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Real Techniques Powder Brush | Review

Real Techniques Powder Brush

On the Real Techniques website, they promise that this brush is ultra-soft, easy to clean and are long-lasting. They also say that there will be no product build up in the brush and that it will apply makeup with no streaks and leave a flawless finish.

This brush has 100% synthetic bristles so this brush is 100% cruelty-free. Real Techniques brush handles are made of aluminium and are colour-coded, gold for face, pink for cheeks, and purple for eyes. The Handles also have the brush names on the back.

This brush is available for $9.99 at Ulta and $7.99 at Target and for $10 on the Real Techniques website. It is also available for £12.99 at Boots.

Here is my experience with the Real Techniques Powder Brush.

I got this brush after hearing some beauty YouTube gals talk about it and I fell in love.

Like every other RT brush I've tried it is super soft! I love that is super fluffy. It makes it absolutely perfect for powder.

The handle is well weighted and the brush is made very well. I have washed it multiple times and it still feels like new.

Some people might think it's too big but I love how big it is. It gives better full coverage in my opinion.

Even after 10+ washes, it has held up its shape and still applies product beautifully. It is the only brush I use for powder. I adore it!

I love that it is really fluffy. Some people don't like super fluffy brushes but I love the way it applies product!

Was it worth the hype? I heard a little about it before buying it and it is 100% worth the hype! I love it!

Was it worth the price? I think it's well worth the $10. For a quality brush, $10 is a great price!

I adore this brush! It is super soft and fluffy and is made very well! It is the only brush I use for my powder. I 100% recommend it!

That's it for this review. Thanks so much for giving it a read! I hope you enjoyed it! Have you tried the Real Techniques Powder Brush? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: All photos taken by me with a Canon T5 with an 18-55mm lens

**This post is not sponsored**

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