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My Favourite Products | My Top 10 Lippies

It’s time again for another Lippie post! This one is all about my top 10 lippies of all time! I am a true lippie addict. I go crazy for lippies. I’ve done posts about My Top 10 Under $10: Lippies and My Top 5 Luxury Lippies. I think it’s time to share My Top 10 lippies of all time. I might end up doing update versions of this one every once in a while. I try so many lippies all the time that this one is bound to need updating sooner or later.

Just like my last Top Lippie posts, this will be set up like a countdown. This list is a mix of Drugstore and high-end products. Here are my top 10 lippies of all time!

10.) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

After having these lip creams for a while and using them a lot and just learning how to use them I love them now! They are not drying to the lip and they are soft and creamy. My only problem had has been with the pigmentation. But if you apply 2 or 3 coats you are good to go. It does dry to have no transfer without drying the lips and it does make my lips feel soft. I have come to love these lippies and they are definitely worth a try. Tip: The lighter shades are more pigmented.

 9.) Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick (Original Formula)

I love Urban! Their Revolution Lipstick is awesome! It’s soft and creamy. The pigmentation is great and with the original, if you take the excess product off with a tissue it becomes almost matte. I love it! It also dries to give no transfer and it leaves my lips feeling soft.

8.) Rimmel London Matte Show Offs Lip Lacquer

I loved Rimmel’s original Show Offs so when they came out with a matte version I had to try it! It feels just like the original, soft velvety. Like the original, it’s almost a complete liquid so apply slowly. I also apply it with a lip brush instead of the sponge wand applicator it comes with. It gives more control and I think it applies the product better. Anyway, this lip lacquer is so pigmented and beautiful, just like the original but matte! I love it!

Tip: Sometimes you have blot off excess product for it to matte over. That’s why I love to apply it with a lip brush. It applies less product than the applicator wand it comes with.

7.) Bite Beauty Lipsticks

I got one of the Bite Lipstick Holiday Duos and I’m already in love! Bite’s lipsticks are so smooth and creamy! They are moisturizing and so soft! The pigmentation is great and I just love their colours! Bite always has some kind of limited edition double-ended lipstick duo going on. I love it!

6.) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Liner

I love this lip liner! It’s so smooth and just so creamy it’s like butter! I love it and the eyeliner from this line as well! I love to wear this liner by itself. It’s so smooth and creamy that it is fine to wear on its own. It is matte when by itself and I love it! I’m all about matte! The wear time is amazing! It swatched it on the back of my hand and it didn’t fade for almost 24 hours. I swatched it in a place where water would hit it too much but it still got wet a little and didn’t budge. I was surprised and totally in love right away. This liner has great pigmentation and is just wonderful under a lipstick or on its own.

5.) Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

I love this lip pencil! I got it in a 2 piece mini set from Sephora as my Beauty Rewards member Birthday gift. It is amazing! It is so creamy and smooth! The pigmentation is great and the colour options are great. I love matte lippies that don’t dry out the lip. My lips felt great all day. I love it!

4.) Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick

I love Urban’s original Revolution lipstick so it is safe to say I was more than excited when they announced a matte version. I love this lippie! It feels just like the original, smooth and creamy, and really soft and moisturizing. All of the things I love about the original but matte!

3.) Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

I love love these lip crayons! They are soft and smooth. The pigmentation is awesome and they have some great colours. They aren’t moisturizing but they aren’t drying either.

2.) Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick

I love love love this lipstick line! Everyone raves about these Kate Moss Lipsticks and for good reason. They are smooth and feel great on the lips. They have great pigmentation and I love the colours. 107 is the best! They wear great and come off gradually. It doesn’t ball up or flake. I’ve had great wear time of about 8 hours without needing a re-apply. These are just amazing!

1.) MAC Matte & Retro Matte Lipsticks

I love love love love MAC’s matte lipsticks! MAC is quickly becoming my new favourite brand. These lipsticks are so smooth and soft. They feel great on the lip and don’t dry them out. They have great pigmentation and I just love it! I noted the retro matte because it is slightly more matte than the original matte lipsticks. The original mattes can have a slight gloss to them if you apply a thick enough layer. I love these lipsticks and I can’t wait to try more MAC!

Those are my top 10 lippies! I know my descriptions are a little repetitious but there are only so many ways to apply lip products. The things that make a lippie great are the way it feels on the lips and the texture of the product. Everyone wants a smooth and creamy lippie. These lippies are amazing and I love them very much! If you are a lippie addict like me you can find a few more lippie posts I’ve done here. I love lippies so expect more lippie posts from me in the future.

Let me know your favourite lippies in the comments below! I’m always after new lippies to try! I’d love to hear your faves!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. Everything in this post was purchased by myself or I received it as a gift. I was not paid to talk about any brands mentioned in this post. Anything mentioned in this post were things I genuinely loved this month and wanted to share with you all. Photo Taken: with a Canon T5 camera and an 18-55mm Lens


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