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Let's Get Down to Business | My 2020 Blog, YouTube + Stuff Goals

So like I said in my life goals post I was planning on putting my "work" goals in that post too but it was getting extremely long. I wrote all my goals in that one post and I ended up with 2,337 words. So I split that up into 4 posts. So I'll be posting a Goals post every day for 4 days! Today is my Blog, YouTube, Shop and other work stuff.

My energy in 2019 was kind of trash. I had a hard time keeping up with my blog and my YouTube didn't make it past one video. I decided in November that I wasn't going to do anything until the new year. I needed to give myself time to recharge. And now here I am writing insanely long posts again. I'm so happy to be back! Let's talk about where I want my blog and other things to go this year.


1. Upload a post regularly

I'm currently aiming for a schedule of every 3 days. So post, two days, post. That is the schedule I had in 2017 and it went very well.

2. Move my blog to Wix + Rebrand

I really like the way Wix works when it comes to site editing. Not much will change here. The look will change slightly and I'm going to change the blog's name to ZombieGoddessWrites. 2021 Update: I did it!!!

3. Update Photos

Something I've wanted to do for a while is change the stock photos on my blog to photos I've taken. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using stock photos. I just want to showcase my photography as much as possible.

4. Organize my Photos

A bit of a behind the scenes goal. My blog photos are a mess. I need to start organizing them into more folders so I can find anything with 5 or fewer clicks.

5. Copy all my posts to Google Docs

Another behind the scenes one. I really want to copy all my work to google docs in case Wix or Blogger ever go down. I want to have a copy of my work.


1. Start my YouTube Channel Properly

I uploaded a video 6 months ago. I'm really proud of it and really enjoyed it but I never had the energy to make another. I want to start working on my channel and get on a schedule.

2. Upload 3x a Week Minimum

Speaking of a schedule I'd love to get into the grove of uploading every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And maybe the random Saturday or Sunday as well.

3. Build a community

One of the things I love most about YouTube is the communities. I'd love to grow one of my own this year!

4. Become a Partner by 2021

I'd love YouTube to become part of my job!

5. Reach 1K Subscribers

To become a partner you have to have 1K subs. That milestone seems impossible but who knows right?


1. Hit 200 Sales

In December I finally hit that wonderful number of 100 sales. After about a year and 9 months, I finally hit that triple-digit milestone! I really want to hit 200 by the end of 2020!

2. Add Art to my shop

The whole goal of my shop since I opened it has been to sell my art. I listed some digital copies of my art for a while but now I have the stuff to actually sell physical prints! And now I have the stuff for stickers too! I can't wait to create some pieces for my shop!

3. Launch ZombieGoddessShop on its own site

Etsy has been in a decline lately. More and more customers are expecting it to be like Amazon. Every day there seem to be hundreds more Made in China shops. I think it's time for me to think about alternatives. So I'm hoping to launch my own shop site this year.

I'm also looking into things like Shopify, BigCartel and Store Envy. It's time to put my eggs into multiple baskets.

4. Organize my Graphics Files

My graphics files are a million times worse than my blog photos. It takes me 5+ minutes to find anything. It's terrible.

5. Upload Completed Files to Google Drive

I'm looking to get a MacBook this year and they get pricey fast. One way to get it cheaper is to lose some storage space. So I'm planning on uploading on my pre-made graphic designs to Google Drive and only keeping templates on my hard drive. It's going to take quite a while to upload with my crap internet but I'm ready.


1. Finish my Damn Novel!

2. Work on my Patreon

3. Stick to my Work Week Plan

4. Start Streaming on Twitch

5. Work on brand outreach


1. Post to Instagram Daily

2. Post Interesting Clips to my Insta + Twitter

3. Startup Undead Creators again

My retweet Twitter. If you have a blog, youtube, Etsy/small shop or other content come join me!

4. Join in on Blogger Twitter Threads Weekly

5. Read and Comment on 2+ Blog post daily


I'm not one to pay much attention to numbers but it is nice to see them rise from time to time.

1. Hit 4K on Twitter

2. Hit 1K on my Main Instagram

3. Hit 1K on my Art Instagram

4. Hit 1K on Pinterest

5. Hit 1K on my Shop Twitter and Instagram

So what kind of blog posts and YouTube videos do you guys what to see from me this year? I have quite the schedule to fill! Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop. **This post was not sponsored**

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