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Knowing Your Limits

I have a really hard time knowing when to stop something. Whether that be a very long binging session on Netflix or playing a game for too long.

I realized yesterday that I wasn't ready to upload every day. I did about 13 days and started to go crazy. I kind of lost the will to write. I overloaded myself and started waiting until the last minute to write and upload a post.

I was so tired and at 9 PM last night I almost had a breakdown. I realized I couldn't keep uploading every day. The thought of having to upload a post every day for 12 more days almost brought me to tears.

I had stopped loving writing this blog it had become like a job I avoided until the last minute. So last night I stopped myself from having a breakdown and told myself it's ok to stop uploading every day.

I wanted to upload every day in April because I told you guys I would and I didn't want to let you down. But last night after almost crying at the thought of writing 12 more posts in a row I had to accept that every day uploading is just too much for me.

I have been loving every other day uploads and I will continue that starting today! I just can't upload every day anymore. I bow to those that do. It was way too much for me and I'm bowing out early before I actually go insane.

I already feel so much better for going back to my normal schedule. I started to dread something I loved. I knew it was time to stop. I love this blog so much and I never want to it feels like something I have to do.

I really didn't want to let you guys down and I know it would have felt really great to start May with 30 posts in April but I can't do it anymore. When you are about to break down and cry it's 100% time to stop.

I started putting posts off to the last minute about a week ago. I should have stopped them but I wanted to keep pushing on. I wanted to upload every day in April but I had to stop.

I wanted to share this with you guys today not only to tell you why everyday uploads are stopping every but also talk about knowing your limits. When things start to feel too much it's ok to stop and walk away.

You don't need to to keep doing things that make you feel sad or unhappy. I never wanted this blog to feel like work or to be something I felt I had to do. It was always meant to be my happy place and be something I loved doing.

And that is why everyday uploads had to stop. I reached my limit for it and it was about to drive me insane.

Know your limits and stop and take a break when something becomes too much. It's ok to need a break or even stop altogether. We all only human and we can only take so much.

I already know that this was the right choice for me. It's not even noon and I'm writing today's post. For the past week or so I'd been putting posts off until 9 PM.

I feel so much better going back to my normal schedule and I can't wait to get back to writing again!

Have you ever pushed your limits too far? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks so much for reading this post! It means a lot to me that you guys have been enjoying my blog. I have read all of your comments. I promise I'm not ignoring you it's just that I currently don't have a reply button so I can't really comment back. I can comment but you won't get notified. I'm working on getting it fixed.

If you want to carry on the convo you can tweet me or DM me on twitter!

Photo Credit: taken by me with a Canon T5 Rebel and an 18-55mm lens

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