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My First Tattoo Experience

It's finally happened! I finally got my first tattoo! I actually ended up getting two! It's been about 3 months now and I'm just so so happy to finally have these pieces! The day was so fun and my artist was just amazing!

As most people are their first time I was nervous but excited. The art I picked was about 2 hours away. Since she was out in Pitt I didn't want to get stuck in traffic and also not knowing where I was going, we left like 3 hours early. I got there an hour early and was able to just chill in the shop. Only one girl was working at the time. The other girls started to arrive around 12.

When Kay got there and showed me the designs she's worked up I was hyped! They turned out even better than I could have hoped! On the day we weren't sure if we'd have time to get to both so we started with my semi colon piece. I designed my semi colon tattoo a long time ago. 3 or 4 years now. I knew I wanted it to be my first.

TW for next paragraph: mentions if Self Harm and Suicide.

If you don't know what a semi colon tattoo is I'll explain real quick. Semi colons are a point in which an author could have stoped a sentence by choose not to. So semi colon tattoos are used to symbolize someone choosing not to end their life, surviving a suicide attempt, stopping self harm or as memorial pieces for someone lost to suicide. Typically people get them on the wrist. That being the place most self harm/life attempts takes place.

I had a dark teenhood and survived many dark thoughts and sleepless nights. I want to get a semi colon to remind myself on my bad days that I was in a darker place and I can pull thru. With that symbolism in mind I set to design the piece. I finally decided on mountains with a moon and stars with the semi colon as one of the stars. The mountains serving as a reminder that my rock bottom is behind me.

Here is my original concept sketch

And here is the finale piece. This was about 2 hours after it was done so it was still red but I love love how it turned out!! I really want to have a natural style to it. I want want a cookie cutter perfect lines thing and Kay captured that beautifully!

Now like I said. I got two the same day. We were sure that morning if we'd have time but Kay's appointment after mine was a no show so we are able to do my other piece.

Being a witch I'm dying to get all kinds of witchy tattoos. I decided I wanted my first one to the elements. I found a bunch of inspiration on Pinterest and set a few images to my artist. As well as this really quick sketch I did.

The finally pieces turned out so amazing! Kay knocked it out of the park!

My first experience was so fun! Kay was really nice and was easy to talk to but didn't force conversation. The tattoos themselves didn't really hurt. I barely felt my arm and only a couple spots leg gave any pain that registered.

I really really enjoyed getting my tattoos and they look amazing!! I'm so happy! I went to Kay Streus at Nice Ink in Jeanette PA. Check out Kay's instagram to see more of her work!

I'm so happy with my first tattoos and already have like 60 more planned. I see why everyone stays these are addictive.

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Photo Credit: Taken with a iPhone 11.

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