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Taking A Step Back

Until the last week of July, I uploaded a post every other day in 2017. I loved it but I became too much. I really love creating the content that I've made so far this year but the pressure to upload every other day was too much.

I was putting it on myself really. No one was forcing me but I felt like I'd let you all down if I stopped uploading so often. But now I have made up my mind. I'm tossing my schedule out the window! I'll be uploading whenever now.

I need more downtime between posts. I need to slow down before I want to quit altogether. So starting this month I will be uploading whenever I'm motivated. I might upload 2 days in a row or not upload for 2 or 3 days. Though the biggest gap between posts will be 3 days. Most likely I'll be uploading every 2 days and see how it goes.

I might get back to my schedule in September or October. And I'm going to try Blogmas again this year! I'm determined for this to be the year I do all 25 days! Taking a few extra days between posts will give me the break I need to give me the energy to do 25 days of posts.

I'm actually planning on doing around 34 posts this December. I want all my Blogmas posts to Christmas themed so my regular review posts, my December advertisers post, my December Favorites, and a few other posts will be extras.

I am so excited to be taking it easier on my blog. I love my blog and don't want to get burnt out on it again. If you were here back in April you might have seen my post about Knowing Your Limits and how I had to cut a month of uploads for ZGB's b-day short.

I'm just not built for uploading that much. When I started 2017 I was 3 posts ahead of myself and every time I posted I wrote a new post. But I used up all my stored posts when I went on a weekend vacation and I've been trying to catch myself ever since. The 20 days straight of posts I did in April didn't help either.

I hope you guys understand that I need to step back. I am still going to upload a lot. I may end up uploading the same as I have been. I want to do more personal posts and nerdy ones too. I feel really passionate about them and can't wait to write them so you may not see a change in how much I upload.

I'll be uploading when I feel motivated and make content I'm proud of and I hope you guys love the posts I'll be creating. I pour my heart and soul into this blog. I hope you all enjoy the content I will continue to make!

Thank you all for all of your loving comments and tweets! It means so much to me that you all enjoy my blog! I love it so much!

Photo Credit: photo taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 camera with an 18-55mm lens

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