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My 2017 Lifestyle Favorites

On Sunday I posted My 2017 Beauty Favorites. Now I want to share all the other things I loved in 2017! I loved a lot of TV and movies and other fun things in 2017. Not as many books as I'd have liked but I'm planning on fixing that in 2017.


My Blog Content

I am so immensely proud of my blog right now. 2017 has been my favourite year of my blog! I used all my own photos from May onwards. I loved what I was writing and I'm super proud of each post I uploaded. I wrote about things I'm passionate about and opened up a bit to you guys. I really loved that and want to continue in 2018!


A bit of a random favourite but I got some Popsockets in June and haven't dropped my phone since. I love these things! They work as a grip, a stand, and a headphone wrap. I love these things so much! I really want to get some more designs. I found that you can take off the design piece to clean it. So you can essentially swap the design piece without having to ever move the popsocket itself!

Awesome Mix Vol 1 + Vol 2

I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy this year and I have fallen madly in love with the score. I grew up listing to 70's and 80's just like Peter. I used to carry around a CD player with "mixtape" CD with all sorts of different songs. So while he is almost 15 years older than me we had quite similar childhoods.

I think that is why I love the Awesome Mix and Peter so much. I'd love to do what he does. I flippin love space! I've been jamming to the Awesome Mix since May and I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 + Vol 2.

I adore these movies so much! I wish it hadn't taken me so long to see the first one! I fell in love with Peter right away! That may be in part to Chris Pratt who is just beautiful and unbelievably funny. I really love the stories of both films and I can't wait for Vol 3!

Jenna Julien Podcast

I started watching Jenna Marbles religiously this year. I've watched her off and on in the past and I've been subscribed for years but I really love the content she's been making over the past 2 years. After becoming addicted to her content I found out she has a Podcast with her boyfriend Julien and IT. IS. AMAZING! I cry laughing when watching every episode. They upload the video podcast on YouTube and that is 100% my favourite way to consume podcasts.

They have some serious talks but for the most part, they play games and have fun. Julien does amazing Segways into that week's sponsor that always have been dying laughing. I 100% recommend the JJ Podcast!

Jenna Julien Twitch

Jenna and Julien also stream every Monday night. They play PUBG with each other and their friends and they do custom games with their followers. Julien will septate after he dies and does this newscaster bit that is amazing! I love watching J+J in anything they do! They bring tears to my eyes from laughing so hard.

Rick & Morty

How have I not seen this show before!! I have a huge fan of Back to the Future, and I mean huge. I used to watch it at least once a day, every day for like 2 or 3 years. Rick & Morty are loosely based on Doc and Marty. They have crazy adventures, the art style is wonderful, for me anyway, and the colours are beautiful.

This show had been on for 2 seasons and no one ever sat me down and said "Hey watch this. It'll be your new favourite. Promise." I'm so disappointed in myself for not watching it sooner.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

I love South Park! This game felt like a massive South Park episode! I loved Stick of Truth and I have been wanting a Super Hero sequel since I finished the first game! I love the Super Hero episodes so much! They are my favourites! So I was overly excited when I found out they were making a Super Hero game!

The game was so fun and I was cry-laughing the whole time. It was South Park to a T! The fight mechanics were really fun and there were so many different powers!


I finally get Reddit. Everyone seems to talk about Reddit but I never understood how it worked. The way the threads work always confused me. After Jordan, the CaptainSparklez himself started doing Reddit reactions I had to check it out and understand it. Now I check it every day and I understand the whole " I've already seen it on Reddit." Thing now. Everything on the internet really does start on Reddit!

There are even a ton of beauty related subreddits which I have been checking out. I can't believe everything I've been missing out on!

Pittsburgh Pens Won Back to Back Standley Cups!

If you aren't a hockey fan you'll probably have no idea what I'm talking about. The Pens are a hockey team from Pittsburgh PA. They are my home team. My boys! They hadn't made it past round one of the playoffs since 2009. In 2016 they won the cup and it was insanely exciting. It was absolutely mind-blowing when they did it again this year. A back to back win hasn't been seen since 1998 when the Detroit Red Wings won the 1997 and 1998 seasons. It is beyond exciting!


