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My Christmas Traditions | Blogmas Day 5

Christmas Traditions form so easily! A lot of them we get from our parents as kids and carry into our own lives and continue with our own families. Some we start ourselves. I have a bunch that my parents did when I was a kid and some that I have only started in the past few years. Today I want to share them with you!

Putting the tree up on Thanksgiving

My aunt used to always pull some Christmas decorations out on Thanksgiving and that turned into decorating the tree while we watched the Macy's Parade and the Turkey and sage smell filled the house! My dad and I still put off the tree every Thanksgiving! Or at least start decorating!

Watching Christmas Vacation

My dad and I watch it every year. Especially while decorating the tree! We put it on at least 5 times during the Christmas season and sometimes turn it on while opening gifts!

Opening a gift on Christmas Eve

When I was a kid we were allowed to open one small gift on Christmas Eve. We usually opened something out of our stockings. It is a cute tradition I want to carry on when I have kids.

Opening gifts on Christmas Eve

For the past few years, my dad and I have been opening all the gifts on Christmas Eve. That way Christmas day is a whole day to relax and enjoy each other's company and make Christmas dinner. I think when I have kids of my own we'll do Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve and presents on Christmas morning.

Christmas Movie Marathon on Christmas Day

My dad and I spend all Christmas day watching Christmas movies and making Christmas dinner. My dad always has ham and I have a roasted Cornish hen, I make a hen since we have Turkey for Thanksgiving. I love watching Christmas movies with my dad and enjoying the day with him!

Watching Back to the Future and/or Harry Potter on Christmas

My dad and I both really love Back to the Future so after watching a few Christmas films we take a break and turn on Back to the Future or another film we both really like, maybe Star Trek. I'll sometimes watch Harry Potter. I think I'm going to start having a Harry Potter marathon on Christmas Eve and watch as much as I can.

Watching "It's A Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown"

NBC usually plays this special every year! Either on Christmas Eve or Christmas. I love watching it with my dad! He grew up with The Peanuts and really loves them. It's so nice to watch it with him! We watch lots of other Christmas specials too.

Getting a new Christmas Ornament every year with the year on it

I started this one last year. Every year I want to get a new ornament with the year on it. I think it's a cute keepsake and an adorable tradition I can carry on with my own family one day.

Having Christmas at my sister's a week early

My mom and I have started going to my sister's the weekend before Christmas and having Christmas with her and her family. They live 6 hours away so it's nice to go see them for Christmas. My sister goes all out on decorations like I do so her house is always pretty. We get that from my dad who decorated every inch of our house growing up. We had a big tree and little 3 foot trees all over the house!

It's so nice to get a Christmas with my niece and nephew! We watch Christmas movies while we open our gifts and have a delicious dinner. My sister and I are currently planning the menu. We always have to make ham and chicken because her husband and our mom always want ham.

Presents with my parents on Christmas morning then the rest of Christmas Day at my Aunt's

This is a tradition of Christmas past. My aunt passed away 10 years ago this month. But I had to share it. Those Christmas were some of the best. My sister and I would open gifts with our parents and then we would go over to my aunt's. My grandma would cover over and usually bring two of my cousins that my sister and I thought of as brothers. Sometimes other cousins would come over.

My aunt's door was always open to everyone. She made a ton of food and it was always delicious! She was the sweetest old lady! Once when our fridge broke and my parents couldn't afford one she bought one for us. It is still the fridge my mom and I use. She did so much for us. She made Christmas very special. I'm going to stop writing now. I'm tearing and I don't want to start full-on crying. I will really miss the Christmas days with my aunt but I will cherish the memories forever!

I love all of these traditions so much! They really make the Christmas season for me! What are your Christmas Traditions?

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Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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