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Monthly Favorites | June 2017

How is June almost over? This year isn't even happening. It was December yesterday, right? Maybe it feels so fast because 2016 dragged on.

I didn't try much this month in the way of makeup. Using some old favourites. I did discover a bunch of movies and TV shows this month.


Benefit Porefessional Face Primer

I love this primer! It is soothing and really helped with my pores. My foundation can look dried out on my forehead after a while and with this primer, I didn't see that.

elf Kohl Eyeliner

I was so surprised by this eyeliner. It's only $3. It comes with a sharpener in the cap and it is surprisingly smooth for a drugstore liner. For $3 you can't beat it. It is a great quality eyeliner and it comes with a sharpener.

NYX Matte Bronzer

This bronzer is amazing for a drugstore bronzer. It's really smooth and soft for the drugstore and blends and builds really well! It looks great. It doesn't look orange or dirty like some bronzers can.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

I can't believe it took me so long to watch this movie! It was amazing! I love sci-fi and geeky movies. And I adore anything with Chris Pratt in it. He is amazing!

The story was awesome and the score was phenomenal! I love the Awesome Mix so much! Chris's line at the end "You said it yourself bitch. We're the Guardians of the Galaxy." was amazing. I loved it so much!


I finally got to see Moana. I was never a Disney fan as a kid. Not of the musicals anyway but Frozen and Moana helping me get into it.

I really liked Moana. The songs are great and aren't abrupt or places in stupid places. The story was really good. I love how the Grandma says Maui. She says it with such distaste. I laugh every time I hear it.

I still have the songs stuck in my head. Just like when Frozen made the phrase let it go made me start belting my heart out, the phase You're Welcome now makes Dwayne Johnson play in my head and make me dance like a weirdo.


I finally saw Brave! I loved it so much! I want Merida's hair so bad! I love the accents so much! The story ends up really sweet and I teared up a little at the end. I love that Merida stands up for herself and won't let herself get married off.


Rick & Morty

I can't believe I'm only just watching this show! It is a pretty messed up and full of dark humour and I love it so much! I love dark and crude humour. My brain is pretty messed up which makes this show perfect for me!

I love Back to the Future. I watched the 1st and 2nd movies every day as a kid. No joke. So the fact that Rick & Morty are based on them and are a twisted version of them is so fun! I love it!

And the dimension jumping and space adventures give off a bit of a Doctor Who vibes. I love that so much! I'm a huge DW fan. Rick & Morty feels like a more realistic version of DW. It's darker and Rick doesn't try to save anyone but himself and Morty.

I love the darkness of it. It's twisted and demented and I love it!

Adventure Time

I have a habit of not getting on board with a show until the show is over. I never really understood how adults could watch Adventure Time. It's a kid show, right?

It's more of a young adult aimed show. I mean it isn't to complex for kids but there is a lot of stories there. And it does get dark at times. And there is adore little romance things happening here and there.

And honestly, I love the colours. I didn't like anything really bright and colourful for a long time but now I really love the bright and rainbowy things.

Pretty Little Liars (Warring Possible Season 1-6 spoilers!)

It's over! I'm actually happy it's over. I think it should have ended at after the whole CeCe is A revival. It felt done. But just they had to have another season. Squeeze out another season and get a little more cash.

I loved the CeCe revival! It was a bit of a shock. It made sense. Her motive worked. It was great. And the girls were free to live their lives. I only watched Season 7 because I put so much time into the show I had to know where they were going to take it.

The ending this week left me feeling a little bit like I did after Lost ended. Only a little bit though. I was a little let down by PLL but I was pissed at Lost.

Grey's Anatomy

After starting about 2 years ago I'm finally all caught up! I think the only reason I watch this show is because my sister is always talking about it so I started for her. Since it was something new I kept going. I've only like about 5 people in total on the show and (spoiler) 1 is dead and the other left in this most reason season.

So why is it a favourite? It's one of those shows you really like even though you kind of hate it. Plus I've watched 13 seasons. I can't stop now. When you watch that many seasons you feel that you have to keep watching.

I realized that I forget a lot when my sister sent me some news about the new season so I decided to rewatch the show. I'm actually watching it as I write this.

Orange Is the New Black

The first season of this show was amazing. It is still better than almost everything on TV but it could be better. It's been going down a little bit each season. I have no idea how the writers are going to spin that ending in the new season. They were renewed through season 7 so that wasn't the ending.

I really hope the show isn't going back to focusing on Piper. I hate her. That is what I really loved about the most recent seasons. They were telling more about the other characters and less about Piper. She drives me insane!


Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol. 1

I love the songs on the awesome mix! I grew up listening to music from the 50s-80s. I love that music. I downloaded all the music and made an Awesome mix playlist. I just love it!

What did you love in June? Let me know what you loved and what I should next month try in the comments down below!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 and an 18-55mm lens

**This post was not sponsored**

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