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A-Z of Me

I have fallen in love with A-Z posts! I recently read all the A-Z posts that Tania has done and loved them! I love Tania's blog and I love all the different ways she's done the A-Z style post. I'm literally the last person to do this. If you google A-Z of Me you'll find so many blog posts. I'm super late to the party... but what's new? I'm always late to these things! So let's get to it, shall we?

Art & Autumn

Art because of my new found love for art. In mid-2017 I started to really fall in love with making art. I got an Art Tablet for Christmas and I can't wait to make a bunch of pieces!

Autumn because it's my favourite season and I love everything about it!


Pretty obvious. As a blogger, my blog takes up the vast majority of my life so of course blogging takes the B spot.

Coffee & Candles & Converse

Coffee because I'm addicted and have at least one cup a day.

Candles because I almost always have one burning.

Converse because they are practically the only shoes I wear.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who because it is one of my favourite shows to date!

Ear Piercings

Because I have 6 all together. 4 Helix and one on each lobe.


Flannels because I have too many flannel button-ups for one person. I probably have over 30.

Gaming & Geeky & Graphic Design

Gaming because it is my favourite past time aside from blogging.

Geeky because I'm a huge geek and belong to just about every geek fandom out there.

Graphic Design because I love making graphics for my blog! I've made every graphic you see on my blog, aside from my advertisers and such.

Harry Potter & Hockey

Harry Potter because that series is so near and dear to my heart.

Hockey because it is the only spot I actually care about.


I think that's obvious. I am a millennial after all.

Jon Snow & The Joker & Japan

Jon Snow because I love him so much it makes me angry.

The Joker because he is my favourite villain and is just amazing!

Japan because I desperately want to visit.


Kindle because it was the only K I could really think of and I use my Kindle at least once a week.


Lipstick because I'm hopelessly addicted and can't stop buying lippies.

Mermaids & The Moon

Mermaids because of my recent new found love for mythical creatures.

The Moon because I love it. I could stare at a full moon for hours.


Nerdy because I am quite the little nerd.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping because who wants to leave the house when they don't have too.


Photography because it is a true passion of mine.


Quest because I love RPG games.


Rainbows because I also have a new found love for them as well.

Slytherin & Space

Slytherin because I am proud of my house

Space because I am obsessed with it.

Tardis & Tea

Tardis because she is beautiful inside and out and I'd love to have a wardrobe that looked like a Tardis.

Tea because like coffee I am addicted and drink 4+ cups a day. My favourites are Oolong and classic black.

Unicorn & The UK

Unicorns because I recently fell in love with them.

The UK because I desperately want to live there. Forever!

Video Games

Video Games because I have been a gamer since I was a tiny child.

Writing Stories & Watercolour

Writing Stories because I have loved writing since I was 13 and I really hope to finish my first book this year!

Watercolour because I fell in love with watercolour art in 2017 and I love the way it looks!

Xmas & Xanthan Gum & Xbox

Xmas because Christmas is my favourite holiday!

Xanthan Gum because I'm Gluten-free now.

Xbox because it was my favourite console as a kid.


YouTube because I watch it more than traditional TV.

ZombieGoddess & Zelda

ZombieGoddess because it is my username and my "brand" I use it in the name of everything I do.

Zelda because the Zelda games were my favourite growing up and Ocarina of Time is still my favourite.

That was so much fun! I really like putting my own little spin on it. I haven't seen any post formated this way. I really liked it.

What are some of your A-Z? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop. **This post was not sponsored**

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