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My (HUGE) Beauty Wishlist | Updated to be Cruelty-Free ONLY

In March I decided to start buying cruelty-free only makeup. It's quite a change. Almost all the brands at my Walmart are now off-limits. So many companies sell to mainland China. I can't buy Rimmel or Maybelline anymore. Both are two of my favourite brands. So I need to find new favourites. Elf and Colourpop, two of my other loves, are totally safe! So expect a lot of them on this list.

I'm really excited to go CF. Eliminating so many brands from my wishlist that I'm always going back too has allowed me to discover so many new brands to try. So many big names sell in mainland China. I'm excited that most of my beauty buys from now on will be Indie buys!

This will probably a long one so settle in with a nice cup of tea. I'm going to talk about some of the products I'm most excited about and include a full wishlist at the bottom. (It's a mile-long FYI)

I want COLOURPOP EVERYTHING! ColourPop seems to be launching new products every day. I need it all! The things highest on my CP list are the No Filter Foundation, Concealer and powder, the Dream St and Zodiac palettes and the BFF Liquid Liner. I'm also dying for the Liquid Lipstick in Class Pet, a navy blue. I'm dying for a navy blue lippie! And of course, I want the entire Lip Product collection that they make. Basically, my ColourPop wishlist extends to the entire range they offer.

elf is another company that I was very familiar with before deciding to switch to CF. I have a few lippies, a bunch of shadow palettes and some cheek products. I really want to try their face products, like foundation, primer, and concealer.

NYX was one of the first brands I ever used when I started really using makeup. I've tried their blushes and eyeshadows and some lippies of course. But I want to try more. I have one of their Matte Lipsticks and I really like the formula but I only got it in hot pink so I definitely want to get some shades I'm more likely to wear. I also really want to try their face products too. I don't have many foundations, especially now that I'm CF so every CF brand I find is going to get a foundation on the list.

Tarte is another favourite of mine. I don't have much from them so pretty much all their products are up for this list. I will say that their foundations worry me. Almost everyone I've seen oxidizes like crazy and you're orange in 15 minutes. The Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation doesn't look too bad in review videos so I'm tempted to try it. I bought the Tarte Water Gel foundation on sale and even tho it oxidizes at lightspeed I love the formula so I'm interested to see what the Rainforest foundation would be like.

I also want to try their Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I got a mini as a birthday sample from Sephora and I love the formula. But it's a nude and definitely not my style so I'm dying to get new colours!

My sister also raves about the Tarte Amazon Clay foundation so that's on my list for sure.

In my transition to CF, I've been hunting for new brands and Twitter directed me to Black Moon. I'm obsessed with their Orb of Light Palette! I'm also really drawn to their Matte Liquid Lipsticks, lippies are my go-to with a new brand after all.

Next on my list is something I've been wanting for a really long time. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks! Specifically the shade Unicorn Blood. It's always sold out! I also really want the Blood Sugar palette. It's so pretty!

This post is getting pretty long so I'm going to skip to the skincare. (Full list of all items on my list at the end). So changing to CF means skincare too. And it turns out my whole routine is products sold in China. Everything has gotta go. (And by go I mean get used up and replaced). So I'm being gravitated toward First Aid Beauty.

I've used a sample of FAB in the past and loved it. I love that FAB is all about sensitive skin. No dyes or perfumes. Right up my alley. So needless to say my list is quite long. I really want to try the Micellar Makeup Melter Wipes and the Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay. I tried the Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay and love it! I also want to try the Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream, the Pure Skin Face Cleanser and the Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Moisturizer.

My other skincare wishlist items are TatchaWater Cream and Pacifica Kale Charcoal Ultimate Detox Mask. Also, any mask that is so strong it can rip my face off. (I'm really tired of these stubborn white and blackheads that won't come out.

Check out the full list of products I'm wishing for below. (Some extras from brands mentioned above and some brands that I skipped as well.)


Colourpop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation

Colourpop No Filter Natural Matte Concealer

Colourpop No Filter Loose Setting Powder

Colourpop All-Star Primer

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks

Colourpop Lux Lipsticks

ColourPop Dream St. Shadow Palette

ColourPop The Zodiac Shadow Palette

ColourPop Lit Palette

ColourPop Sol Shadow Palette

ColourPop It's My Pleasure Shadow Palette

ColourPop Yes, Please! Shadow Palette

ColourPop Sweet Talk Shadow Palette

ColourPop BFF Mascara

ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner

ColourPop Precision Brow Colour

ColourPop Precision Brow Pencil

ColourPop Brow Boss Pencils

ColourPop Cream Gel Liner

ColourPop Cream Gel Colour

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

elf Rose Gold Sunset Shadow Palette

elf Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette

elf 18 Hit Wonders Eyeshadow Palette

elf Flawless Finish Foundation

elf Flawless Concealer

elf Matte Setting Powder

elf Poreless Face Primer

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks

NYX Matte Lipsticks

NYX Suede Matte Lipsticks

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Matte Primer

Tarte Amazon Clay Full Coverage Foundation

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick

Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Black Moon Orb of Light Full Moon Palette

Black Moon Liquid to Matte Lipsticks

Black Moon Moonlighters Highlighter

Pixi Beauty Mattelast Liquid Lip

Pixi Beauty Hello Beauty Face Case Palette

Pixi Beauty Pat Away Concealing Base

Pixi Beauty Lid & Line

Pixi Beauty Flawless & Poreless Primer

Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Fluid

Pixi Beauty Lash Line Ink

Pixi Beauty Eye Zone Brightener

Pixi Cat Eye Ink

Pixi Beauty Nail Colour

Pixi Beauty Brightening Top Coat

Milani 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer

Milani Conceal + Perfect Longwear Concealer

Milani Make it Last Setting Powder

Milani Prime Perfection Hydrating + Pore-Minimizing Face Primer

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme

Milani Bold Statment Matte Lipstick

Milani Color Statment Lipstick

Huda Beauty Obsessions Mauve Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty Obsessions Coral Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty Obsessions Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty Power Bullet Makeup Lipstick

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Fine Eyebrow Pencil

ABH Brow Powder Duo

ABH Dipbrow Pomade

ABH Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

ABH Norvina Eye Shadow Palette

China Glaze Nail Lacquer

Live Love Polish Nail Colour

FUN Lacquer Nail Colour

First Aid Beauty Micellar Makeup Melter Wipes

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Moisturizer


Tatcha Water Cream

Pacifica Kale Charcoal Ultimate Detox Mask

Gees that was a long one! I was going to add photos from the websites like I did in my last Wishlist posts but it's so long already. And my eyes are strained from writing.

Let me know what CF products I should also add to the list in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

**This post was not sponsored**


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