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I Changed my Haircare Routine

The last time I did a post about my hair care was when I switched to double shampooing, 5 years ago. So it's safe to say a lot has changed. I've dyed my hair a few times, about 8 times actually.

Driving back into the world of dying my hair caused me to change brands and products and how I wash my hair. So I figured it was time for an updated post. I mean I'd be a little worried if my routine was the same 5 years later.

So let's start at the beginning, shampoo. 5 years ago I was using Healthy Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. I still really like it but I stopped using it when I swapped to cruelty free in 2019. Since Sexy Hair tests on animals where required by law I dropped them and switched to Paul Mitchell Color Protect. Which was actually great for me. When I was using Sexy Hair I had to go 45 to Ulta just for shampoo or pay crazy shipping. My local salons carry Paul Mitchell so it's super easy to pick up.

I actually tried ordering a new bottle at the start of covid on Amazon but let me tell you never again! The shampoo leaked and I had to clean the bottle before I could use it. And 2-3 table spoons of my shampoo was wasted. I looked at reviews and others had the same issue. I'll run to a salon now thank you.

Anyway back to the routine. One of my biggest changes is that I started shampooing only my roots. I can't remember the video or blog post I saw but it said that shampooing your ends was kind of bad for them and the roots and scalp are the only part that really needs washed. It made sense plus I started doing it as a color protection method as well. Unnatural color likes to run. Plus my bleached ends did not need anymore drying out.

I'm still double shampooing just only my roots. My ends look so much better now that I'm not saturating them in shampoo. Even a shampoo designed to be safe for hair color can still be drying to those ends. Especially if they have been bleached like mine were. Like I said in my post about starting the double shampoo, it feels so much better. My hair feels cleaner and a little healthier too. I try to wait a day or two between washes because my hair as proven to be healthier that way. Washing it daily it would get oily so so fast!

For conditioner I use the Paul Mitchell Color Protect line. I keep the conditioner about 3 inches from my roots. My hair gets really oily really fast. I discovered that it doesn't get oily as fast when I don't condition my roots. I work the conditioner into my ends and leave it for a minute or so. You can leave it a little longer but I'm impatient.

Somedays instead of my regular conditioner I'll work in a a deep conditioner or hair mask. I try do it every 2 weeks or so, when my ends start to look like they need it. I try to leave the deep stuff on for longer but I get bored just standing their holding my hair so the conditioner doesn't get on my back and cause acne spots.

I will say my haircare is a little different when I'm using a heavy bleeding hair dye. When I have one in, think Splat, I condition my whole head to seal the hair strands help lessen the dye leakage. I also wash my hair with temped or only slightly warm water. Warm water causes the follicles to open up, letting more dye leak out. When I don't have a leaky dye in I still use lukewarm water out of habit. Heat is bad for the hair anyway.

Which brings me the next bit. I got a new hair dryer for Christmas that actually has temp settings rather than turn on and get hotter and hotter and hotter like my old one. I've been blowdrying on cool since december and I love it! Not only does it not make my head super hot but my hair looks better too! It's more shiny, less frizzy, and softer too.

I towel dry/let my hair air dry a little first, about 15-20 minutes, while I finish up my skincare and get dressed. Then I blow dry on cool. Serious love my new hair dyer!

Other than the hair masks/deep conditioners in the shower I'm not using any leave in products right now. Thought I do want to try a heat protectant. I love drying on cool but it does seem to take longer. I want to try a heat protectant to try and bump up my heat setting. Plus if I ever get into styling my hair again I'll need it.

I used to use leave in conditioner because my hair would get so knotted but it made my hair oil faster so I dropped it and start keeping my knots under control by keeping up with my hair cutting and keeping it in layers. It get's knotted so easy when it's all a similar length.

I also might try some products to encourage my curls. My hair has a little wavy when it's long and air drys. I want to try to nurture them and see if I can get anywhere. I'm in really need of some help. So it you guys have any suggestions on products or advice please leave them in the comments! I'd love your help!

Disclaimer: This posts was NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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