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This Time Next Year TAG

I was tagged by the lovely Claire to do the "This Time Next Year Tag." Make sure you check out her tag too! Thanks so much, Claire! I love the idea of this tag!

I made a goals post in January with 5 goals I wanted to complete in 2017 so today I think I'll expand on them a little and give you all a little check-in of where I am right now.

This is the first tag I have ever done that has a list of rules since this tag is about your goals, not question-based.


1. Thank the person who tagged you

2. Set yourself goals for the next year and explain how you’re going to reach them

3. Tag at least 5 blogger friends to complete the tag

4. Write a post in 365 days reflecting on your goals and how you achieved them


I want to upload more posts than I have ever uploaded before

I hope to have uploaded 75-100+ blog posts in 2017. I am already at 51! This post makes 52! I still can't believe I have managed so many already! I have been uploading every other day and so far every day in April! Uploading every other day was also on that goals list! I am so proud of myself for doing it so far! I keep pushing myself every day to keep uploading and I'm loving it so much!

I want to read everything on my reading list and more

Another thing on my goals list was to read all 17 books on my reading list. I have read 2 so far. I need to step up my game. I think I'm going to set aside 2 hours a day for reading. I need to get back on the reading game! I also wait to add more books to the list.

I want to use a lot more of my own photos on my blog

I have been using a lot of stock photos and I want to use more of my own photos. I have been doing that a lot since January and I have a blog photo session scheduled tomorrow!

I want to finish my first novel

I have a couple of novels I am writing and I want to finish one by 2018. One I started in Dec of 2016 and one has been floating in my head since I was 14. I haven't been writing them much. I need to start setting aside more time to write my books.

I am going to keep it at my original 5. If you only have 1-5 goals it is easier to keep to them. I need to read more and get to work on my novel but my blog goals are going strong!


Fee (Makeup Savvy)

Corinne (skinnedcartree)

Celeste (With Love, Celeste)

Hannah (Hannah Heartss)

Kasie (Kasie Beauty)

What are your goals for the next year? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks again to Claire for tagging me! Make sure you check her out and check out all the lovely ladies I tagged as well!

Make sure you come back on April 7th 2018 for the follow up of this post!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me or leave them in the comments below.

Photo Credit: taken by me with a Canon T5 Rebel and an 18-55mm Lens.

**This post was not sponsored**

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