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A-Z of Me | Year 4

So it's been almost 2 years since I've done a basic A-Z of me. I wanted to do them annually to compare what has changed with me. I think one is long over due now. If you haven't read one of my A-Z Posts before here's a quick run down. You list out A-Z and write down the first word (or my case usually words) that come to mind. You can write a little about them if you want you just write down the word.

I've done quite a few of these now. And I'm still excited to jump in! I feel like there may be quite a bit of change with mine now.

Art. Not the first time A has been for art. But I really got into art again recently after not picking up my pencil in a while. Also I get a set of nice acrylic paints for Christmas and I'm hyped to use them!

Bees Wings + Zombie Things. I changed the name of my shop and I love it! I'm relaunching on my own site really soon!!

Coffee. Still very much addicted to coffee.

Doctor Who. I got the box sets for 9, 10, 11 and 12 for Christmas so I've been binging it again! I missed it so much!

Ear Piercings. I stole this one from my first A-Z. Since that post I've added a few I had 6. I have 10 now. And I just got the itch to add a couple more.

Fluorite. A gorgeous green an purple crystal. I think it's tied for first with rose quartz. Closely followed by Amethyst.

Green. I've been loving greens lately! Especially greens with a blue tint. Borderline blue with green tint. I just love sea colors.

Hot Foods. I feel like this might actually be a new one for my A-Z posts. I love hot food. As in spicy food. I'll put Hot Sauce on pretty much anything. I love peppers and always have wax peppers and jalapeños in my fridge. I love hot wings and I'll try anything spicy at least once.

Instagram. I post to my stories so much I should just start a vlog channel at this point. I post on my feed now and then. I also have more than one account. My cats have an account, one for my art, one for photography, one for shop promotion and I also have a model account. ;)

JennaMarbles. I still miss her! I still watch at least one of her videos everyday.

KickthePJ. I've been watching so many of PJ's streams on Twitch.

Lapel Pins. I'm OBSESSED with enamel lapel pins. I'm pretty sure I have over 100 in my collection now. Dorkface Creates is probably my favourite.

Music. I'm always listening to music. When I was a kid I used to carry around a CD player and burnt CD full of songs from Limewire. Very Starlord style. Including the singing along and dancing with headphones on full blast.

Neuro-Divergent. I have ADHD, Aspergers and sensory processing disorder. Really fun in my brain. It probably doesn't help that it runs on caffeine and either too much or too little sleep.

Organized. I love being orgainized. I usually have at least 3 notebooks in rotation and everything plotted on a planner. I still do it but this year I switched to digital. I'd drop the name of the app but this isn't spon and I don't want it to feel like it is.

Painting. I got an acrylic set for Christmas and it has me back into painting. They are soo good and I've been loving it!

Queer. I'm still hella gay. Currently I like to identify as a Bi/Pan or Lesbian Leaning Bi. Though I am fully pan, will date anyone as long as we vibe, I just like the bi flag better. I also recently discovered that rather than Demi, a better placement for me is grey-sexual. A bit more of a take it or leave it approach when it comes to sex but emotional bonds help lean more toward the take it side. Hence why I mistook it for demi.

Reading. I've actually got back into reading recently. Though I have this probably that when I start reading I find it hard to stop. So sometimes I start reading and I read the whole book in one sitting. I'm working on reading more and pacing myself. I got the Harry Potter Hardback for Christmas so I'm gonna start there.

Switch (Nintendo). I've been playing on my Switch so much since I got it in May 2020. I've been glued to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. And Subnautica too.

Tattoos. I got my first tattoos last year and I'm dying to get more. I have a huge list. I just gotta design what to get next.

Ukulele. I also got a Ukulele for Christmas and I'm so excited to start learning to play! I need to get a new strap for it tho. The one it came with is weird.

Victrola. I got a Victrola turn table/record table and I adore it! It's so cute! I don't have any records yet but I am so excited to start collecting!

Witchy. 100% still a pagan and here for the witchy vibes. Witchy clothes, crystals, tarot cards, runes, spells, sage. I'm here for it all!

Xiaosaurus. I'll admit I googled for X again. But I don't want to use the same like 2 words over and over again. And you know what I actually love these little guys and didn't know what they were called. They are the tiny little raptor looking herbivores. You can see them in the creatures run shot in Jurassic World.

Yellowstone. Not the park the TV show. It's Sons of Anarchy but make it western. My Dad got me into it and now I'm invested in the story. I binged 3 season and can't wait for 4 to drop on streaming at the end of the month.

Zoo. I finally went to the zoo for the first in November. I know kind of a shit time to go. Half the animals are kept inside with no view windows because it's so cold. But we went to see the lights that the Cincinnati Zoo puts on. It was gorgeous! Look at this Jelly Fish Display that was up in the trees by the bug house!

I did it!! I completed another A-Z. These are getting harder man. I really struggled with this one. But I had a lot of fun and I think there is a good variation from my last ones. And as hard as it was finding the one for X was really cool!

I really encourage anyone who hasn't done one of these to try it. It's hard to find something for every letter. We use S and T as the first letter a lot. But it is really fun!

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