Game of Thrones

I finally have gotten to watch Game of Thrones! I'm only half-way through season 3 but I really love it! I was so excited to watch it since I've heard people raving for years. It is a really great some and I 100% understand why there was so much hype. Definitely not a show to watch if wee-ones are present. My god, so much nudity! I need to wash my eyes with Holy Water. Hahaha.

Doctor Who: Husbands of River Song, Doctor Mysterio and Season 9

I have Amazon Prime and Netflix but no cable so I'm always a bit late when it comes to new seasons and such. I was so excited when all these new DW things became available! I'm quite a big Doctor Who fan and I adore Peter's Doctor so I was really excited to watch the specials and season 9! I loved them! I mean come on! The Doctor finally goes to Gallifrey!

Stranger Things

Now unlike everyone else that binged ST in Oct 2016, I didn't check it out right away. Well after about a month I did but I couldn't get into it at first. So I left it sit for a bit. I finally get it a second go in September and fell for it. Once I got into it I was hooked! I binged season 1 and then a month later I binged season 2 the day it came out.

I love the story and the fact that 2 seasons in there is still a lot of mystery surrounding El. I love the arc in season 2 with the Mind flayer and the demadogs. I can't wait for season 3! Even though it might be 2019 before we see it.

The Vampire Diaries - The Final Season

The final season of TVD hit Netflix in 2017. I had watched it since season 3 so even though I'd lost interest a bit I wanted to see how it ended. I binged the final season and really liked it. I actually teared up at the end. I like the arc it took and that they didn't drag the show on longer than it needed to be. Shows do that so often now.

Pretty Little Liars - The Final Season

Speaking of a show dragging on too long. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) I was pretty much done with this show after the Cece review. The show twisted and turned a little too much. But I watched the season after Cece when it hit Netflix. It felt like I was being dragged to watch but I'd put a lot of time in and wanted to see how it ended and if they explained all the open ends that they have left since season 1. I loved the ending and they tied up most things very well. I had predicted something like the end we got and I love the final few twists.


I finally started Riverdale this year when it hit Netflix. I fell in love with the mystery and, of course, Jughead. I had a huge crush on the Sprouse twins growing up so I love seeing Cole on TV again. I'm really enjoying the story from season 2 as well. I'm really interested to see where this is going. I love that this story is so much darker than any Archie story that has come before it. I really into and I can't wait to see more!

Supernatural - S12 + S13

I have loved Supernatural for the longest time. This show just keeps on going and has never made me fall out of love with it. I binged season 12 when it hit Netflix and started watching the new season the CW app and I have been loving it! I've fallen behind now so I have to wait for S13 to go on Netflix but I loved the first 6 episodes! Jack is such an awesome new dynamic to the show and I can't watch to watch the rest of the season!

Parks & Rec

I finally started watching it and oh my god! I've been missing so much! It's had me laughing all the time! The cast is amazing, esspecially Amy and Chris! I mean come on he's Chris Pratt. What's not to love? I really love the story and arcs that everyone takes. The love story of Leslie and Ben is just adorable! I love Chris Traeger's pep he always has. It's wonderful. 10 out of 10 recommend binging Parks and Rec!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Somehow I'd never seen Buffy until now. I started watching it and couldn't stop! It's just so good!!! I love that it's got some extra monsters and not just vamps. It keeps it interesting. Esspecially since Buffy gets so good a slaying so fast.

Don't get me started on Spike. As a girl who loved Villains he now holds a place in my heart. He was wonderful! And I love the arc he took! I love when villains aren't 1 sided characters written for you to easily hate.

Sherlock (BBC)

I think everyone has heard of Sherlock by now. If you have been living under a rock and haven't seen or heard of it, it is the BBC's modern-day retelling of the Sherlock Holmes story. Series 4 came out in January and I got it for my birthday. I really loved it! But I'll be disappointed if that was the ending to the entire show. It was really good but not show's finale ending good.

The Good Doctor

I love this show! It is so great to finally see a show about a character with autism! I love the way they are presenting it! As a positive that can make actually make the person smarter. Most people with autism are geniuses. Some, only in one or two subjects and others are geniuses in many.


