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Are you using Twitter correctly as a blogger? | How I Tripled My Blog Traffic w/Twitter

I've been writing this blog for 2 years. My page views and followers only ever gone up slowly. That is until this last couple of months.

I've been on twitter forever and I'd tweet out new posts once or twice after uploading but that was it. And I never really interacted with other bloggers either.

I read a post from skinnedcartree about how she tripled her blog traffic in a week and I realized I needed to step up my Twitter game.

At the beginning of this year I started following more bloggers and interacting with them more. Then at the end of March I finally started scheduling tweets and the results were amazing.

As I started to interact with more blogs my followers started to go up and after I started scheduling tweets my page views went from 30 a day to 200-300!

Now before I get into what I've been doing to up my pageviews let's talk about numbers for a second. They should never been your soul priority. But knowing people are viewing your content and people enjoy it enough to follow you feels great!

As the pageviews numbers go up it means that people are reading your content and as the follower numbers go up it means that people are enjoying your content. It really feels amazing! Numbers aren't everything but it does feel good to know people are out there reading your blog.

So here is what I have been doing to get my numbers up.


So let's talk about interacting with other bloggers and your followers.

I started following my favorite bloggers and interacting with them by liking and RT tweets and replying to tweets and voting in their polls. It felt so go to be tweeting with them and talking about blogging with someone!

I also started to discover new blogs via twitter! I started talking to people more and I realized I was using twitter wrong as a blogger. I just tweeted a few posts here and there and didn't really follow anyone other than YouTubers and brands.

A lot of bloggers will check you out and follow back. It's a great way to find new blogs to read and make some blogging friends too!


Another thing I discovered was all of the blogger RT and chat accounts on twitter. It was great to start joining all of these blogging communities and to talk with other bloggers. I even started one myself after awhile.

I follow a bunch! My favorites are BloggersTribe and TeacupClub. (PS I also started my own! TheZombeeClub)

These accounts are great! If you tag them in blog tweets they will RT it and more people can see the tweet and maybe read your posts!


So this brings me to scheduling tweets. There are a lot of services out there. A lot of them you have to pay by the month but I use TweetDeck. It's a part of twitter and it works great!

I've heard a lot of streaming YouTubers talk about TweetDeck because you can watch your feed live so if they ask for tweets while streaming they can watch them live.

You can also view your messages and schedule tweets. The best part is you can login to multiple accounts! You can watch the feeds for all your accounts and tweet from multiple accounts at once!

I've been using TweetDeck to schedule tweets from my twitter and my blog twitter! It's great! You can schedule tweets with photos and as far as I can tell there is no limit!

I schedule 24 posts a day. One blog post promo tweet on every even hour and one social media/PR/Blog Home page tweet every odd hour.

I schedule new and old content and link to my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook page, BlogLovin' and tumblr. Sometimes I have my accounts @ tweet each other so new followers can check out my personal or blog Twitter.

I schedule my tweets nightly because let me tell you it is a chore. One day I'll get the motivation to set and plan a month but that sure isn't happening right now.


Tweeting blog content with hashtags is vital. People search hashtags all the time. It's a great way for new people to discover your content!

Just make sure you use hashtags that fit the content you are tweeting. When I tweet a geeky or a gamer post I trade the beauty tags for geeky and gamer ones.

So let's talk about the popular blogging hashtags floating around Twitter.

#bblog - Beauty Blog

#bbloggers - Beauty Bloggers (this one is more popular that bblogger)

#lblog - Lifestyle Blog

#lbloggers - Lifestyle Bloggers (like bbloggers this one is more popular than lblogger)

#blogger - this could just mean you are a blogger or your post has to do with the hosting site Blogger

#gbloggers - Girl Bloggers

#gamingblog - Blog or blog post about video games

#gamerblog - Blog or blog post about video games

#geekblog - geek themed content

#pbloggers - Parent Bloggers

#fbloggers - Food Bloggers or Fashion Bloggers

#tbloggers - Travel Bloggers

#mbloggers - Mom Bloggers

That's the ones I've seen the most but there are plenty more. You can browse twitter for more.


Always tag one or two RT accounts when tweeting blog content. It is the best way to get your content out there! Little tip most accounts like for you to use the hashtag.

These are some of my favorite RT accounts.

BloggersTribe - @BloggersTribe | #BloggersTribe (they RT a ton!)

TeacupClub - @TeacupClub_ | #TeaccupClub


The Zombee Club - @TheZombeeClub | #ZombeeClub (Mine)

Using the Hashtags for RT accounts is the best way for them to see you and to get your content RTed! And if you get involved with their chats you can make more blogging friends!

Since I started tweeting like this and interacting with everyone more I've gained a ton of followers and my pageviews are through the roof! Scheduling tweets really is the way to go!

I'm so glad I've found TweetDeck. It's free which is so great! I have yet to have any problems with it. I love that I can monitor and tweet from multiple accounts!

Do you schedule tweets? What service do you use? What blogging RT accounts do you like to tweet? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 and an 18-55mm lens

**This post was not sponsored**

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