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Monthly Favourites | May 2015

Everyone knows what monthly favourites are. The things I’ve loved this month. I am so excited for my first monthly favourites post! I will try to post my favourites the first week of every month. May Favourites post in the first week of June, June Favourites in the first week of July, ect.

So these are the thing I’ve been loving in May, from Makeup & Beauty, to books, to TV Shows, to the most random things ever.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Stick in Milk (White)

This pencil is awesome! It is like a cream and I love to use it as shadow or as a white primer for bright colours so they are more pigmented. Since it’s getting warmer bright colours are getting more popular, and I love wear this pencil under my bright shades to make them pop.

NYX Powder Blush

I love using the bright matte shades in this line for eyeshadow at the moment. It’s hard to find matte bright shadows so this blush is perfect. The colours Peach and Cinnamon Make great shadow colours. Cinnamon is also my favourite blush at the moment for a natural summer glow.

NYX Eyeshadow Singles

NYX has three different lines of eye shadow singles, I am in love with two of the lines. There is the Nude Matte Singles, the all matte line. The Hot Singles line, a mix of all finishes. And the Glam Shadow Singles, an all shimmer line. I love the Nude Mattes and the matte shades of the Hot Singles. I haven’t tried the Glam line because I’m not a glitter person.

I am loving the Nude Matte and Hot Singles lines this month. The Hot Singles line has line has a lot of matte shades and a few of them are brights. I love matte brights! They are so hard to find. The shadows themselves are pretty much the same. Smooth and not chalky, very blendable, and good pigmentation. I love these shadows! There are some great colours in both lines, and the shadow applies great and wears all day.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Palette

I fell in love with this palette from the moment Tati, GlamLifeGuru on YouTube, showed it on her channel. She said it was all matte and I was in. When I got my hands on it I was not disappointed. It has 12 great shades. All matte. I am obsessed with matte. I hate glitter and I have glasses so the shimmer reflects off the lenses. These shadows are great. The colour selection is nice. The shadows are soft and not chalky. They have pretty nice pigmentation. And from my experience they don’t crease. I love this palette! I wish more companies would matte palettes. Stila had one and it was $39, Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palettes are $28 each, this one is only $19. Sonia Kashuk is still considered a drugstore brand. It’s just on the high priced side. I think it’s great for the price. And the shadows are amazing. I love this palette!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Eyeliner

This liner is so smooth and pigmented. It goes on great without jumping or leaving patches. This liner is great for tightline, waterline, or upper lid lining. I love the colours it comes in too. I have the black and the nude and love them both. I love doing a black tightline and a nude waterline with bright shadow. PS this liner is a great dupe for Urban Decay 24/7 Liner.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Liner

Speaking of Urban Decay liner I’ve been loving it too. I love the navy colour Sabbath with my bright shadows. UD 24/7 liner is amazing. So smooth, like butter, and it wears all day. It stays put but still smokes out if you want it to and it always looks great!

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

I got this liner in the Stila in the Know Palette. The shade from the palette is halfmoon. It’s a grayish black matte. I love it. It’s a very wearable colour. I don’t think they sell half moon by itself. The closest shade I’ve found in stores is graphite. The liner is great! Smooth and blendable. It’s not patchy. I haven’t tested the waterproof yet but I swatched it on the back of my hand and it stayed for a good 8 hours. I really love this liner!

CoverGirl Lash Bloom Mascara

When I heard about this mascara I was so excited. CoverGirl says your lashes stay soft with this mascara. I have somewhat long lashes and they hit my glasses when I wear mascara even if I curl them, so I was really excited about a mascara that keeps my lashes soft. I couldn’t wait to try it. Your lashes really do stay soft. This mascara is just like other mascaras, darkens the lashes, and makes them stand out, but your lashes don’t stiffen with this mascara. I love it! I curled my lashes before I applied it and then after waiting a minute to let them dry I curled them again. There was no transfer to my curler, and with one coat my lashes stayed soft. I love this mascara!

