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My Wiccan Path + Beliefs | Crystals + Covens

There are so many paths in Wicca. It's really awesome to see something have so many ways of practising. Wicca supports so many beliefs. There is definitely something for everyone. All are anchored in the belief that we must respect and care for nature. That's what really drew me in to start. And now that I've decided to become a Wiccan I need to find my path.

So let's talk about some of the bigger paths of Wicca and the beliefs most Wiccans follow. Most Wiccan's believe in 1 of 3 main concepts about the Gods and Goddesses.

1. The Deities (Gods and Goddesses) are higher beings who have ruling control over parts of nature.

2. The Deities are human personifications of nature to better help us connect to nature and channel certain energies.

3. The Deities were once Witches that had special connections to parts of nature and now we channel their energy to help us in our journeys.

For me, I like the idea of channelling the spirits. I can definitely see that. But I think I'm most drawn to the idea that the Deities are human visions of nature to help us channel the energies. I think I'm compelled to believe in a mixture of the two.

I think that the human personifications we see in literature were once Witches and that we now visualized to better channel the energies from certain aspects of nature. I think that the spirits of past Witches, Deity representations and all Witches came before us, are always with us when we carry the faith of Wicca in our hearts. They follow us and come to us to help channel energies from nature and protect us during spells.

Different paths hold different beliefs. Gardnerian Wicca and Alexandrian Wicca for example believe that the Deities are Gods and Goddesses in the traditional sense. Fairy Wicca and Green Wicca believe that the Deities are past Witch Spirits. Most Wiccans that believe that the Deities are human personifications of nature are usually Eclectic Wiccans, though that is not something exclusive to the Eclectic path.

For more info about the Paths of Wicca, I'm going to link to this Harmony Nice video because she explains it so well. I've only really researched the path(s) that I've decided to take.

First and foremost I'm an Eclectic Wiccan. Eclectic Wicca allows for so must room to study and learn about anything in Wicca. From Kitchen Magick to Fairies to Dragons. Like most Eclectic Wiccans, I'm a Solitary Witch. I practice on my own and do not belong to a coven. As of right now, I don't have an interest in joining a coven, though I would not write off the idea. If I found some really great Witchy friends I could see myself joining with them to do spells and spend Wiccan Holidays with them. But for now, I'm alone.

I also like to think of myself a Green Wiccan. I love the herbal path. I love that Green Witches channel spirits of past Witches along with the energies of the deities. I the gardening aspect of the Green Wicca path. I really want to specialize in Kitchen Magick and divination so Green Wicca is really great!

I'm also interested in Fairy Wicca and Dragonic Wicca. I love the idea of working with them in my Magick. I also really love the idea of bringing astrology into my magick. I've always been someone to take interest in many many things so Eclectic Wicca is perfect for me!

This is what I have written in my Book of Shadows under "My Path"

"I am a Wiccan. I walk the path of light. I celebrate nature. I live by the phases of the moon. I draw power from the energies of the elements and the stars. I use nature in my magick and my craft. I use herbs to heal and grow and crystals to centre my energies.

I forge my own way and follow the deities that speak to me. I believe the deities are human visions of those around us that help us to better connect to everything around us.

I practice my craft in solidarity. Nature is my teacher. The elements are my coven. I am guided by the spirits of nature and the spirits of the Witches that came before me.

Wicca brings me close to nature. It makes me one with the universe. It connects me to the elements that make us all. Wicca gives me purpose and brings me peace.

Wicca has always been calling me. Nature has always been my love. Spending my nights watching the moon, my summers walking amongst the trees.

With the moon as my Goddess, I start this new journey. Celebrating the turn of the seasons and the movements of the moon. Putting nature into everything I do. Today I promise myself to nature."

I have felt so good since discovering Wicca. I have found something that really fits.

Are you a Wiccan? What path do you study? I'd love to have some more experienced Witches to pick their brains.

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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