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A Letter to Jenna Marbles

So I tried writing this a couple of months after Jenna left and couldn’t get past the first line without balling. I tried picking it up off and on every couple of months after that and couldn’t. Here is my original opening from August 2020.

“I must say that it is a bit hard to write this, and I definitely can’t do it without tearing up. Just thinking about Jenna since she announced her break/possible retirement internet has made me cry. So to Jenna, I write this for you.”

And now I try again.

Jenna, you have been a friend, a sister and an internet mom to me for years. I’ve grown up with you. Your videos have helped me through my roughest and darkest days.

I remember your days in Boston, your move to LA, the first time you introduced us to Julien, how much he made you laugh right away. I remember bye spiderman and the dogs getting graded on video participation. But most importantly I remember you making me laugh when nothing could. I remember the channel becoming Jenna’s selfish time and falling in love with your content even more.

That shift and the following era was my favourite Jenna time. I’d stay up all Wednesday night to watch your newest video in the early hours of Thursday morning. Somedays your videos are the only thing that brought me a smile, laughter.

I’ve been rewatching your content since you left and remembering all the good times and crazy videos. From rhinestone face to 100 layers of everything to the cursed jeans chair to making Julien into a drag queen to getting bunny. We had so many lovely years filled with so much joy.

Though it hurt to see you leave, I fully understand why you did it. I’m so happy you did what was best for you and your mental health. I hope you are watching TikToks cry laughing while Julien cooks something delicious. I hope your days are filled with doggie cuddles and laughs. You deserve the best for all the years you brought so much joy to all of us.

I’m so happy for you and Julien! I hope your next chapter of life is filled with love, happiness, light, laughs and a lot of fuckery. Live Laugh Fuck Off.

Jenna, you are missed, loved and remembered. We will forever be grateful for the time you gave us. Truly, honestly, with every fiber of me, Thank You.

Goodbye Friend.

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