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Back To The Future Day

I am insanely excited for today! I have loved BTTF since I was a kid. I use to watch it every day. I couldn't pass up doing a post today.

Back to the Future 2 was such a great movie! It was always my favourite of all 3 movies growing up. I was so fascinated with the future parts of it. Always wondering if the world would really be like that when I was older. It seemed so crazy. But now as we live through today it doesn’t seem so crazy after all.

Instead of me just going on about how much I love the movie how about we talk about some of their predictions for 2015? They got a lot right, some aren’t far off and some were just too farfetched.


Video Chatting

This one is the most obvious for things they got right. 2015 Marty has a Video call with Needles and then his boss. It was dead on to Skype and FaceTime.  Smartphone Glasses

Marty Jr and Marlene have glasses which are phones, TVs, and computers all in one. We have Google Glass. Now Google glass is not yet a household item, Samsung has released a take-home, Oculus Rift. And Google Glass is well on its way. And in the meantime, we have tablets and phones. Thumbprint Reading

When the police bring home Jennifer they open the door with a thumb plate instead of a doorknob. Now while we still have knobs there are thumbprint doorknobs widely available and even our phone read our thumbprints to make purchases. Definitely a big thing they got right. Flat Screens

When Marty Jr comes home he turns on 6 channels on the flat screen. Theirs was more of a roll down projection screen but hey they were filming in the 80s that’s the only way they were getting a flat-screen back then.

Voice Activation

Everything is voice-activated. Jennifer says lights on, Marty changes the channels with voice commands, 2015 Marty answers his video call with a command, and even the re-hydrator is voice-activated. We aren’t that lazy yet but with the Kinect from Xbox you can play Netflix without touching a remote and Siri text, updates status’, and just about everything from the internet for you, all with voice commands. Photo Taking Drones

When Griff and his crew are arrested for destroying the glass front of the clock tower there is a USA Today drone floating in front of them taking their photo for the next day’s paper. Today drones are widely available and they take photos and videos and aren’t as bulky as the one in the movie. THE NOT FAR OFF Hoverboards

While the Lexus Hoverboard runs on liquid nitrogen instead of just floating through the air like the ones in the movie, which was never actually established on how it ran, it’s still pretty cool. And it is still a Hoverboard. You can see the video of the Lexus Hoverboard here. Fashion

While the 80s never fully came back into style Neon has been back for a few years and Animal print is huge. Tons of the 2015 people in the movie have animal print clothing including, Griff, and the girl from his crew. Another fashion thing they got right was girls wearing really tight pants. Yoga pants have been huge this year. Holograms

While we don’t have the full-on shark tech yet we do have holograms. There are tons of videos online that so you how to make a hologram viewer out of clear CD cases. When you hold the viewer over your photo with playing certain videos you get holograms. And with the 3-D they have today it feels like the actors are in the room. It’s like the Jaws Shark Marty saw but you still need 3-D glasses. And while they aren’t holograms we do have digital billboards. THE FARFETCHED

The Re-hydrator There is nothing more I want in this world than to be able to re-hydrate a pizza on level 4 and it would be ready in seconds but we just aren’t there yet. But we do have microwaves that double as actual ovens which is kind of cool. But it still can’t make me a pizza in under a minute.

Fax Machines

Now businesses still use fax machines but that’s about it but what really makes this farfetched it how many machines the McFlys had in their house. We saw three on-screen but there had to be at least one more in the kitchen because Marty’s mom came into the living room with one of the “You’re FIRED” faxes.

And of course the biggest thing they got wrong… Flying Cars

Technically we have a car that goes on land and flies but it looks like a really tiny car with wings. Nothing like the cars in the movie. And certainly not lots of different models. Maybe in another 30 years. I still can’t believe the day is finally here! I know I missed some predictions. I tried to hit the key ones that are the most memorable. Let me know your favourite BTTF prediction in the comments below! Happy Back to Future Day Everyone!

Photo Credit: The Photo is a screenshot taken from the movie. I do not own the photo or any rights to the photo. All rights belong to Universal Studios.

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