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The Doctor Who Tag

Whovians Unite! Doctor Who Season 9 starts tomorrow! I can’t believe season 9 is already here! I loved Matt Smith and hated to see him go but I must say I love Peter in his own way. I miss Matty so much but I’m so excited for this new season with Peter.

Since season 9 is less than 24 hours away I thought it would be perfect to do The Doctor Who Tag! There are a lot of different versions of this tag floating around the internet, but I’ve decided to create my own questions. I landed on 12 questions in honour of the 12 regenerations of The Doctor.

As always, a copy of the questions will be in the comments below. Feel free to do this tag and share your love of Doctor Who.

1.) Who is your favourite Doctor?

11. I love 12 in his own way, 10 too. But I just love 11! Matty had a way of playing The Doctor that made him seem so much younger. You forgot that he was a 1500-year-old+ alien. He was just your weird and lovable best friend. New Doctors will come and go and I might love them in their own ways but Matty will forever be my favourite.

All of the regenerations leave marks on our hearts but there will always be that one Doctor that leaves the biggest mark. Mine will always be 11.

2.) Who is your favourite Companion?

This one would be kind of tough, and it is but also not. I love two companions the most but if I had to pick between the 2 it would be Clara. The other was Amy Pond.  I know most people loved Rose the most but I just really love Clara and Amy. I think it’s because after they were around for 3 episodes they didn’t want to date The Doctor, they just wanted him as a best friend. I love Donna for that same reason.  And I have to ask. Am I the only one who would put Martha last on the list? I mean she was nice and very smart but her constant moping that The Doctor didn’t want to date her when it was obvious that he had just lost someone he loved knocks her lower on the list.

3.) Who is your favourite recurring villain? (Ex: Daleks, Angels, Cybermen, etc.)

I’m going to say The Silence. I just loved that whole plotline. The way everything twists in together and it’s impossible to explain you just have to watch it. I loved it! And when you find out who River is as you go through it. I love it! I loved the look of the Silence. And the noise they make, and the way they talk. And just the whole concept of them, look away and you forget. I loved the nursery rhyme that they wrote for it too. Tick Tock Goes the Clock, Even for The Doctor.

4.) What is your favourite episode? (Or episodes, so many 2 parters!)

Now, this is a really hard one. I think I have 3 tied for my favourite.  The Eleventh Hour because it’s the start of Matt’s time as The Doctor and his introduction is just amazing.  The Impossible Astronaut because it is an insane start to my favourite plotline of the whole franchise.  And a The Day of the Doctor, the 50th Anniversary special. It was amazing. 10 and 11 are my 2 favourite Doctors so seeing them together was perfect, plus the way the butted heads but got along in a weird way was just amazing! The Doctor being the Doctor’s companion is the best thing ever and I need a spin-off of 11 and 10 now! The storyline of the 50th was amazing. And the ending just warms my heart.

5.) Where did you start watching? (The new series starting with 9 or the original series with Doctors 1-8.)

I watched the new series first. I am in the process of watching the old episode but there are just so many! There were 26 original seasons! And they started in the 60’s. It’s hard to find all of the episodes. I’m working on it though.

6.) How long have you been watching Doctor Who?

I started watching about 3 years ago. It took me about 4 episodes but I fell in love. And once I got to David I was sucked in forever. I am officially obsessed with DW and I can’t go to the mall without going to Hot Topic and getting something Doctor Who related. It’s become an addiction I don’t want to stop.

7.) What would you call the new series? A continuation or a reboot? (series meaning all of the new episodes as a whole starting with 9 to now.)

I included this question because I constantly hear people call the new series a reboot. A reboot a story told over again in a new way. The new series didn’t start over again. They didn’t start with 1. They continued the story where 8 left off. They have always made it clear that Chris was Doctor number 9. The new series is a continuation! People need to look up the definition of a reboot!

8.) How would you explain Doctor Who to someone who has never seen an episode?

