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My Current Witchy Favourites | Crystals + Covens

After a pretty shit 2020 and 2021 I'm finally getting in touch with my witch side again. I've started charging my crystals again, frequently pulling tarot cards, discovered new Witches on YouTube and downloaded some new witchy apps.

The seasons changing have really helped my mental health and I've been feeling much better than I have in the last few months. In fact that is my first favourite. Ostara, the Spring Equinox. I've happy for Spring! The trees and bushes are starting to bud and last night we even had our first few cracks of thunder. I literally happy danced.

Spring is my second favourite season. Autumn will always be my number one. But I do love Spring. It’s so nice after the chill of winter. I love seeing everything in bloom and the air starting to get warmer. Like fall the temperatures are in that perfect range, warm enough for shorts but not so hot you are sweating your ass off.

The cool mornings and warm afternoons. the sun stays out longer and the world is full of colour again. There are thunderstorms and the sounds of baby birds. I really like it.

In most pagan paths the seasons are our holidays. The Fall and Spring Equinoxes are my favourites. I’m so excited to welcome the spring.

I recently started Re-reading Wicca by Harmony Nice. It’s such are lovely entry book to Wicca. And I love that she has listed the gods of many beliefs. It’s a great book if you are interested in learning more about the Wiccan practice.

I've also started watching Witchy YouTubers again. Harmony used to make videos and that is actually what introduced me to Wicca and Paganism. When she stopped doing YouTube a while ago I need to find some new creators. I recently found Ella Harrison and I've been loving her videos! She mades Witchy/Wicca education videos, videos about her practice and lots of other cute witchy things. I have been really enjoying watching her content. And it's been really helping me get back into my practice.

Speaking of things that have been helpful in getting back to my practice, I recently go back into witchy apps. I've been really liking the Time Passages app. It's an astrology that gives a really detailed birth chart and Current Placements as well has how that might affect you give your birth chart. It also has a a free library of astrology info. It's not the prettiest app out there but it's far more detailed than any other app I've tried for free.

As for actually practicing, I've started getting into the cycle of charging my crystals again and my favourite is still the amethyst. It helps me sleep, works like a dream catcher and helps keep the energy in my room clear.

I've also been using my tarots a lot. Not asking anything that special or specific. Just getting to know the deck and trying to learn the meanings without having to go to the book all the time. I currently have the Wild Unknown Deck. I really like the art on the cards. They sort of jumped at me when I started looking for a set of cards to get. Though I am working on tarot art that I hope to turn into a deck of my own one day.

I really like just shuffling the cards and seeing what cards jump/ out or randomly pulling. I've also done a few simple spreads. I think the cards are starting to get my vibe and the reading are really starting to connect. It has been a lot of fun!

Speaking of Tarots I have a few tarot related favourites.I've been OBSESSED with this Sun and Moon Tarot Card Crop Top since I got it at Hot Topic last summer. I wrote it like everyday til it got to cool. I can't wait until it gets warmer again. I may not wear anything else this summer.

I've also been collection and obsessing over Dorkface Creates Tarot Card Pin Collection. I've been a huge fan of Jemma's for years and have a ton of her pins. When she started doing this Tarot collection I just about died! She's done 9 Major Arcana so far and they are adorable! I believe she plans so do all the Major Arcana. I'm obsessed and all ready planning how to display the entire collection. So please check them out on her shop!

Look at this gorgeous photo from Jemma’s Instagram!

And the last thing I want to mention today is my phone and iPad themes. I just redid them all and made myself some witchy icons in two different colour palettes and found some of the cutest witchy illustrations on Pinterest! I just get so happy when I look at my home screens now! I'm going to be listing the icons Etsy soon! I've also made a Pinterest Board with most of the art I used in my widgets.

I used the original logos for the apps (except my photo editor & the witch apps) and added little witchy touches to them, like moons, vines, crystals and moths. I adore how they turned out and I'm obsessed with both colour sets. Click on the photos to see the full pages and to zoom in and see the details of the witchy icons.

MY PHONE: Dark Oracle Witch


I have really getting back into the witchy vibe lately and I love it! Spring has really lightened my mood drastically. If you have recommendations for any other witchy things please let me know!


Ostara (Spring is here!)

Wicca by Harmony Nice

Ella Harrison (YouTuber)

Time Passages App

Amethyst Crystals

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Tarot Car Crop Top (From Hot Topic)

Dorkface Tarot Card Pins

Witchy iPhone + iPad Themes

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