Attack on Titan

I fell in love with Attack on Titan! I actually started season 1 in 2016 but since I have to read the dialogue so it takes a bit longer to me to finish. I also got busier than planned and AOT got pushed back. I finished S1 in 2017 right before S2 started. I love the new season! There is quite the plot twist and my jaw actually dropped!

Yuri! On Ice

Ice skating, boys dating, ice skating competition. What's not to love! I fell for this so right away. It is quite different from AOT for more than the difference in genre. Attack on Titan is structured like "western" shows. Like TV here in the US or UK. It flows like a typical show here would. Where Yuri! is much more like what you'd expect from a Japanese show.

It took some getting used to and at some parts I have to pause to read because the dialogue is moving so fast but I still really like the story. Plus Yuri and Victor are so easy to ship and I loved watching this together.



I'm not usually one for musicals but I really loved Moana. From the story to the friendship between Moana and Maui to the songs I really enjoyed it. It's a good thing I liked this one because when I visited my sister my niece had it playing on repeat in the living room for all 3 days we were there.


HOW HAVE I ONLY JUST SEEN BRAVE! It's so good! A beautiful red-haired princess who is independent, Scottish accents, wonderful story and it's not a musical. How wonderful! I'd never actually bee able to watch it before but when I was at my sister's she had it on DVD so I watched it with the kids. It was so good!!

Finding Dory

I was beyond excited when this was announced! I loved Finding Nemo when I was a kid. I watched it all the time. I was really excited to see their story continue. I love the journey Dory takes. The emotions man.

Death Note (Netflix Movie)

Ok, unpopular opinion I liked the new Death Note. Yes, it was vastly different from the manga and anime. It had to be. They were adapting it for a Western audience. The original story isn't western. In American films, the good guys always win and that wasn't what Death Note was. They changed it for a Western audience.

It is still really good and they still tell the overall story. They left it open for a sequel and I'm ok with it. I'd be happy to see this version of events continue.

With something like this you have to separate it from the source material and look at it as it's own. And on its own, it is really great!

I loved Nat in it! I've loved Nat since his Naked Brothers Band days on Nick. I'm so happy to see him acting again and I think he did a great job with Light. He wasn't supposed to be the original Light. And Nat did a great job of keeping to the character while changing him to a western narrative.

I'm going to stop there. I could keep going but I'll just stop there and say I really liked it. People want to be so negative all the time. Just enjoy something and stop complaining.

Resident Evil 6

I love the Resident Evil series! Both the movies and the video games! I have seen all 5 movies prior to this one and I was too excited to see the "last" one. I can't believe movies like this when they say it's the last one.

The fourth Friday the 13th was called "The Finale Chapter" they then made 4 more Friday the 13ths, Jason Goes to Hell and Freddy VS Jason. The left the ending finished but open-ended so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't release another one called "Resident Evil: The Next Story" or something. I'd watch it.

The 3 Pirates of the Caribbean was supposed to be the last one and now the 5th one is in theatres.

Anyway, the movie was great and I'd be happy if it was the ending and I'd happily see another one if they make it.


Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is finally here and I could cry! Not from fear but excitement. I have been waiting so long and the game is so good! I wasn't sure about it from the demo but now after seeing the full gameplay style and really getting into I can tell you it is really great!

Pokemon Moon

I'll admit this was my first real Pokemon game. I'd had a few cards before this and I'd played Pokemon GO but I'd never played a full game. I didn't have time to play it all the whole way thru yet but I love it none the less!



I've had this book forever and finally found time to read it. Like Fault in Our Stars, I read it in one night. I don't know what it is about John Green books but I can never put them down once I start. I'm a little afraid to start Looking for Alaska because I know I'll have to dedicate the whole day to it.


Kindle Paperwhite

I got a Kindle for in 2016 and I in love with it! I'd debated on getting one since the Paperwhite model first launched. I'm so glad I finally did! I love it so much! It really does read like a book!

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14

This was a favourite last year but is still a favourite today. I use Photoshop to edit all my photos and graphics for this blog. I got it for Christmas in 2015 and I have used it every day since.

That was intensely long. So many favourites. I feel like Movies and TV could have been its own post. What did you love in 2017? Did we have some favourites in common? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

**This post was not sponsored**

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