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Monthly Favorites | July 2015

It’s Monthly Favorites time! I can’t believe it’s already August. July just flew by. Doing Monthly Favorites makes the months go by even faster.

I only have a few Beauty Favorites this month as I am still loving previous favourites. But I have a lot of other random favourites I really want to share. So let’s get started.


NYX Slim Eye Pencil

I love this pencil. I got the shade Emerald City, a dark matte green, around Christmas last year to use it as eyeshadow. I fell in love with it. This month I got the shades Electric Blue, a light but bright matte blue, and Teal, a perfect matte teal. I love these liners! They are great liners that done tug but they also double great as shadows!

I decided to try this liner as shadow last Christmas when the only matte “Christmas Green” I could find was this NYX pencil. I’d heard of liners for shadow before so I figured I give it a shot. This liner works beautifully as a shadow! There are some great matte colours in this line and you can save a little by purchasing this double-duty liner.

You get a liner and a shadow all in one and the natural colours also work as eyebrow pencils. These pencils are defiantly a beginner mush have!

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray

I have always hated sunscreen as a kid. Anything oily or lotion-like, I hated. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to like some lotions but I still hate sunscreen.

A few years ago I got a really really bad sunburn at Myrtle Beach and couldn’t move for 3 days. Then it was still bad. After that I decided anytime I had to go into the summer sun I would wear sunscreen.

The next year I tried this spray and loved it. It goes on really thin and doesn’t feel built up or sticky. It rubs in quickly and after it’s rubbed in it doesn’t feel oily. This is the only sunscreen I’ll wear. I love it. I always forget to apply a second coat but I still never burn. This stuff is the best.



This month I watched a ton of Lizzie’s videos! She is a gaming YouTuber. Her commentary is so funny and her Minecraft worlds are so cute! I love her Sims 4 series where her Sim is sort of dating the grim reaper. It is so funny! I just love her! Her channel is


Myrtle Beach, SC

I go to Myrtle Beach to visit my mom’s family once a year. It is always so beautiful. And even though I almost melted this year I loved it. I got some great photos of the beach and other places around the area. My grandparents live in Conway, SC. I spent 10 days in the Carolinas. I loved it.

It was so hot and I almost died from the heat but I loved it. I would recommend going to Myrtle Beach in May or September though. The sand burnt my feet and the sun will burn you in a heartbeat. I personally think June & July are too hot down there. I’ve also been in August and loved it.


Black Veil Brides

My cousin introduced me to some new music while I was on vacation. I can’t believe I’ve just now started listening to BVB! They are so amazing! I fell in love this them right away! I have listened to In the End a million times.

Falling In Reverse

My cousin introduced me to FIR too. I love them! I have listened to The Drug in Me is You & Fashionably Late about 1000 times! I am in love with them! I can’t believe I just found them!


The Drug In Me Is You by Falling In Reverse

I love this music video so much! I love Ronnie’s acting and cinematography. I love the story and I just love the way it was done. I know it’s from 2011 but I love it!

Another monthly favourites done. Can’t believe July is over! I’ll be writing my yearly favourites by next week. 

I didn’t have many Beauty Favorites this month because of my vacation. I really want to discover some new products in the next months so in the comments below give me some beauty suggestions. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me. If you liked this post or topic let me know in the comments below. Much Love!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. Everything in this post was purchased by myself or I received it as a gift. I was not paid to talk about any brands mentioned in this post. Anything mentioned in this post was things I genuinely loved this month and wanted to share with you all. Photo: Taken by me with a Canon T3 Rebel and an 18-55mm lens

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