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Diary Entry 8

It's been a long time since I've sat down to write a diary update. Almost a year in fact. It was right after I changed the name of the blog. The name feels so right that when my renewal came around this month it was kind of shocked it had only been a year. It feels like ZombieGoddess Writes was always meant to be the name.

The first year with the new name was a little uneventful here tho. I've been struggling with motivation and creativity for awhile now. The 2020s have been kinda rocky for me on that front. But I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere. This post is the 7th post in a row I've uploaded on my new schedule! The most I've done in a row since 2019!

I'm now uploading every 4 days. So post, 3 days between, post. I'm figured that I'd easy back in. I started every other day, then I did blogmas and haven't been able to keep to schedule since.

But I'm not only writing again. I've been getting back to my art again. I finally have a piece almost done that I've wanted to make for over a year and couldn't make work before. I also made a cute little "inclusive" pride flag cause the current one is a bit of a graphic design mess. I'll pop it in here. I tired to include all the main umbrella term flags as well as the diversity flag and the intersex flag. We also have Trans, Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Ace. Should I add any other stripes?

Here is a little work in progress. My Melted Rainbow. I'm going to add some other details but it's almost done! The line work is gold because I'm thinking of making it a pin.

I painted some as well! I got new acrylics for Christmas and I've been plaything with them. They blend like a dream! I've done the background for a mushroom piece I want to do and I watercoloured a background for a new pin display.

I've also been trying to work on my mental health lately. I downloaded an habit tracking app that helps remind me to take my meds and because of my ADHD I'm motivated to do things like workout because I like when I can make stuff complete. I've been feeling so much better working out more!

I'm super excited to get back to planing my shop launch. That is partly way I've been getting back into art. I've always wanted to making a living from my art and I'm so excited to finally be taking steps to make that happen. I'm planning on drawing some Tarots and some witchy themed stickers this week!

I've also got some really cool ideas for some metal health-ish art too. Some brain stuff and a something with the dopamine molecule. And some fun subtle pride ideas. I want to do a series with maybe jellyfish or mermaids or crystals that are pride flag colours. So if you know you know and if they don't it just looks like pretty art.

I've been playing with the idea of starting up YouTube again as well. I have tons of ideas and fun plans. I'm getting a light kit soon and can't wait to jump in. I want to do art stuff but also just Jenna Marbles fuckery. I've missed her so much and I want to make some content like her's to make myself laugh and maybe make a few others laugh even remotely like she did.

Finally coming back to my blog and writing again has made me feel so much better. Keeping myself to the new schedule has also felt great! I feel amazing to be creating again! The more I write the more I'm motivated to keep going. I forgot how good this can feel. And the more I accomplish writing again the more I want to make art again. And the more art I make the more I want to keep creating. The dopamine is finally feeding itself again and it feels great!

There a ton of new favourite things I've fallen in love with but I feel like they almost need their own post. Something I really haven't done in a long time. I can give a quick little peek. I started watching Yellowstone, which is basically Sons of Anarchy but make it western. I've also been rewatching Doctor Who and Criminal Minds and falling for them both all over again.

And recently I haven't been able to stop listening to Noah Finnce's music. He's been dropping amazing song after amazing song and my subconscious will not stop screaming it as loud as she can at me. Tho I don't mind. (Worms is her current favourite)

Oh that's a little life update for you. I recently learned that it is an ADHD therapy technique to name your subconscious. So it the pursuit of a healthier mental state I decided to give it a try. I think naming them is supposed to make talking about the ADHD actions in your brain easier by referring to them by a name.

That's why I referred to my subconscious as "her" above. I'll probably do a full Mental Health + Me on it but I've found it pretty helpful. I was already "arguing" with her anyway when a song was stuck in my head or I couldn't stop saying a stem out loud so naming her made sense. Oh I went with Aurora by the way. I just always liked it.

With everything still coming out of lockdown and COVID still not certainly dying out I've not been up to much else. Leaving the house is still something I'm a little weary of. But I am excited to start going out more. Trying new things, going out, meeting people.

But being home all the time isn't all bad. I have Salem and Luna to keep me company. Salem is still a chubby little treat lover. He's been playing fetch with his little poop emoji plush and it is so cute! He's still being a supermodel cat and super snuggly.

Though the little punk has taken to trying to wake me up at 5am for treats every morning. And he wakes me at 2am because he hate with the bedroom lamp is turned off. He wakes me by trying to knock art off my wall above my bed. He's a brat but I love him.

Luna is super fluffy from her winter coat and has taken to think new thing where she'll flop onto the floor and roll around wanting you to call her a pretty girl. It's adorable. I need to film it at some point. She's also started a wakeup call. She meows for breakfast at 4am every morning. Sometimes starting at 3:30. Same for the evening too for dinner. It's a wonder I get any sleep with this cats.

But I still love their beautiful little faces. My little supermodel babies. I actually just made them an Instagram a few weeks ago. @salemxlunaxi if you wanna check them out.

And of course here is the cat tax.

The 2020s aren't off to the most riveting start but I'm so excited to be back to blogging and I can't wait to keep writing!

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