VS Fantasies Pure Seduction Body Mist by Victoria Secret

I love this body mist! It smells so good! It’s a good kind of floral. Not the old lady kind. It’s a mix of red plum and sweet freesia. I just love it! The lotion and body wash smell exactly the same. VS is great at keeping the products of the same scent smelling the same. I just love this whole line! I wear this mist every day! I love it!

it’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner with Keratin

I have had tangled hair since I was a kid. My hair knots so easily. I get knots just sitting watching TV. I don’t know why. I wish I would have found it’s a 10 when I was a kid. So many years of knots, so many tears. it’s a 10 is amazing. I have to use the one with keratin. I have used the original but and I have to use so much more of it than the keratin formula. Still they both help me so much. I can’t even brush my hair if I don’t use this stuff. I’ve tried everything. This has been the only thing that works. This really is a miracle leave-in conditioner! I love it! PS they both smell really good too!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

These are so cool! They really are real nail polish. They are stickers and they are nail polish. I got so many compliments when I was wearing these, the colour Love Letter. I love these things! They are so easy to apply and they look and feels just like nail polish because it is. It wears just like nail polish. The box says it last 2 weeks I personally had the same wear time as normal nail polish before it chipped, 3-4 days. I love the colours in the line! These are so much easier than normal nail polish. It’s nail polish without the wait time. I am so impatient. I can never wait for my nail polish to dry. I always end up smudging it. These nail polish strips are a godsend!



I am in love with this show! It is so cool. I love the new take on zombies. Zombies with completely conscious brains, I love it! The main character Liv is adorable! When she eats a brain she takes on some of the traits of the person, and she gets visions from their life and how they died. She works at the morgue and gets her food from the murder victims that come in. Her boss, Ravi, is the medical examiner and he figured out pretty quickly that Liv was a zombie. He is the only one who knows about Liv’s condition and he is trying to find a cure. Because Liv gets visions from the brains she starts helping one the detectives, Detective Babineaux, solve murder cases. He thinks she is a psychic. Because the brains also affect Liv’s personality there are quite a few funny moments. This is definitely more of a comedy than other zombie shows and movies. I love this show! It is a really interesting take on zombies and it’s funny and it helps with my Walking Dead withdraw. I just love this show!!

MasterChef Junior

I just got into this show. I already love it! The kids are 8-15 and they are amazing cooks! At 8 I wasn’t even allowed to use the microwave. I love watching cooking shows but these kids make it even better! They are so cute and they are better cooks than I am. I can’t believe I have only just found this show. Also who knew Gordon Ramsay could be nice? Haha.


My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, & Going with Your Gut by Hannah Hart

I love Hannah and I love MDK! This book is so amazing! It’s full of real recipes from Hannah’s brain, puns, and great advice. Hannah gives great life advice for everyone. The recipes are amazing! They look so good! This book is named perfectly. This is like MDK in written form. As I read it I can hear Hannah saying the words. Teaching me how to make a recipe she was coming up with on the spot and making puns to go with it. I love this book so much! This book is perfect if you want great recipes or great advice! You can find this amazing book at here.


Canon 2400 Gadget Bag

I love love love this bag! I got this bag for my Canon T5 DSLR camera. When I got it I was pleased to find it was bigger than I thought it was. The dividers are removable so you can arrange them how you would like. I rearranged mine as soon as I got the bag. This bag is great for anyone. I currently have my Canon T5 body and a 18-55mm lens in the body of the bag and I could fit 3 more lenses in there. Or 2 more lenses and a flash or 1 more lens and another camera body. Since you can rearrange the dividers you can fit all different combo in there. I also have my point-and-shoot camera, the T5 battery charger, two T5 batteries, the point-and-shoot battery charger, and a point-and-shoot battery in the side and front pockets and a SD Card case in the top net pocket in the lid. This bag has a lot of room without being to large on the outside. It’s great for Beginners and Pros. I love this bag so much! You can find my full review, with tons of photos, here.

Canon T5 DSLR Camera w/18-55mm Kit Lens

I finally got a DSLR camera this month! It’s so pretty! I love it! The photos it takes are so beautiful! I can’t wait to get new lenses. This camera is amazing! The specs for this guy are a little long so I won’t go over them on this post. You can read more about this camera on its Amazon Page.

Polaroid PHP340 Foldable Neon Headphones

I got these headphones at Big Lots (a local outlet store) for only $10! They were totally worth it. They aren’t the most amazing headphones ever but I’d say they are worth at least $30. They sound great and the cord doesn’t tangle. I like that the cord only goes in one side. I got the neon blue and gray ones. I love them! They are great headphones for the price and $10 is a lot less than $50-100.

Those are the my favourite things of May. I am so excited for my first monthly favourites! May was also the first full month I have been posting on my blog. I can’t believe how fast this month went. If June does the same I’ll be posting my June Favourites tomorrow. Haha.

That terrible overused joke aside I really am excited for my first monthly favourites post. I love these videos on YouTube and I really wanted to share my favourites.

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me or leave them in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

**This post was not sponsored**

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