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The Get to Know Me Tag

So this month marks 5 months I’ve been doing this blog and I haven’t done any personal things. You guys don’t know much about me. So I decided to do the Get To Know Me Tag.

There are a few different versions of this floating around the internet along with a few different versions of the About Me Tag but I didn’t particularly like all the questions on any of them so I decided to take some of the questions from the different ones I found and then made up a few of my own.

I ended up with 45 questions… I got a little carried away. I took some of the basic profile info questions, some of the basic favourites, some of the questions from the Get to Know Me, About Me and the TMI tags, and came up with some myself. This that is more like an About Me TMI Tag.

So Let’s get into it.

1.) Name?


2.) Nicknames?

My sister calls me Ada which is short for my middle name Adaline. I don’t really have any other nicknames.

3.) YouTube Name?


4.) Twitter Handle?


5.) Birthday?

February 6

6.) Zodiac Sign?


7.) Eye Color?

Brown. From far away anyway. Up close they are weird. They are more of a golden colour with green streaks.

8.) Hair Color?

Naturally, my hair is a medium shade of brown. Though I have been dyeing it reddish auburn for 2 years.

9.) Height

I’m 5’1… on a good day. :(

10.) Any Tattoos?

Not yet. I’m going to get my first on my birthday.

11.) Any Piercings?

My Nose, my earlobes, and on piercing on the cartilage of my right ear. I wanted to get my eyebrow done a few years ago but my mom wouldn’t let me and now I glad because I would have taken it out by now and left with a weird mark.

12.) Left or Right Handed?

Left. Both of my parents are left-handed too.

13.) Top 5 Favourite Bands?

1.) Falling In Reverse

2.) Black Veil Brides (Sorry boys I love ya but FIR is my number one)

The rest are in no particular order.

- Imagine Dragons

- Fall Out Boy

- American Authors

14.) Favourite Music Artist?

Ed Sheeran.

15.) Top 5 Favourite Songs At The Moment?

In No Particular Order

- Tragic Magic by Falling In Reverse

-   Raised By Wolves by Falling In Reverse

-   Bad Girls Club by Falling In Reverse

-    Game Over by Falling In Reverse

-     In The End by Black Veil Brides

16.) Last Song You Listened To?

Just Like You by Falling In Reverse (Love this one too!)

17.) Favourite Book?

Non-Fiction: My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide To Eating, Drinking and Going With Your Gut by Hannah Hart

Fiction: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

18.) Favourite Author?

John Green

19.) Last Book You Read?

I Hate Myselfie by Shane Dawson (Last Book I finished)

Current Read: Harry Potter 6 (I know I late to the party)

20.) Podcasts? Yes or No (If yes what’s your favourite podcast?)

Yes! I love them! My favourite podcast is Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl. I also love Not To Deep with Grace Helbig. And I love Ear Biscuits with Rhett and Link. Actually those are the only 3 I listen too.

21.) Audio Books? Yes or No (If yes recommend a good audiobook.)

No. It might be weird that I like podcasts but not audiobooks but I just can’t pay attention to the books. I catch myself zoning out when listening to podcasts. With a podcast, I can rewind and it will make sense. If I zone out with a book I have to restart the chapter.

22.) Top 5 TV Shows?

1.) Doctor Who (I might be a little obsessed with this one)

2.) The Walking Dead

3.) Sons of Anarchy (It would be 2 but it’s over)

4.) iZombie

5.) Pretty Little Liars

6.) Supernatural (Including an extra because SOA isn’t on anymore.)

23.) Top 5 Movies?

I tend to like movies of a series. If I can’t choose a favourite from the series I’ll just list the series.

In No Particular Order

-The Hunger Games: Series

-Back To the Future Series (I used to watch 1 & 2 every day as a kid. From ages 3-6)

-Harry Potter Series

-I Am Legend

-From Dusk Till Dawn

24.) Top 5 Favourite YouTubers?

These are my Favourites at the moment. In No Particular Order.

-Hannah Hart (

-Tyler Oakley (

-Grace Helbig (

-Dan & Phil - Dan and Phil Games to be more exact.




-Jim Chapman

25.) Favourite Color?

There are so many colours. How do I pick one? I don’t really have a favourite colour. I just love so many. I really love colour combinations too. Like the mint green and coral pink colour theme of my blog. And I love neon/hot pink and neon orange. My top fave single colours are Tardis Blue, classic red, Vibrant Deep Purple, black, and white.

26.) Favourite Video Game?

My favourite video game is Probably The Last of Us. The story is so amazing and the characters are so much more developed than they are in most video games. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is really fun. It’s not a game for people who don’t like a lot of story. There are a lot of cut scenes. Personally I loved the story and loved that I got to be a part of it. I truly felt for the characters and thought the story was really well written.

I also really loved Outlast. There isn’t as much story but it was an awesome game. The horror wasn’t based only on jump scares. I mean there were a lot of them but the game is also so tense and crazy the jump scares are only part of the horror. I loved the story and the bad guys who come for you. The Map was huge for a horror game. I really loved it.

I also really loved the Walking Dead Game series! I love the show and the comics and I love that that the game is drawn like the comics. And I love the story of the games. I love Clem so much now! I love the game play style. I love that the game adapts to your choices and that you can pick what Lee and Clem say. Lee being you play as for season 1 and Clem who you play as for season 2 and who you will play as for season 3. Which I can wait for! The story of both seasons has been amazing and I can’t wait to see the story for season 3!

27.) Favourite Animal?

I love owls. I don't know why. I also love cats.  

28.) Favourite Holiday?

I love Halloween! But I also love Christmas! Can we just say it's a tie? Ok, Maybe I love Christmas just a little more but not much.

29.) Favourite Restaurant?

Sit Down: Olive Garden

Fast Food: Taco Bell (Even though it sometimes destroys my insides)

30.) Favourite Food?

That’s a hard one. My favourite type of food is probably Italian. I love pasta. You can make so many dishes with it. As for my favourite food, I’m not sure I could pick one.

31.) Favourite Candy or Sweet Treat?

I love cherry flavour hard candy. And I love Blueberry Muffins.

32.) Favourite Store?

Ulta, Sephora or any electronic section with computers and video games.

33.) Pet Peeves?

I hate it when people pull out in front of you just to turn into the next parking lot. Like WTF? Especially if there was no one behind me.

I hate when people mispronounce words.

I hate it when people have a different opinion than yours and they have to tell you. Not always in a polite way. And they state it like it’s a fact. It's got that you have an opinion but you don't have to fight with someone of their opinion is different than yours. 

34.) Mac or PC?

Mac. I’m all apple. All the apple electronics. Except for the Apple Watch. I don’t get the hype around it. And I hate wearing watches.

35.) Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn?

Autumn. Falling Leaves, it’s chilly but not too cold. I’m not a big fan of really hot weather. It’s easier to warm up than to cool off. Autumn is just so beautiful and snuggly and I can wear pants and long sleeves but not double layers. I just love Autumn! Plus Halloween man!

36.) Single or Taken?


37.) Coke or Pepsi?

Coke, except out of a can. All pop is terrible out of a can. I don’t drink anything out of a can.

38.) Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts? Drink Order?

Starbuck for drinks, Dunkin’ for doughnuts.


Hot - Tall Vanilla Latte or a Tall Caramel Macchiato

Cold - Venti Sweet Black Iced Tea

39.) Breakfast Lunch or Dinner?

Lunch or dinner. I hate most breakfast food. I like eggs but these must have garlic and onion powder in and I like waffles but I have to have a taste for them.

40.) What’s Your Taco Bell Order?