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Lionfish and Tiger Sharks and Stingrays, Oh My! | Oh the Places You Will Go | The Newport Aquarium

So I actually went to the Newport Aquarium last summer. But I never shared my photos from my trip on my blog. My sister is a pass holder and I got to go with her last weekend for free for Pass Holders Weekend.

I decided to take my photos from both trips and make a post for you guys. The first time we went was the first time I had ever been to an aquarium. I love it so much! I was so excited to go back again! It was so beautiful!

Forget saving the best for last. The first photo I want to share is my favourite from the aquarium. It is actually my favourite photo I've ever taken. I took it on the Shark Bridge.

I still can't believe what an amazing shot it is! To tell you the truth I wasn't even looking. I was just aiming while we slowly walked over the bridge.

Some other photos I got on the bridge are from my second trip. I didn't catch another amazing shot like this one but they are great photos of the bridge.

The shark bridge is my favourite part of the Aquarium. I love sharks and I love walking over the shark tank!

For those of you that haven't heard of Newport Aquarium's Shark Bridge, it is a 75-foot rope bridge suspended over their huge shark tank. The shark tank is open water, 385,000-gallon tank with nearly 2 dozen sharks swimming in its depths.

I loved it so much! I want nothing for my 20th birthday than to go swimming with sharks. I might have to wait a little longer but at least until the day I swim with sharks comes I can walk over a tank of them.

Here are some photos my sister took of me on the bridge.

You can see my niece and her dad behind me and my niece trying to get around me because I stopped walking.

Staying on the topic of sharks I have a few photos of them from the other areas where you can view them. There is a huge wall of glass that looks into the shark tank and one of the water tunnels in the aquarium goes right through the shark tank.

This is from the big glass wall. Sharks swim past it all day. I could sit and watch them for hours.

This one was taken in the shark tunnel. The tunnel is so cool. Sharks swim above and below you. The ceiling of the tunnel is glass and there is also a square of glass in the floor. This guy was swimming on the side of the tunnel.

These two were swimming overhead in the tunnel. And these guys were laying under the floor.

I also got these from the glass wall view of the tank.

I also really love that Newport has a Shark Touch Tank! I got to pet a shark! I almost cried. Here is the beauty that I got to pet. There were softer than you might think. Still, a little rough but I loved it nonetheless.

So keeping on the topic of touch tanks they had a touch tank in the second room you come to that has starfish and anemones and horseshoe crabs. It was really cool. The starfish were so soft!

I didn't get a shot of the tank itself but my sister got this photo of me and my nephew feeling the starfish.

My sister is a pass holder and has gone a ton to the aquarium of times. She is uploading a video to her YouTube channel all about the aquarium! You can watch it here!

As I said I didn't get a photo of the starfish touch tank but I get get a photo of the two beautiful starfish in the tank right before the touch pool. The first photo is from my first trip and the second is from my trip last weekend.

I also really loved the seahorse room. There are all kinds of seahorses and they were all so pretty. There were super tiny ones and the "normal" sized ones and these ones that looked like sticks.

I can't believe how lucky I was to get a photo of that mini seahorse! All three of these photos were from my first trip.

I really want to share my photos of the Jellies from my first trip. But you should know that they are no longer there. They were replaced with glo-fish and some other fish I didn't really look at. The glo-fish were just too pretty.

I love watching Jellies swim. I always have. I wish we could have sat and watched them longer. Especially now that they are gone.

These are the glo-fish that are in the small jellies tank now. They are pretty but I do miss the jellies.

Next up, the penguins! I also really love penguins! I mean I really really love penguins! I wish I could cuddle one! I loved sitting there watching them waddle and swim and dive! One of the little guys really loved swimming for everyone.

I just love them! They look so fluffy!

Next, I want to talk about Mighty Mike. I've loved Crocs and Alligators since I was a kid. I used to watch The Crocodile Hunter in my baby swing. I was so excited to see Mike! During our first trip, he was up by his hut so I was super excited when he was in the water next to the glass last weekend.

I was really excited to see him up close!

Mike and the sharks and the penguins are exciting but there are also some beautiful fish in the aquarium.

On our trip last weekend almost all of the stingrays were nowhere to be seen. I'm guessing this is because Newport is about to open a huge stingray touch tank and all the rays were most likely already moved. But here are a couple of the rays I saw on my first trip.

On my first trip, I got to see this little guy.

His name is Shack. He was a rescue. He kept swimming at the glass because he was used to the ocean. He was released back into the ocean off the coast of South Carolina in October of 2016. I'm so happy he got to go back to the ocean where he wanted to be!

You can still see tons of turtles at the aquarium including this cute guy.

As promised in the title there was some lionfish at the aquarium. Lionfish are so pretty. But also deadly.

About half of the aquarium is reptile exhibits and I love it. I loved seeing some of these lizards and frogs and others for the first time! Plus the sound in the reptile room was amazing!

I still can't believe this awesome shot! You can't even see the glass! I swear I didn't edit it more and cropping it!

I also love this photo I got of the Chameleon. Again no glass to be seen!

I enjoyed seeing the other reptiles and got some good photos too. Warring if you don't like snakes there are a few snake photos below.

I got some shots of the absolute adorable frogs too!

And the last thing I want to talk about is that the aquarium also has really pretty wall art on the corridors and they have some awesome plastic whales and sharks in the lobby that are huge! Even when you aren't looking in the tanks and exhibits there is still beautiful things to look at!

And that was my two trips to the Newport Aquarium! I loved it both times! The second was just as fun as the first! I 100% get why my sister got season passes for a year! I want to go back again already!

If you live close to Cincinnati or are visiting and need something to do the Aquarium is amazing! Plus the Levee has shops and places to eat and a movie theatre! I love it and can't wait to go again! Plus the Levee has a great view of Cincinnati since it is technically in Newport KY.

I loved it and I'm definitely making my sister take me to the Levee every time I visit. We have only been to the aquarium so there is still a lot for you to do on the Levee.

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: All Photos are mine. Taken with a Canon T5 and an 18-55mm lens. Copyright Cassie Hampson and Enchanted Dead Photography.

**This post was not sponsored.**

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