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Thoughts I Had While Re-Watching Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone

Since this year marks 20 years since the first book's release and this is Harry's birth month I have been watching the movies a ton this month. I realized I had a lot of unanswered questions so I decided to watch the whole series over and jot down everything.

That ended up being way too long so I'm going to just be going Philosopher's stone today. It is still a long one so grab a nice cup of tea and settle in.

Warning Spoilers. Obviously.

- McGonagall is right. The Dursley's are terrible people. This just reminds me that Dumbledore is a d**k.

- How did Hagrid's motorcycle not wakeup all the muggles? Magical muffler?

- Poor Harry just takes everything they say. And they treat him like a house-elf.

- Have I mentioned how much I hate the Dursleys? No meals for a week?

- I love how Harry discovers he can talk to snakes and just makes small talk.

- Why did they send so many letters? They had to know Harry wasn't receiving them. Why did they wait so long to send Hagrid? Oh yeah, that's right Dumbledore is a twat.

- 100s of letters on the floor and Harry goes for one in the air. This is why you aren't Ravenclaw Harry.

- I still feel so sad when Harry makes that cake out of the dust on the floor.

- The joy when Hagrid gives him the cake! His first real birthday present! :'(

- Harry thinking he can't be a wizard, that he isn't that special. :'(

- I don't want to stick up for Petunia but her reaction to her sister being a witch does seem a bit reasonable. I feel like muggles are way too chill about their kids being wizards.

- I love how Harry is reading is school supplies list out loud and none of the muggles look at him like he's crazy.

- If Hogwarts was a safer place for the stone than Gringotts than why was the stone even at Gringotts in the first place?

- Since every first-year needs a wand, why is Ollivander's so empty?

- I think Harry was so attached to Hedwig because Hagrid gave her to him.

- I love how Harry doesn't say Voldemort around Hagrid but doesn't give any F's around anyone else.

- I strongly believe that Molly has never mixed up the twins. They just tell her she does so much that she believes it.

- How is the train always full? Why haven't they ever added more cars? They say "everywhere else is full" in every movie for Merlin's sake! ... Wait is the train magically getting people to sit in certain cars?!

- I feel bad for every other kid that wanted sweets off the trolley only to find some kid brought everything.

- I feel so much better that Ron's spell seems to bother/hurt the rat know that I know who he is.

- You know Hermione kind of comes off like Draco at first. Bit full of herself. Like she's better at magic than you are and that makes her worth more than you. It goes away after the troll incident but it just feels a bit bitchy at first.

- I love how McGonagall always dresses like she's head of Slytherin instead of Gryffindor. Love the green so much!

- I love all of the reveal scenes in this first film. Harry's first time in Diagon Alley, the first view of Platform 9 & 3/4, the first time we see the castle, the first time Harry sees the great hall. They really capture the wonderment you'd have going to Hogwarts for the first time.

- I love that when Dumbledore tells them that "the 3rd for is out of bounds to those you do not wish to die a most painful death" Harry is the only one who has a look of "WTF kind of school is this?" Everyone else just looks like "awe man, well that stinks."

- Every time I watch this I can't help but be amazed at the CGI of the sorting hat. For 2001 that is pretty amazing.

- Everything I watch PS I get so mad when the hat doesn't touch Draco's head. Sort him by personality not name but a stupid piece of fabric!

- Did half of Harry's class end up on Gryffindor? Looking at all the first years lined up for sorting most of the face I see are Gryffindors.

- Everyone always complains that the house point hourglasses aren't in the films. They are. They are just never addressed. They are always in the background and can be seen in all the films at Hogwarts. In PS you can see them behind the staff table as Harry is being sorted. After PS, they are in the entrance hall by the main doors.

- I love how Harry switched sides of the table from sorting and is now sitting between Percy and Hermione instead of next to Ron. I love finding little bloopers like that in films.

- Seeing the ghosts always makes me sad that Peeves wasn't in the films.

- The Fat Lady sure did change over the years. So much so I'd say she looks like a whole new woman in the later films. haha.

- I just love the permanent look of wonder on Harry's face during the first year. Cause same.

- Why was Snape so pissed that Harry was taking notes. "Not paying attention?" He was literally writing down every word you said! Are Wizard kids not taught to take notes? Oh no you know what it's just Snape being a dick to James' son.

- I still don't know where Seamus is from and I drive me crazy.

- If it's ever bothered you with the remeberal, Neville forgot his robes.

- Draco is the only other kid to get his broom on the first go. Which means he has promise to be a great flyer but that does not promise that he's good at Quidditch.

- Madame Hooch said to push off on her whistle. Why was Neville the only one listening?

- How did Neville fall that far and only break his wrist?

- I love how Draco gets on his broom. He just steps onto the footrest from a vertical start and just lifts off and away.

- It makes me so sad that Fred & George were in the films so little.

- I love that in their first couple of years everyone freaks out when the stairs move then they just get used to it and it's like it isn't even happening.

