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50 More Facts About Me

Why oh why did I choose 50 facts this time? I'm regretting it already. The first was only 25. Why 50? Do you guys even want to know 50 facts? 50 is going to get pretty stupid. But here we go.

Ok so I was kind of joking but really I wasn't really thinking when I took that photo. 50 facts about yourself can be really hard to come up with. I'm going to come up with these as I go. It's been a while since that 25 facts post so I might accidentally repeat some facts.

1. I'm a Wiccan - (definitely not a repeat. I only became a Wiccan this year.)

2. I love crystals and gemstones.

3. Rose Quartz is my favourite crystal

4. I'm addicted to coffee. (Lattes specifically)

5. I drink pretty much only tea during the day.

6. Though I'm a tea lover I rarely drink anything but different blends of black tea.

7. Petrichor, the smell of earth after rain, is my favourite smell. Technically it's specifically after a long dry period. I just love it!

8. I've always loved art but only just started making actual physical illustrations. Tho I've been making digital pieces for about 2 years.

9. I love Yoga.

10. My favourite game is still The Last of Us.

11. I have recently become obsessed with plants.

12. Watercolour is my favourite art medium.

13. I collect Oujia boards.

14. I pretty much only watch YouTube.

15. I broke my arm in 5th grade because a kid at school pushed another kid into me and I fell directly on my arm on the asphalt. (Thanks to celiac I have vitamin deficiencies that made my bones weaker.)

16. My blog ideas, YouTube ideas and planner are hyper-organized.

17. I wore braces for 26 months.

18. I am addicted to buying notebooks and stationery and office supplies.

19. I adore lapel pins. (and stickers)

20. My laptop is covered in stickers. (I know I'm sorry)

21. I'm 5'0. I have to climb shelves at the supermarket.

22. I'm a Slytherin

23. I have celiac disease. (Gluten kills my insides. Literally.)

24. I adore Game of Thrones.

25. Flowers, Plants + Planets are my favourite thing to doodle.

26. I'm pansexual.

27. The idea of cutting my hair above my collar bones gives me anxiety.

28. The only fruity candy flavour I like is Cherry.

29. I'm a huge night owl. (Currently writing this at 3 AM)

30. I found out just a few months ago that I'm allergic to scallops and shellfish.

31. I hate peppermint. (I hated mint for a long time too but I don't mind toothpaste and breath mints anymore. Still, I don't like it mixed in anything.)

32. I only take sugar in my tea. I don't like milk or cream or flavours. Just good'ol black tea. Though I am opening up to flavours.

33. Pasta/Italian food is my favourite food. (Really sad for someone who can't have gluten because of serious medical issues.)

34. I have TMJ and grind my teeth in my sleep. I need a night-guard.

35. I love interior design! I've done so many drawings of how I want my room to look.

36. I've even been drawing blueprints of my dream home for 5 years. I've made many changes but every time I redraw it just gets bigger. Maybe I'll share them in a sketchbook tour sometime.

37. I'm an Aquarius.

39. I "watch" TV/YouTube while I sleep. If I don't have background noise of something I like and makes me comfortable I have some scary dreams. I always have.

40. I was a Witch for Halloween for 5 years in a row when I was a kid.

41. My first crush was on Michael J Fox.

42. I've seen the first 2 Back to the Future movies no less than 1200 times. I swear! I watched them every day as a kid for 3 years. I still watch them 3-6 times each year. I just love them!

43. I am a very hot sleeper. I tend to leave the heat vent in my room closed all winter and even open the windows in the early, early spring. (I'm already sleeping with the AC on.)

44. In the Winter I take the trash out/walk to the mailbox in a Jack Skellington onesie.

45. I have dyslexia.

46. I've never been in a romantic relationship. (Or any sort of dating kind of relationship)

47. The only board games/tabletop games I've ever played are Monopoly, Checkers, The Game of Life and Candy Land. I played Clue and Uno once but I had no idea what was happening. And now after watching Markiplier play Uno with his friends a lot, I'm pretty sure my cousins lied to me on the rules.

48. I used to collect stamps. I probably have over 300 stamps. ( I still grab really cook ones from time to time)

49. I recently started listing to ASMR. GibiASMR is pretty much the only one tho.

50. I love washi tape and can't pass up buying pretty much every roll I see.

Oh my god, I did it! 50 facts about me. Remind me to never do that many at once again! I hope you guys enjoyed learning more about me than you ever wanted to know.

I shared a lot of weird stuff. Let me know a weird fact about you in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

**This post was not sponsored**

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