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The Lip Product Addict Tag

So from my Top 10 Under $10: Lips, my June favourites, and a few other posts you can probably tell that I’m a lip product addict. I have mentioned quite a few times before that I’m in love with lip products. Actually obsessed is a better word. So I thought doing the Lip Product Addict Tag would be perfect.

The Lip Product Addict Tag was created by Amelia Liana & EssieButton on YouTube. I love these girls! Their Lip Product Addict Tag video is amazing! The tag consists of 8 questions all about lip products. I am not always up for trying things from new brands but I will try any lip product. This tag was made for me.

1. Favourite Balm/Treatment?

My favourite balm is the EOS lip balms. The packaging is so cute! The formula is soft and smooth, and very moisturizing. I love EOS lip balms!

I don’t really have a favourite treatment.

2. Best Eye-Catching Red?

This is a hard one. I’m defiantly a red and brights girl. I don’t even own a nude. I have tons of reds and everything else is coral or bright.

I think my favourite eye-catching red is probably Rimmel London Matte Show Offs AKA Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Burning Lava. It’s so pigmented and is such a bold statement red. 

I am a matte girl. I hate shimmer, shine, and glitter when it comes to lipstick. I loved the original formula so when Rimmel released the matte version I was instantly obsessed!

It feels just like the original formula and all matte! It can look a little shiny so you have to wipe the applicator very well before applying. It is such a beautiful colour. It is such a beautiful red that just pops. It is like a matte version of the original shade Big Bang. Big Bang was my favourite shade in the original formula so needless to say I am 100% in love with this lippie.

3. Best Luxury & Best Drugstore?

My favourite/best luxury is in the next question so I’ll use my second favourite for this, which is just amazing quality. My Best Luxury is the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I love this pencil. It’s so soft and not at all drying. It’s very pigmented and looks amazing! I have currently only have the shade Cruella. I love it! It’s such a great deep vibrant red.

My Best Drugstore is the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipsticks. I have almost every colour. I love them! They are soft and smooth. They are moisturizing and they don’t dry out my lips. After you let it dry for a few minutes there is no transfer. I love the Rimmel Kate Lipsticks! My favourite shade is either 107, a dark cool-toned red, or 109, a cool tones pinky-orange coral. I love 107 all year round but 109 tends to become my favourite in the spring and summer.

4. Best MAC Lipstick?

I love all the MAC formulas except the glitter one. I love the Retro Matte Lipstick the best. It’s a perfect matte! It’s smooth and creamy. Not drying at all. It stops give transfer after about 20 minutes. I am obsessed with it! My favourite shade is Ruby Woo. It’s a classic red. I love it!

5. The Most Disappointing?

The most disappointing lippie for me was the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. The promo photos from NYX make them look so beautiful and pigmented and just wonderful. I love them now but when I first got them I was so disappointed. They were not as pigmented at they looked and the darker ones were so patchy. I got 4 shades and the lighter ones were defiantly better.

I was so disappointed when I got them but after reading some reviews and watching some YouTube videos I learned that you have to layer it to get a better pigmentation and it’s better with liner. It looks so much better layered but I would still recommend that you keep to the lighter shades. I love these now but they are still a little disappointing.

6. Liner - Yes or No?

Yes and no. When I wear it I usually wear it by itself. I very rarely wear it under and when I do it’s usually to do a darker corners look or I’ll line the outside a pull it in with a lip brush to create an ombre look. I mostly prefer to wear it on its own.

Everything in this post was purchased by myself or I received it as a gift. I was not paid to talk about any brands mentioned in this post. Anything mentioned in this post was things I genuinely loved this month and wanted to share with you all.

7. Best Gloss

Actually I don’t like glosses. I love high pigments and mattes so gloss, being the complete opposite, is defiantly my least fave lippie. I do however have a fave balm that is a lot like gloss just less sticky. The Rimmel London ColourRush Lip Balm crayons. They are a medium pigmented balm crayon and are a lot like glosses. They are honestly the closest I’ll ever get to gloss. PS the smell of the most amazing vanilla scent. I love it!

 8. Something Extra!

For something extra, I decided to share my favourite DIY Lip Scrub. It’s a Brown Sugar and Coconut Oil scrub. I love it! It tastes good too! I got the recipe from I added a little vanilla extract for smell and flavour and did 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. I really want to make Vanilla Brown Sugar Coconut Cookies now.

The Questions:

1. Favourite Balm/Treatment?

2. Best eye-catching red?

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

4. Best MAC lipstick?

5. The most disappointing?

6. Liner - Yes or No?

7. Best gloss?

8. Something extra!

That was such a fun tag! I know I’m a little late to the party. I love lippies so much! This tag is perfect! If you want to do this tag I’ll leave a copy of the questions above. Please just give credit to Amelia and Estée.

Let me know your favourite drugstore lippie in the comments below! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me. If you liked this post or topic let me know in the comments below. Much Love!

This post is NOT sponsored. Everything in this post was purchased by myself or I received it as a gift. I was not paid to talk about any brands mentioned in this post. Anything mentioned in this post were things I genuinely loved this month and wanted to share with you all. Photo Taken with a Canon T5 camera with an 18-55mm lens

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