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Beauty Comfort Zones

So today I want to talk about beauty comfort zones. Everyone has them. Some people try to push themselves out of their comfort zones and other people never want to leave their comfort zones. And that is ok. Let's talk about them.

Everyone has comfort zones. It's human nature to stay put when we become comfortable. Breaking out and trying new things can be scary. We get into routines and want to stay in them.

Beauty is no different. Some people find products they love and never want to use another product again. Some people hate shimmer and glitter and refuse to use it. Some people only like bolds, while others only like neutrals.

So today I purpose four questions about beauty comfort zones. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments or if you share your thoughts on your blog please comment the link. I'd love to read it!

What are your beauty comfort zones?

For a long time, I only wanted to wear black nail polish, but I finally started wearing other colours about 3 years ago. I also used to hate to wear mascara but I've gotten over that one last year and now I love mascara!

Now I think my biggest beauty comfort zone is never wearing anything with shimmer or glitter. I also don't like really bold drawn on brows and I don't like nude lipstick. I'm also not a big fan of non-matte lipstick. I'm not much of a fan of non-matte anything really.

What is one beauty comfort zone you think you will never leave?

A few months ago I would have said I don't think I'll ever use a non-matte eyeshadow but now that I'm really thinking about it I think the one thing I don't think I'll ever do is use a non-matte lipstick. I just don't like any shine on the lips.

Also don't think I'll ever go for the super drawn brows. I just don't like the "sharpie" or "cartoon" brows. I go for more of a dark natural brow.

What is one beauty comfort zone you want to leave?

I think I'd like to try non-matte eyeshadow. Some of the ones that go light on the shimmer look really nice.

I also really want to try even more nail polish colours. And I want to try some nude lips. The pinky nudes have been catching my eye lately.

Do you have any advice about beauty comfort zones?

Pushing out if a comfort zone can be scary. Don't feel like you have to leave your comfort zones. Some people naturally leave them over time and some people keep them forever and that's ok. Everyone is different and everyone has their own preferences.

So that was a few little thoughts about beauty comfort zones. Do you have any beauty comfort zones? What do you think about beauty comfort zones? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me or leave them in the comments below.

Photo Credit: taken by me with a Canon T5 Rebel and an 18-55mm lens

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