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The Makeup Obsession Tag

I think it’s safe to say that I am a little obsessed with makeup. I created this tag to show my makeup addict pride! I love makeup and I’m not afraid to show it! So Today I came up with 10 questions for this tag. So let’s talk favourite brands, product obsessions, and more.

As always there will be a copy of the questions at the end of the post. Feel free to do this tag and share your makeup obsessions!

Let’s get started!

1.) What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand?

My favourite drugstore brand is probably NYX. I think they are the brand I have the most of and I really love their products. I’m not a big fan of their face bases though. Well the cream ones, their blotting powder is my favourite powder! But I love everything else! I have a ton of NYX. (My favourite face base company is Maybelline. I live for their Dream Fresh BB cream and Fit Me concealer.)

2.) What is your favourite high-end brand?

This one is a little harder. I love so main different things from different brands. I’m going to have to say Urban Decay. I love their all lippies and eyeliners. Though the more I try of MAC the more I love it. So MAC might pass up UD soon.

3.) What is your favourite brand of brushes?

Easy Real Techniques. Though Eco Tools brushes run a close second. I love them both so much they are both 100% synthetic and recycled. The handles of Eco Tools are actually bamboo. I love both brands so much but when having to pick I have to say RT wins. They are a little softer and they are weighted a little better. But I still love both brands and have a ton of brushes from both.

4.) What is your favourite nail polish brand?

Easiest question ever! My favourite nail polish brand is Sally Hansen! It’s such a great brand! Their polishes have such a great wear time! And they have a great colour selection! Almost every nail polish I own is from SH. I’m starting to try Essie and some makeup brands' polishes but SH will always be my favourite. It will always be the one I compare other polishes too.

5.) What is your favourite type of product? (lippies, eyeliner, bronzer, highlighter, etc.)

Lippies!!!!! 1000% lippies! I think you could probably see that one coming from Lippie Posts. I just really love lippies! I’m addicted and I love it!

6.) What is your biggest makeup obsession/addiction?

Lippies! I can be a little reluctant to try new products from brands I don’t really know but I’ll try any lippie. I can’t stop buying them!

7.) How many products do you have of your addiction?

35 lip products. Honestly less than I thought. I guess I can buy more now! Haha. I have a problem… And I don’t want to get rid of it.

8.) What is your favourite thing to apply?

It’s a little weird but I love to apply face powder. I always do an all-over powder and I just love swirling around my fluffy brush. I just the motion. That's so weird!

9.) What products can you never leave the house without applying?

I have to apply concealer over my spots and under my eyes, that’s why colour match concealer is a really important thing to have in your makeup on-the-go bag. And I also have to apply NYX eyebrow cake powder. My eyebrows are so sparse toward my nose that I have to fill my brows or half of them won’t exist.

I also love to do lippies to but sometimes a lippie with just brows and concealer doesn’t look right.

10.) What product do you wish makeup companies would make? (Ex: Matte shadow in more colours, more lippie colours, matte bronzer that’s less orange, etc.)

I NEED an all matte electrics palette! I know UD has an electrics palette but out of the 10 shades only 4 are mattes and only 1 of them is a pure matte. I want a pure matte palette of brights! No shimmer, no glitter, no tonal pearl, no metallics, no shifts. Just pure matte bright colour.


1.) What is your favorite drugstore brand?

2.) What is your favorite high-end brand?

3.) What is your favorite brand of brushes?

4.) What is your favorite nail polish brand?

5.) What is your favorite type of product? (Ex: lippies, eye shadow, mascara, highlighter, ect.)

6.) What is your biggest makeup obsession/addiction?

7.) How many products do you have of your addiction?

8.) What is your favorite thing to apply?

9.) What products can you never leave the house without applying?

10.) What is one product you wish makeup companies would make? (Ex: Matte shadow in more colors, more lippie colors, matte bronzer that’s less orange, ect.)

That was fun! I know I’ve been doing a lot of tags lately. There are some I have wanted to do for a long time and others that I came up that I just really wanted to do. I’m almost done with the tags I want to do and then that will be it for a while. I’m working on some really cool ideas for the next few months and I hoping to do some really cool stuff for Christmas.

In the comments below let me know what your favourite brands are! Also, let me know what product you want makeup companies to make.

If you do this tag I'd love to read it! Leave a link in the comments below so I can find them! Or tweet them to me @ZombieGoddessxi with the hashtag MakeupObsessionTAG

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I was not paid to talk about any of the brands mentioned in this post. I genuinely love these brands. Any and all opinions are my own.

Photo credit: All photos taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 and an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop

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