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Meet Luna

July was very exciting for us. If you don't follow me on socials, I adopted another kitty! Salem now has a tabby little sister named Luna. She's was a bit shy for the first week but now she is an energetic little fluff ball that follows me and her brother everywhere.

She loves playing with Salem, tho they get little ruff. Ok pun aside, Salem was abandoned so he doesn't really understand how to be gentle. Having been on the receiving end of his play attacks I can tell you he bites hard.

They are getting along quite well now. Salem has taken to licking her head now and then and she lays with him constantly. She's always the one that starts the play fights. She has so much energy. She's always running and jumping.

She jumps on Salem while he's sleeping. He doesn't care for it all that much but he'll still cuddle her anyway. He's done so well with sharing food and toys and the litter boxes too. He plays along when she starts chasing fits or play fights. Even if he is a little rough. He doesn't quite understand that screaming and hissing means to stop. He has never hissed. I don't think he knows how.


Luna is even more of a food vacuum than Salem. She'll eat literally anything you give her. I've been trying to break her of begging since my dad started the first day she was here. She was sniffing and curious and he gave her a bite from his plate. Almost a month later and she still begs.

She's only about 2 months old. She's so little! Salem wasn't as small as her when we found him. I've never had a kitty this small. She feels so fragile. She worries me when she gets up on my desk and jumps off or gets on the table and jumps off.

She's such a jumper. She jumps around like a wild rabbit. If she is playing with a toy or a bottle cap she'll bounce around it. She likes to play with her bubby's tail and she'll bounce side to side while batting at it.

She loves the hoodie sting just like her brother. I'll hold it up and she'll sit on her butt and will box it. It's so cute. She jabs back to front instead of just batting. I can't help but giggle.

They said she was a domestic medium hair but I think she might be a short hair mixed with Maine Coon. She looks so similar to mixed kittens online. She has the patterns of a Maine Coon. She has really big feet compared to the rest of her, she has little tufts of hair growing from the tips of hair ears. She has the black base into white whiskers. And the shelter said she is two months but she definitely looks big for age compared to the other kittens at the shelter. She also has the white chin and spotted belly.

So she'll either be a normal tabby or a very large girl. Only time will tell. I'm excited either way. I'm so happy to be going on a long long life journey with Salem and Luna. My fur babies mean so much to me.

Luna's full name is Luna Rocket Spellman. It goes with Salem's which is Salem Groot Saberhagen. Together they are Groot and Rocket! Her nicknames include Luna-Buna, Mommy's Girl, Little Bit, Little One, Little Lady, Mommy's Rocket Girl, Rocket Girl, Buna, Little shit, Rabbit, Hopper, Thumper, Princess, Sweet Pea and Plopper. Plopper comes from one of her cutest quirks. Instead of circling around a spot and laying down she chooses a spot and plops right down. She just lets her legs fall out from under her. Her favourite place to plop is onto her sleeping brother.

I post so many photos of the kitties on my IG Stories. So you can keep up with them there. Here are a few more of my favourites.

She keeps sitting on my shoulder as I am sitting writing this.

Well, that's enough gushing over my baby girl for now. I'll definitely do another gallery post of both babies! Any excuse to take about my kitties!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

**This post was not sponsored**

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