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Animal Crossing Quality of Life Updates We NEED!

Like most of the world I’ve been obsessed with playing Animal Crossing for the last year. I didn’t have a Switch so I had to wait until late May to play but I haven’t really stopped playing since. I've sunk over 500 hours into the game.

Animal Crossing sucks you in with adorable creatures, fun fishing, bug catching activities and daily challenges. You have weeds to pluck, flowers to water, trees to shake for money, rocks to mine, fruit to pick all of which keeps you coming back daily. And the fish and bugs change every month to keep you playing for extended periods of time. It’s really well designed to keep you engaged.

But there are a few updates that all players desperately want to improve little things. Just simple little “quality of life” updates. So today I wanted to talk about the updates that would make my now favourite game better.

Craft Multiple of the Same Item

If you’ve played you know the thumb numbing task of crafting fish bait. I just want to craft it all at once! And I don't know about the rest of you but when I decorated outside my island I craft quite a few of the same item. It'd be so much easier if I could craft X amount at a time.

Workbenches inside your home pull from home storage

I don’t always know what recipe takes what materials and sometimes my pockets are almost full and putting the items in my pocket would make crafting impossible. Workbenches pulling from storage would be amazing!

Update to Terraforming controls

Please for the love of god Nintendo update the terraforming so one button is make river/cliff/path and a second one is delete river/cliff/path!

Like you have like 16 buttons and all you use is A. Please please use more!

Also add some code where custom paths can’t be kicked away. I’ve deleted my fairy stones so many times while trying to pick up something. If I lay out something with the path tool it should stay put.

Timmy and Tommy send a letter about dropbox earnings

I’m so tired of being held hostage by the phone call every morning to tell me they deposited my drop box earnings. When I start the game I want to get running right away. Just send me a letter. Tom doesn’t call me to tell me how much interest I earned.

Plus I can see my earring when i use the drop box. I don't need a phone call. Maybe make it a once a week deposit statement.

More Pro Creator Save Slots

I love using Pro Designer to decorate all sorts of things on my island and I am completely out of decorating slots. Yes they just added 5o more. Yes I'm already out. I need more! Even if I have to spend like a fuck ton of miles on it. I don’t care. It could cost 10K miles for like 20 slots and at this point I’d still buy them. Like let me buy as many as I need!

Backpack Storage

Speaking of storage let us put stuff in our bags. A little place to put some tool crafting materials on the go. Maybe limited to 8 or 10 slots. Or like at least let the tool ring act as a tool belt and take the assigned tools out of my inventory.

Quick Home Storage Access via you’re mailbox

It’d be amazing if you could access your house storage from outside so you don’t have to wait for your house to load. You could take stuff out and put stuff in.

Storage Boxes/Storage Drop Boxes

One thing I really want is storage boxes. We all have a DIY area where we put our dupes right? And probably one for fossils and items too. But they count as litter when they are just dropped on the ground. So if we had storage boxes it’s fix the problem. And saves space in the process.

Also in the vein of storage I’d love to have a drop box where you could toss stuff into your home storage from anywhere on the island. With limits of course. Maybe they are like inclines. You have to get them from Tom and they are in a limited supply. Like you only get 1 or 2 to place on the island.

Villagers (and bottles) can’t give you starter DIYs

At the start of the game there are DIYs that you buy from Timmy and Tom Nook also gives you a few sets of DIYs as well. So it is super disappointing when a villager gives you one of these. And you can’t give them to other players because they are literally given to everyone at the start of the game. It would be so easy to code in that these DIYs are left out of the DIYs villagers can craft and bottles can give you.

Outside edit feature

When you edit your home you can go into edit mode and move things with your “cursor” and it’s so much easier! But you can’t use this feature outside. So making anything outside takes ages as you can to move it block by block as your character.

Like maybe limit it to a 20x20 block radius or something.

Two NPC visits a day

Most of the NPCs are one chat, some purchases and done.You model for Label and then she just stands there all day. You buy flowers from Leif or bags from Kicks or help Gulliver and again they’re just there all day. Get everything from Sahara and she just wanders. And then Daisy Mae only stays till noon.

