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Diary Entry 7

2020 was quite the year. It was a shit storm with a new plot twist around every turn. And for me it was also a year where I sort of lost all motivation for everything.

I stopped writing, I stopped taking photos, I stopped playing games. I stopped doing just about everything I loved. I was lost. I even lost motivation for taking my medications. Which isn’t that much of a shocker when you have to down 8 pills and an inhaler every morning.

More on that in a Mental Health and Me post.

Anyway, anyone who isn't new here you may notice the blog is looking different. I officially changed the name! I also moved the blog from Blogger to Wix. All the old content is still here. I spent a good part of 2020 moving all my old posts by hand. Lots and lots of copy and pasting. At least I finally got to do the image overhaul I've been wanting as well as some SEO optiomation.

I'm so excited with the name! ZombieGoddess Writes fits so much more! I haven't written exclusively beauty content since 2016. And the move allowed me to resign the blog to look the way I've always wanted! And all without having to code a thing!

On blogger I had to code every single thing on that site. And some things wouldn't code with blogger. The system just would not cooperate. This is not a spon for Wix, I'm just so hyped for the new look of my blog. I've wanted to do things like this for years and I finally can!

I’m just so excited about the move. The blog looks 1000x better than it did before and everything is so easy to edit now. I’ve been working on the design of the new home for the blog for quite a while and I'm finally do happy with it. It kind of acts as a landing page for all of my online content, not just my blog now.

As I said, I moved all of my old archive to the new host by hand. Copy and pasting every single post was quite the journey. I will say I’m never moving my blog again. It was a little too insane. But that's ok cause I am happy with where I am. It was easy to edit and the hosting is better priced hosting than other sites like Squarespace.

I’m so excited to start uploading again! I want to go back to my 2017 every other day to ever 2 days posting schedule. That worked super well for me. I've already written a couple other posts to get back in the grove. I want to get a head start so I don’t feel overwhelmed again. I’m already so excited to be planning content again! Plenty of fun posts are in store. It feels really good to be working on this stuff again.

I have the plan to work on blog stuff on Mondays, Shop stuff on Tuesdays, Novel Writing on Wednesdays, Photos + Editing on Thursdays, Filming for YouTube on Fridays and Video editing on Saturday. I've learned that I need a plan and deadlines to keep myself on track.

I wanna write a whole post about it once I've got on with it for a few months. I wanna get into the groove first. Off to a good start, I'm writing this on a Monday. :)

I can’t wait to start posting the new content for your guys! I’m really excited for the posts coming up! I’m planning on more Eco Living and art posts, more pop culture and gaming posts and some beauty too of course! And Harry Potter Month in July too! And more yummy GF recipes! I want to do some Vegan/Veggie ones too!

I definitely want to do a special thing for Christmas 2021 but I cannot do full blogmas ever again. 2017 Blogmmas is one of the biggest reasons I’ve been struggling with keeping up my writing. It just wore me out. I've been struggling to get back into a blogging routine since then. but hey Christmas is quite a ways out. Even if I am one of those people that would plan Christmas content a year in advance.

I’ll be posting more of a personal life update post soon. And like I said I’ve got a Mental Health and Me in the works for the mental struggles I’ve had in 2020. I have a bunch of other ideas as well but with every other day uploads I definitely need some ideas from you guys too! So let me know in the comments what you want to read from me!

I’m so excited to be bringing you guys content again and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. It feels so good to be easing back into my blogging routine!

I'm also really excited to work on YouTube content and work on bringing my shop back too! I'm actually going to work on art for it tomorrow!

I swear this time I'm actually back. I have multiple posts ready to go so I don't get buried again.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to read my old archive on my old site while I was gone! It means so much to me! And thank you to everyone coming to my blog now!

Photo Credit: Taken by me with a Canon T5 Rebel and an 18-55mm Lens

*This post was not sponsored*

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