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Beauty Tips + Tricks | Pt 3

It’s time for another Beauty Tips & Tricks. I’ve done 2 before this. You can find them here. Today I’ve got a few more tips to share. Keep in might that these are just tips to help with makeup and other beauty-related things.

So let’s get started!

1.) Perfect Match Concealer

Try to find a concealer that matches your skin to near perfect. If you’re in a hurry you can just pop some concealer under your, on any spots, and on your eyelids and then you’re out the door. I always put concealer on my lids if I’m not doing shadow to make me look more awake.

2.) Q-Tips are a girl’s new best friend

Q-tips are great for cleaning up lip lines and forgetting that runway eyeliner or mascara.

3.) Hot Water is a fresh manicure’s worst enemy

If you’re doing your nails at home, make sure not to shower directly after your nails are done. The hot water will make the polish separate faster than normal and will make your new manicure chip 2x as fast.

4.) Foundation Helpers

4.1) Color match foundation to your neck not the back of your hand. You hand is surprisingly darker and will throw off your perfect match.

4.2) If you can decide between 2 shades go with the lighter of your choices. It’s easier to darken a foundation with a little powder than to light one up.

I know I didn’t have many tips this time but I really wanted to do a new one of these since it’s been so long since my last one.

I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know some of your favourite beauty tips and tricks in the comments below.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me. Much Love!

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Disclaimer: I AM NOT a professional makeup artist. You could say I am a self-taught makeup artist as I have taught myself a lot through trial and error and playing with makeup. I have researched a lot of things on makeup over the past few years. I’m not claiming to know everything but I think I’ve got the basics down and want to make learning them easier for anyone just starting to get into makeup. I am not a newbie anymore but I’m not makeup vet either.

Photo Credit: taken by me with a Canon T5 Rebel and an 18-55mm lens

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