- The fact that they only found Fluffy because the stairs moved and Filch was going to catch them is really interesting. The castle wanted them to find the hatch.

- How do the kids manage to shut a door against a giant dog?

- I love Oliver's accent so much! "hooops"

- Harry is just naturally good at all fields of Quidditch. Family thing?

- That snitch looks so good! How was the CGI so good in this film?

- How did Seamus ever pass his the first year? Like Seriously! He blows up everything.

- I'd love to spend Halloween at Hogwarts. It looks so amazing!

- Quirrell's delivery of "Troll in the dungeon" then the kids freaking out is amazing. Really sets a great tone for this bit of the film.

- Ok now the troll, there is the 2000s CGI.

- This bathroom is set up much more like the Chamber bathroom is supposed to be. This set should have been used in the Chamber of the Secrets.

- I love how Ron is best at magic when he's under pressure. I like "my friends are going to die. Time to do the levitation spell correctly for the first time!" He can't get in his own head about it and his actually just ability just takes over and he shows he actually is good at magic.

- I love all the "you look suspicious" looks that Harry and Snape exchange throughout the series.

- "What is in this broom shaped packages? ... A broom?! Oh my god! No way! I never would have guessed!"

- Also isn't it cheating for McGonagall to buy that broom?

- "I took a bludger to the head 2 minutes in, woke up in hospital a week later." Now tell me, why do these kids need a permission slip to go 2 miles down the road to buy candy but not to play death sky broom football?

- Seriously these reveal scenes! You really feel the wonder with Harry!

- I would make a remark that Quidditch is unfair since the snitch is 150 points but since Bulgaria lost even with the snitch in Goblet of Fire I'm going to have to leave that out here.

- Seriously the hit on Oliver! How are these kids allowed to play this game without parental permission? And why are there no kids version rules?

- And now what they've done to Katie. Why are children allowed to play this game?

- I love how Hermione just sets a teacher on fire in her first year like it's no big deal. The girl is kind of crazy.

- You can see the saliva on the snitch's wings! The CGI is amazing in this film for 2001!

- I love Hagrid's "I shouldn't've said that" thought out the series.

- Christmas at Hogwarts looks amazing too!

- Harry seems pretty terrible at Wizard's chess.

- Harry's face when Ron tells him he has presents. :'(

- Even the editing of the invisibility cloak is really great!

- The mirror is so heartbreaking! Harry reaches out for them! My heart can't take it!

- I want to like early Dumbledore so much but I know he was always a terrible person. I can't un-know the truth we learnt in Deathly Hallows. It could also just be Dumbledore's original actor that makes me want to like him.

- Emma almost takes off Daniel's fingers when she slams that book on the table.

- Why does it later say Nicolas only has enough elixir to get his affairs in order when Hermione reads that "it makes the drinker immortal." Did the book leave out "makes the drinker immortal... If they drink it every day." ?

- I love how when Hagrid hatches a dragon in his cabin Ron sends his brother a letter like "hey there is an illegal dragon at Hogwarts. Can you come to pick it up?" and Charlie is like "yea mate, let me get some friends." I wish they would have left that bit in the films.

- Wait... Was Charlie even ever in the films?

- I love the smirk Harry gets when Draco gets detention with them.

- Is it bad that I'd love to be the Forbidden forest with them right now? It's just so pretty.

- Why did they send for kids into the "Forbidden" and dangerous forest to look for something killing unicorns?

- I love these forest scenes. The wide shots showing the characters silhouetted against that blue is so pretty!

- Harry really was meant for Gryffindor. Draco and fang run in terror and Harry walks toward the thing drink unicorn blood.

- I love how Draco's distant scream turns into the suspenseful score!

- The score in all of these films really is amazing.

- I wish they would have kept Firenze thought the films like he was in the books. A centaur astronomy teacher would have been amazing in the films. Just another thing to add to the list with Peeves. Astronomy class scenes, in general, would have been nice.

- I love how well these three 11-year-olds handle Voldemort being in the forest.

- "My scar is burning. Should I tell anyone? Nah." Harry, you really aren't a Ravenclaw, are you?

- Where did Fluffy go after everything with the stone? Where did Hagrid keep him before Dumbledore needed him? Does he live in the Forest?

- You know Snape if you weren't always lurking the golden trio might not have always thought of you first when looking for the bad guy.

- How is Neville the only one who knew/tried to stop the trio? They had the invisibility cloak but still.

- Why are these kids so willing to jump into dark holes? First the one under that trap door, then the entrance into the chamber. What is wrong with these kids?

- Poor Ron. That devil's snare must have been terrifying

- I'm a little sad they cut all but 2 of the challenges to get to the stone. The potions bit was so cool in the books.

- Was there an infinite number of chess pieces ready to play for each new person that comes through the room? I mean I know magic but wouldn't it make more sense for the pieces to magic back together rather than summing new pieces?

- You know this defence isn't really that great if three 11-year-olds could get past it.

- