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The first questions I had about Wicca | Crystals + Covens

Recently I started my Wiccan Journey. I have been loving it so far. It feels like I was always meant to find it. The reviews really aligned with mine and I've always been interested in the Occult and astrology. I was pulled toward it since the moment I clicked play on Harmony Nice's video. So today I wanted to share some of the first questions I had when diving into Wicca.

Do you have to be vegan/vegetarian to be a Wiccan?

When watching Harmony's video All About Wicca she mentions the Wiccan Rede which says "harm none, do as you will. So I thought maybe you had to be Vegan or Veggie. I googled it and the baseline answer is no.

Do Wiccans use/believe in Ouija boards?

Now I'm definitely the kind of person who admires how pretty an ouija board is but I'm not about to use one. But I was still interested in Ouija and how it fits into Wicca. The answer depends on the Wiccan. From what I've seen most believe in the board but they don't think you should use them since it can be taken as an open invitation to anything lurking about.

Do Wiccans believe in Auras?

I've felt auras and energies since I was a kid. I have snap feelings about people that turn out to be true. So I wanted to know how that fits into Wicca too. Wiccans believe in auras and all sorts of things like it.

Are Wiccans buried/cared for in a certain way after death? / Can Wiccans be cremated?

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to donate what could be donated and cremate the rest, spread it somewhere I loved. But when looking into becoming a Wiccan it was very clear that Wiccans have a very very strong attachment to the Earth. I thought maybe they were some special rituals or something for Wiccans. The short answer is it depends on the Wiccan and what he or she wants. Some covens have rituals, some Wiccans choose to be buried in a cloth to be returned to the Earth.

Can you celebrate Christmas and Halloween as a Wiccan?

I love Christmas and Halloween. Not for any religious reasons. I just adore the costumes and the decor and the festive vibes. I found through some googling and Harmony's videos that Wiccans are of course free to celebrate these things as they wish. Some Wiccans still hold their old religions when taking on Wicca as well.

Can you use Astrology in Wicca?

Astrology can play a big part in Wicca. Esspecially in divination.

Do you have you pray to the Gods and Goddesses as a Wiccan?

The only turn off I had from Wicca was the idea that I might have to pray to some higher being, which is something I've always had a hard time believing. While some choose to view their Gods and Goddesses as higher beings, others might see them as powerful Wiccans of the past and others might see them as human personifications of nature. None of these viewpoints requires prayer, however.

Do you have to join a coven?

I'm quite the loner so I'm not really a join a group and come to rituals kind of gal. Luckily there are plenty of solitary paths within Wicca.

What is a book of Shadows? / Can you buy one?

When Harmony first mentioned the Book of Shadows she made it sound sort of like a Witch's Bible. But it's actually a Wiccans Journal. You can buy them, blank, filled with facts and prompts for journaling and spells or some people sell them written completely. Though most Wiccans think it means more if you write it completely yourself.

Can you have more than one book of shadows?

I didn't really like the unorganized idea of adding stuff to one book as I go. So I wanted to make more than one. And yes you can. I personal have 3, one for spells, one for my personal Wiccan beliefs and journaling and one for all the facts of Wicca, which I call my Wicca Lexicon.

What should and shouldn't be in a book of shadows?

The most straight forward answer is don't adding anything to a BOS that doesn't have to do with Wicca. So no basic journaling kind of thing. I'm going to do a whole post on BOS so that way this post doesn't end up the longest in my archive.

Do Wiccans have Witch names?

This one I was really interested in as it'd be really run to have a magickal name. Like most of the questions here, the answer is, it depends on the Wiccan. Some covens have witch names when within the coven rituals and meetings. Some solitary witches also choose to have a witchy name. It's up to personal preferences of the Wiccan or Witch.

Do you guys have any questions about Wicca? You can leave them in the comments and I'll try to do a Wicca Q+A in the future. Just bear in mind that I'm a baby witch and I'm still learning the basics. But I'm still happy to answer any questions I can.

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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