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*Basic Invite Business Card Review | #SPONSORED

I'm so excited about this post you guys! This is my first ever sponsored post! It's so exciting too because Basic Invite is a stationery company. If you've been about here for a while then you probably know that I am addicted to stationery.

So today we are talking about the Basic Invite Business Cards. Basic Invite sent me this custom samples to check out and I'm so excited about them. I was about to choose from their large selection of designs and customize all the colours and fonts. I even got to choose the colours of the paint and pencil strokes on the Artist Card!

Basic Invite has 180 colours to choose from. And something I loved about them is that they send a sheet of cardstock with all the colours printed on it when you order samples. So you can see all the options actually printed.

I really liked that because I didn't like the exact shade of the "gold" shade on the back of one of the cards. So if I wanted to order a full set of that card I could choose a different colour. I'm also not 100% on the colour on the back of the artist card so I could change it too without having to worry about not liking the new colour.

I love that you can order samples! I've gotten cards from another company before and had to order 100 minimum. No chance to see the colours beforehand.

So about the cards. Let's talk about the coolest thing I've ever seen. A clear business card! They actually print on clear or frosted plastic sheets! How awesome is that? I was drawn to them immediately and had to get one! Out of all the samples I ordered this one is likely to be the one I'd reorder.

The plastic is very nice. It's thick like heavy cardstock. I got frosted because the clear is prone to fingerprints. I also think that frosted might be a little easier to read. And I've had a frosted stuff obsession for years. So many frosted DIYs on my Pinterest.

The text is crisp and clean on all of the cards. The while jumps off the frosted card and the pink on the back of the artist card. The card stock of the cards is a very nice heavy-weight.

The art on the cards is also clean and clear. All the text is clear even the smaller bits.

After customizing the frosted card I looked through the designs they offered to see what jumped at me. The first was this watercolour background. It really fits with my brand you know? The colours definitely look different on my laptop. Though that's always the case with anything because the screen quality sucks. But anyway I'm really happy that I was about to get a sample before committing to a design.

The colours I chose are close to the colours I'm changing my branding too when I move my blog to Wix. So I wanted to style the card after that. I'm really happy that the samples came with a swatch sheet because I'd definitely want to change the colours of this card if I ordered more.

While looking through the designs on the Basic Invite site saw quite a few vertical designs. When I was designing my own cards in photoshop a while back I hadn't even thought of that so I knew I need to get one or two. I ordered 2 different cards. I really liked the simple design of the "photographer" card. It was simple grey but has speckles too. I tried to match the back of it to the speckles on the front.

The other vertical design I was drawn to was the artist card. I loved the paint swatches and pencil lines. I was able to choose the colours for them too which was really awesome. Basic Invite offers a lot of custom options. The Artist card is probably the other card I'm likely to re-order. I really love the idea of having an artist business card. Though I'd change the back colour and add my YouTube channel too the details.

The last card I ordered was this adorable but simple geometric design. I really love the little Z in the geo shapes. I also loved the colour! I think I might have to order another sample of this one with foil on the gold bits.

I didn't order any foil ones for this post but Basic Invite does offer foil text. They have Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. The foil bits can also be flat or raised.

You can also upload your own design and send it to Basic Invite to be printed. (I design business cards BTW. Bit of self-promo.)

Basic Invite also does Invitations for Weddings and Baby Showers and Birthdays and just about any party you can have. They even make envelopes in 40 colours. They have place cards and save the date and all the stationery you could need for a wedding.

These are some of the other products they offer (Photos are from their site)

You can order your own cards at or check out some of the card designs by category.

Basic Invite has given me a 15% off coupon for you all. Use code: 15FF51

I really like these cards and I'm probably going to order some of those frosted ones. I don't know if I'm going to keep the exact details but I definitely like the idea of giving out clear business cards.

A huge thank you to Basic Invite for working with me! So exciting to have my first sponsor! As you guys know these opinions are still 100% my own. They are positive because I only work with stuff that fits my brand and blog. I genuinely really like these cards and they are really great quality. And the designs are so pretty!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Sponsored by: Basic Invite. All opinions are my own. Full Disclaimer

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