Doctor Who is about a 2000-year-old 2 hearted alien from a planet called Gallifrey. His name is a secret so just call him The Doctor, but DO NOT call him Doctor Who. He is from the race called Time Lords. He has a machine called a Tardis that can travel through all of time and space. The Tardis is disguised as a 1950-1960s Blue Police Box from London. The Doctor thinks he flies the Tardis but really she flies herself, yes the Tardis is a girl. She is actually a living machine. Anyway, the Tardis tends to take him where he is needed not where he wants to go. Even if it’s just a few years off of where he wanted to go. See the Doctor is really smart and has an uncanny ability to stop aliens from harming people and destroying worlds.

Time Lords are not supposed to interfere only document events but The Doctor is the only Time Lord left. His planet was destroyed by an alien race called Daleks who were bread to only feel hatred.

The Doctor stole The Tardis and ran away before his world was destroyed.

The Doctor flies around in his little blue box saving people and worlds because he is guilty that he could not save his planet.

A lot of people are confused but the fact that there have been 12 Doctors. No, they are not different characters. You see all 12 men have played the same character the name isn’t something passed down. Time Lords have this way to cheat death. When a Time Lord is about to die they can choose to regenerate. Their face, body, and personality change but they still remain the same person at their core. Same motives, same memories, same hearts. The Doctor is still The Doctor, he might act and talk different but he is still the same in his hearts and at his core.

Well, that was a long-winded answer.

 Or you could say.

Doctor. River Song. Clara Oswin Oswald. Dalek. Angels. Silence. Cybermen. Time War. Tardis.

And then laugh hysterically.

9.) If you met The Doctor and he said her would take you anywhere in time and space, where would you want to go first?

Well, I was always going to say the moon because they never had the real moon but they did that in season 8. I’d probably want to go to the lost moon of Poosh or Raxacoricofallapatorius. Just somewhere ridiculous. Actually I’d look The Doctor right in the eye and say “Take me to Skaro” or “Let’s find Gallifrey.” Then smile like 10.

10.) Bowties or Converse?

Both, with a normal tie around my head, and a banana gun.

11.) Fezzes or 3-D Glasses?

Fezzes. Without the tassel! 11's Fez DID NOT have a tassel!

12.) What do you think of Peter as the new Doctor?

Matt Smith was and always be my favourite. But I already love Peter in his own way. Kind of like when I met for the Clara she was instantly my favourite. Now I don’t love Peter that much but he is great.  I miss Matty so much but I can’t wait for this new season with Peter. I thought I wasn’t going to like him much and that he would be a one-season Doctor but now I don’t want him to leave! Unless it meant Matty would come back. Sorry, Peter.


1.) Who is your favorite Doctor?

2.) Who is your favorite Companion?

3.) Who is your favorite recurring villain? (Ex: Daleks, Angels, Cybermen, ect.)

4.) What is your favorite episode? (Or episodes, so many 2 parters!)

5.) Where did you start watching? (The new series starting with 9 or the original series with Doctors 1-8.)

6.) How long have you been watching Doctor Who?

7.) What would you call the new series? A continuation or a reboot? (series meaning all of the new episodes as a whole starting with 9 to now.)

8.) How would you explain Doctor Who to someone who has never seen an episode?

9.) If you met The Doctor and he said her would take you anywhere in time and space, where would you want to go first?

10.) Bowties or Converse?

That was so much fun! I love Doctor Who! I would love to do more Doctor Who posts! I am a huge nerdy geek. I’m going to start doing more nerdy posts. Let me know what nerdy and geeky things you love in the comments below.

Leave a like if you think I should so more nerdy posts. I would more than love to start.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me.

Disclaimer: Doctor Who is a trademark of BBC. I do not own anything to do with Doctor Who nor am I affiliated with Doctor Who or BBC. This post is not sponsored by the BBC.

Photo Credit: Taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 and an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop

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