family comes together. I'm going to my sister's with my mom the weekend before Christmas to spend time with my niece and nephew. Then I'm going to be staying with my dad when I get back through New Years. When I was a kid everyone used to go to my aunt's house because he was like everyone's grandma. We all met there and it was so nice.

Wrapping Gifts

I really love nicely wrapped gifts. With really nice paper and perfect edges. I love candy cane paper with green bows! I'm also a fan of chalkboard style paper and the brown packing paper style paper. I really like wrapping gifts. Something feels great about wrapping the gifts with good edges and sharp folds!

The Food

Baked goods aplenty! I love pastries! I have to make all my own this year as I'm now on a strict gluten-free diet. I love baking so it's ok! I love apple pastries and pies. I love gingerbread cookies and snickerdoodles! I would also say that I love the turkey but I usually make a roast chicken instead of Turkey since we have turkey in November for Thanksgiving in America.

The Drinks

Coffees and Hot Cocoa! With Cinnamon and gingerbread flavours! I also love hot teas! I got snickerdoodle HC at Starbucks and it was amazing! I'm going to be drinking so many things with cinnamon! Just no peppermint!


When I was a kid we always got snow in December. It has been a lot warmer in the past few years than when I was a kid. We might get a snow flurry or 2 but almost nothing sticks. Not until January. But I still love the look of snow. And I'm really hoping we get some before Christmas. I'd love to see some on Christmas! I've never seen a "White Christmas."

Christmas Tree Nightlight

When the Tree is up I leave it on pretty much 24/7. I can't sleep in a completely dark room so I leave the tree on while I sleep. I love when the only lights are the tree and the lights I've hung up throughout the room! I have lights that never get hot so I can love them on forever! The only downside is that the lights don't last as long. I usually get about a 2-year use out of them, but they are cheaper lights so I'm not too upset about it.

Christmas Clothes

I have a ton of Christmas Jumpers and graphic tees! And some printed Christmas leggings too! I love wearing festive fashion!


This is more of a general fall/winter/cooler weather thing but I adore wearing boots! I have cute pull-on moto boots, knee-high Attack on Titan boots. I have more boots than I'd ever want to count! One of my favourites for wintertime is a pair of UGG style boots that I got a JC Penny year ago and I love them! I only paid around $20 vs the UGG price! I always dig them out when the weather gets colder!

Decorated Stores

I love when stores and little businesses decorate. Not necessarily to sell anything, just to be festive! It is so adorable! From painted windows to full-on decked out trees! It's so nice to see!

Gift Giving

I love getting gifts I know people will love. Like a toy from the TV Show or Movie my niece watches on repeat, or a science kit I know my nephew will go crazy over, or thermal socks and leggings I know my mom will love because she gets cold easily and loves layers in winter.


I love baking! Especially around Christmas! I love cinnamon and ginger! I can't wait to attempt some gluten-free recipes this year!

The Macy's Parade

Now while this happens on Thanksgiving it is all Christmas themed and is the official start of the Christmas season for most of America. I love the parade! I watch it every year! I don't know what I'm going to do when I eventually move out of the states and can watch it. Hopefully, it's live-streamed by then.

Christmas Colours

I love red and green together! For me, the only true "Christmas Colors" are a bright classic cherry red and a bright-toned pine green. With some bright or frosted white and glittery gold sprinkled in.

The Sales

Some many good deals around Christmas! Whether you are buying gifts or just buying something you have had your eye on for a while you can find some great deals around Christmas! But beware of the fake deals were they raise the price from $100 to $150 and then say $50 off. Stories raise prices then mark them down the raised amount to trick you into paying full price. Make sure you know that the product really is on sale before you buy.

Christmas Shopping

Speaking of the Christmas Sales, I love to go Christmas Shopping. I know I sound like a nutter but I really do love going out and picking things out for everyone! There is a certain cheer I find in going Christmas shopping! It feels great to be getting gifts for others and with all the Christmas decor it's just a great atmosphere!

Christmas Cards

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. I love making my own! This year I don't have the time to make them but I plan on DIYing all my cards next year. The best thing about DIYing the cards is that you can just super sweet personal messages and greeting in them!

The feeling you have when you wake up Christmas Morning

When I wake up Christmas morning I'm all warm and fuzzy inside. Nothing could upset me on Christmas Day!! I am so thankful that Christmas is such a happy thing for me. That is all thanks to my Aunt. She loved Christmas. She would decorate the whole house. She was so full of Christmas cheer! It's why everyone always went to her house. She always made the best Christmas dinner! I miss her so much. Especially around Christmas. But she would want me to enjoy my Christmas to the fullest every year!

Advent Calendars

I only learned about advent calendars a few years ago. Before 2015 I never saw them in the US. They might have had them in NYC or LA but not anywhere around where I lived. I wish we'd had them when I was a kid! They are amazing! I got the 2016 Yankee Candle calendar and loved it! I really want to get a beauty calendar this year but I didn't have the time to pick one and get it.

I just love so much about Christmas! I could go on and on! What are some of your favourite things about the festive season? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out yesterday's Blogmas post! And there are more Christmasy posts too!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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