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Beauty Tips + Tricks | Pt 4

It has been almost a year since I posted my last beauty tips and tricks, now I've finally collected enough tips to do another one! This is my fourth one! You can find the other here.

So today I've got 7 more tips and tricks to share with you all!

1. Another Reason Q-tips Are a Girl's Best Friend

I said in part three that q-tips are girls best friend because they are great for eyeliner, mascara and lip smudge clean up. But they are also great for nail polish clean up! A q-tip and a little nail polish remover and it's like you never when out of the lines!

2. The Key to the Perfect Cat Eye

You may have heard of putting tape on your eye but DONT do that! The skin around the eye is so sensitive!

Instead, use a brush or a piece of paper. Place one end of the brush to the very side of your nose and line it with the end of your eyebrow, use that as a guide for your wing.

3. You Should Keep Paper Towels on Your Vanity

Paper towels are great for catching shadow fallout and for blocking mascara smudges on your eyelids. For catching fallout just hold a paper towel under your bottom lashes while applying shadow. For the mascara smudges hold the paper towel behind your lashes as you apply your mascara.

And not to mention it's great to have them there in case something spills or for general clean up.

4. Moisturizer is a Foundation Saver!

Lighten up that foundation that is just too dark with moisturizer! Just get some of the foundation and a few drops of your favourite moisturizer and mix them together. Keep adding moisturizer until it is light enough.

Moisturizer can also save that foundation that is way too runny. Just mix in a tiny bit so you don't lighten it up.

5. Did you know you might be using bobby pins upside down?

Bobby pins go wavy side down but for some reason, everyone uses them straight side down. This may be obvious to a lot of you but I was always taught straight side down and didn't learn that it was wavy side down until about 2 years ago.

6. Get A Higher Pony Tail with Bobby Pins

After you pull your hair into a high pony and secure it with a hair tie take two pins and place them on the underside of the ponytail. add the bobby pins from the bottom up and secure them to the hair tie. They will hold your tail up and give your pony more lift.

That does it for this beauty tips and tricks. What are some of your beauty tips? Want me to do any other BTT? I'm all out of tips for now. Send me some of yours in the comments or on twitter! I'd love to do a post with you guys involved!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me or leave them in the comments below.

Photo credit: Cover Photo from and edited by me.

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