Personally I think Daisy May and KK should share Sunday. Since Dasiy only stays til noon and KK doesn’t take requests til 6pm.

The other 6 days could be one of the plaza people, Guliver or Sahara and an NPC with a specialty. CJ buys fish, Flick buys bugs. And like I said they could add someone to buy fossils and someone to buy sea creatures. And Redd should come every week since he has to do with filling the museum and right now he barely shows up at all. And Celeste can come every week because she gives you a DIY when she visits. Plus she’s a cutie.

The ghost doesn’t really get a chance to visit but his rewards are crap anyway. Or he can hang with Daisy and KK since Daisy leaves at 12 and he doesn't show up til 7. Also Daisy, KK and Wisp already share Sundays when there is an event on Saturdays.

Isabelle Announces who is visiting

Speaking of visitors Mon-Sat (on whatever a new schedule plan could be) Isabelle should announce who is visiting that day. That way you know who you are running around looking for. And that way she always has an announcement. Otherwise she just repeats the same like 5 lines.

She should also announce the weather forecast and maybe the hot item at the Nook Shop.

Skip button for text we’ve already seen

Blathers and Orville I’m looking at you. I’m tired of clicking through so much dialogue I’ve already read. Let me skip it.

While we are on that subject the airport menu needs to be more streamlined. Orville doesn’t need to tell me I have a Nook Ticket. There doesn’t need to be dialogue in between each menu after I’ve done it once. The first time is an intro and tutorial sure but after that just show me the menus. Maybe include it 2 or 3 times so players get the hang of it but after that just make it go away. Or at least give me a skip button.

Creature Prompts only show the first time you catch something

We know the sea bass joke, you don’t need to show it everytime I catch one. Just let me shove the fish in my pocket and move on. Show the name and joke the first time and be done with it.

Flight screen doesn’t take everyone hostage

The incoming flight thing is ridiculous. Especially when you have more than 1 or 2 people visiting. Instead of it staying up the whole time it should pop up when they connect then disappear after it shows their info and cut to the airport scene when they arrive. Save the loading part for the person actually flying.

Hold A to Swim

The button massing of A has to stop. Between the crafting and the star wishing and the terraforming the A button gets a workout. Just let us hold A to swim instead of mashing it.

Tool Wheel Update

I’d love to see a fix where you aren’t turned around when swapping tools. It drives me crazy! Like I don't need to look forward when I swap a tool. I can't tell you how many times I just in place before I swap and forget it is going to move me.

Let Timmy and Tommy sell fish bait

I will pay outrageous prices as long as I don’t have to craft anymore. Maybe you only unlock it after completeing the 200 clam achievement.

Basket in Able Sisters & an Owned Icon

Just let me select all I want in one go! Also having a little icon on the items I already one would be amazing. I can not tell you how many times I’ve bought identical items! Same goes for the Items of the Day in the Nook Shop App.

Stack clams!

Please let us stack calms! I know it’s “alive” but Blathers doesn’t take it. Calms are a crafting item. They should stack. Even if it’s just stacks of 10!

Tool Wear & Tear

We need some kind of indication of how much life a tool has left. This could be progress bars under the tool in inventory a la Minecraft style or visible wear to the actual tool so it’s obvious it is in different stages.

Bridge and Incline management

Let us demolish a bridge/incline and build a new one at the same time! I don’t understand why we can’t build a new incline while we wait for that bridge to be deleted.

See Customs in Crafting Menu

Like I don't even need to be about to customize it in that moment. Just let me scroll thru the custom options so I can get an idea if I want it or not.

Craft More or Customize

When the little prompt comes up to keep craft or done for now. Add a third option no go to customize. And vise versa for when customizing.

Ok well I’ve run on longer than Blathers so I’m going to stop there. I even had to cut some stuff that where more like extras than QL updates. So I'll have to do a part 2.

If you agree with anything I listed you have my permission to tweet this post at Nintendo. I will be doing it, that's for sure.

Have you been playing Animal Crossing? What would you like to see them update? Oh and also what did you name your character and island. I’m very curious. Hit me up on Twitter if you wanna be island friends!

Thank you so much for reading this post!

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