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A-Z of Me | Year 3

So I wanted to do this post around my birthday but the blog train just wasn't running then. But I really want to make these a traditional post. So I'm doing it now. I love the idea of having these to look back on to see how I change every year. So let's take a crack at my A-Z year 3! ... 4 months late.


I'm not sure if that was my answer las year but I've been watching a ton of ASMR! I'm watching GibiASMR as I write this! Big Mouth I just binged all of Big Mouth and it is the dirtiest thing I've ever seen but it is so fun! Nick Kroll and John Mulaney have a direct line to my funny bone. Curls At the moment I am loving having curls and I'm planning on doing a body wave perm. Disney

I have been watching so many old Disney Channel shows recently. I'm going to end up binging all the shows of my childhood! Etsy

Or Rather leaving Etsy. The plan is to leave Etsy on the 22nd of June! I'll keep some stuff there but my full catalogue of products will be on my own site. I hope! I wanna launch prints and stickers and maybe bookmarks! Including BlackLivesMatter Charity Art Prints! Florals

I have been obsessed with all things plants! Flowers, leaves! Banana leaves are my jam at the moment! The older I get the more I love floral things! Graphic Designs

I've been doing so many customs this last month! Which is amazing but is kind of hard because my internet is crapping out on me all the time. But yay orders!

Hair Colour

My hair is pink! I actually went and dyed my hair pink! Introvert

I've always been an introvert but now is the perfect time to be a stay at home kind of gal. Social Distancing is an Introvert's dream come true. You're telling me I'm not going to be asked to go outside and when I have to go to the store people have to stay 6 feet away from me? Amazing! Jenna + Julien

I don't think I'll ever play a YouTube channel as much as I play JennaMarbles and her Jenna+Julien podcast. And I've been watching Julien a lot too since he swapped to cooking videos. Kickstarter

I supported my first Kickstarter! One of my favourite Artist Dorkface is running her first ever Kickstart and I had to snag all the pins! I mean go look for yourself! LGBTQ+

I finally started making LGBTQ+ posts! It feels so good! I was never hiding it before, just hadn't had time to take photos for posts. Marvel I've been watching so much Marvel since Disney+ came out. I can not wait for The Falcon and Winter Soldier! I need some more Bucky! Novel

This is the year I will finish my novel!


I have finally started watching The Office. I had to skip to season 2 but oh my god it's soo good!

Procreate (and Apple Pencil)

I have been doing so many Procreate drawing! I am still getting used to it but I am loving it! iPad drawing is OP! I've even started editing my graphics on my iPad with my pencil. Queer

I personally like to identify as Queer. Since I have to identifiers, Demi-sexual and Pan-romantic, so I like using the all-encompassing term, Queer.

Reduced Waste

I decided this year I wanted to reduce my waste and live a more Zero Waste Lifestyle. Though Zero Waste is impossible in today's age. Which is why I have chosen to include it in this post as reduced waste. I'm really excited about the steps I've been making and changing items for swaps as the single-use items run out! Surgery I had my first surgery this February. I had my deviated septum fixed and my tonsils out. And my god it has helped so so much! It's so weird for the left side of my nose to work. Travel

Something I can't do this year but I am dying to do!

Undead Creators

Undead Creators is a creator community I started on Twitter. It the last year or so I haven't posted much too it but I want to get back to it. I want to start having threads again. Video Games I finally got a Switch and have been playing Animal Crossing a but load! Possibly too much... you know what. That's impossible. But yes I am one of the Animal Crossing New Horizons drones Wizards of Waverly Place

Like I've said I've been watching a lot of Disney Channel. I'm almost done with Wizards. Which I'm excited about because I've never finished the show. Xenotime

Ok, so this is a crystal that looks like a small meteor. I will not lie to you guys I searched Google for a crystal that starts with X and this is the only one I found but it looks super dope so I'm cool with it! I want a piece but it's definitely one of the more expensive ones so it will be a hope for a while. YouTube

Definitely, something that has been in this series before but I'm still very much in love with YouTube and binge it every day. I even play it while I sleep. ZombieGoddessxi This is the year I finally start making YouTube videos. Yes, I'm using this post to self-promo my channel.

Another year done! As always the X was the hardest. Q actually was one of the first ones I filled for once. I missed doing A-Z. I can't want to do another themed one! Maybe Music/Songs or a Summer one. What themed A-Z should I do next?

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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