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Choosing to ONLY buy Cruelty-Free Beauty Products from now on | + My Fave CF Blogs

Something I've decided about myself is that I want to stop supporting the mistreatment of animals as much as I can this year. I've started the road to Vegetarianism. I also decided to steer my makeup collection in the cruelty-free direction as well.

None of the brands in my collection test on animals in their own facilities, but lots of them sell to China and some do not guarantee that the ingredients in their products were not tested on animals. So I've decided to give them the boot from my wishlists.

The brands I'm saddest to give the boot are Maybelline and Rimmel. They are 2 of my top drugstore brands but they both sell to China where animal testing is a legal requirement. However, I was ecstatic to learn that elf and ColourPop (my favourite brands atm) are 100% cruelty-free! I'm also excited to keep buying Too Faced Better Than Sex and my Tarte blushes.

I'm now in the market for new complexion products, new primer, and a completely new skincare routine. I'm excited to dive into even more ColourPop and try new brands. Going cruelty-free means makeup shopping will mostly be an online endeavour for me from now on. Most drugstore products at my local stores aren't CF.

Now I'm definitely going to use up all the products from non-CF brands that I own. I'm not just going to toss it out. I really do love the products but I just don't want to support brands that allow their products to be tested on animals. Which is why I will be excluding non-CF products from posts like "makeup bags" and favourites." The only time I will include them from now on will be in CF Dupe posts. Because I do love the products themselves just not the companies.

Now I know without animal testing we wouldn't have vaccines and other medicines but there is no need to test makeup and other beauty products on animals. We are very aware of what can cause ill effects to humans when it comes to beauty ingredients. Brands need to be held to a responsibility to use ingredients that don't need to be tested for safety for humans. We tested beauty products on animals for so long, we know what and what not to use. We don't need beauty animal testing anymore.

Ok, I didn't mean to get such a preachy vibe there. Anyway, let's talk about Cruelty-free resources. I've been researching what is and isn't cruelty-free this week and I've found some really great blogs that I want to share with you guys.

When I started googling "is XYZ cruelty-free" one of the first results was almost always Ethical Elephant. I immediately fell in love with this blog. It's packed full of resources and cruelty-free lists. Vicky can probably answer any question you have about which brands are CF and Vegan!

Cruelty-free Kitty is another blog I found while googling if certain brands are CF. The really awesome thing about Cruelty-Free Kitty is that the home page has a search for brands! You can search for a brand name and it will tell you if it's CF. CF Kitty also has an interactive list of CF brands where you can select things like Type of Product, 100% Vegan, where it's available and more.

Who are your favourite Cruelty-Free bloggers? What are your favourite CF brands? Let me know in the comments?

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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