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A-Z of Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and I don't know about you guys but I'm not exactly looking forward to it. Summer is without a doubt my least favourite season. It's hot, it's sticky. The sun burns and bugs. Spoiler alert, this post is going to be a bit of a 'things I hate about summer' post. But there are a few good things too. But a small few.

But hey let's celebrate the season in my favourite way! A-Z!

Air Conditioning

Without AC I wouldn’t survive USA summers. Can’t wait to move to the UK where 75 is a heatwave!

Black Raspberries

A large part of my summers as a kid were spent picking black raspberries or “jewel berries” from my aunt’s huge patch. They are so so good! Better than blackberries or red raspberries.


I love a good campfire. When I was a kid we had them all the time. My Dad and I have started burning boxes instead of throwing them out and it’s been so nice.


I used to love dandelions as a kid. I’d pink them all the time for my Mom and Aunt and grandma when they were yellow and I loved to wish on them when they went to seed. Seeing the yellow coming about in the spring to summer always makes me smile.


I do love exploring nature in the summer. It's hot and muggy but I get some beautiful photos!


I fucking hate them. They hurt my ears when I get close. They are annoying if I’m farther away and they scare my cats. I kinda like the ones that make that sizzle sound when they fall tho.


Without a grill, I don’t think I’d eat in the Summer. Way too hot to use the oven or stove. Without being able to eat takeout I'd live on microwaved dinners if not for a grill.

Heat and Humidity

I fucking hate the heat! It makes it so hard to breathe. The air is so thick and muggy. Sometimes you can feel your body leaving a hole in the air behind you as you walk. It’s gross and I hate it.

Ice Cream

I mean do I even have to explain this one? I’m a sucker for Vanilla Bean. But I also love a good salted caramel. What’s your favourite ice cream?


Now I hate Jello but when I was a kid there was always a massive bowl of Jello at every picnic, every BBQ, and party. It was very where. Jello is too wet but also pretty solid. I just can’t stand the texture! It literally makes me sick. But when I think of summer I do think of Jello.


We drank this non-stop when I was a kid. It was the go-to summer drink. Which, looking back I totally know why us kids like it so much. My Mom put 2 cups of sugar in a gallon of the stuff. She was basically feeding us Hummingbird sugar water.


I love lemonade! Lemon juice, water and sugar! Such a great drink! I love getting a huge one at the end of summer fair.


I hate lawnmowers! We live in a neighbourhood with mostly older people and I swear all retired people do is mow the damn lawn. During the summer there isn’t a day that

Goes by that I don’t hear a lawnmower. It drives me insane. Weed whackers are in that category too.


I love watching nature come alive in spring and summer. Everything perks up and blooms. Beautiful flowers and leaves filling the treas. It’s all so nice.


I love the sound of the waves and it is the only real reason I like the beach is because of the sound of the crashing waves. But the scorching sun and hot sand isn’t something I want. Fall or spring is much more beach weather for me. Beach ASMR is definitely another favourite.


I love the pool so much! During summers as a kid, I would get in the pool as soon as I woke up until my parents forced me to get out as it got dark. I love swimming!


One good thing about summer is that June is Pride month! Rainbows everywhere. My LGBT+ family having an amazing time and being proud of who we are. I really really want to go to a Pride parade this year if they have them.


I adore storms. The sound of the pouring rain, the beautiful flashes of lightning, the cracks of thunder. I just love storms! Some of my favourite ASMR videos are storms.


Sunflowers are quickly becoming my favourite flower. I have fallen head over heels for anything yellow recently! And the best part is that they are a summer and fall flower! They bloom from July to October!


I love the cooler nights where you can be out without boiling and just sit and listen to the tree frogs and Cicadas and watch the fireflies.


We get a lot of rain in early summer. Gotta have an umbrella. Plus I hate the sun and I’m debating on carrying one all the time.

Vegetables (and fruits too)

Fresh veggies are so much better in summer (other than fall veggies)


Though they set off my allergies pretty bad, the one thing I really like about summer is the flowers. I love all the colours. The more vibrant the more beautiful.


I played a ton of games when I was a kid. Especially in the summer. I didn’t have an Xbox until I was like 15 but I needed an X and it does kind of fit.


The colour yellow is everywhere in summer and I love it! It’s quickly becoming my new favourite colour!


One distinct thing I remember about summer from my childhood was those bug zappers. The big metal cages with the purple light that electrocutes any bug that touches it. I’m not a fan of bugs in the slightest but that just seems like too much.

That was actually one of the easiest A-Z posts I've done. Z and Q were actually really easy. This is like the 15th A-Z I've done. I think anyway. So check out the others here.

What is your A-Z of summer? Or some of your highlights? Let me know in the comments.

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Photo Credit: Taken with a Canon T5 Rebel and an 18-55mm lens.

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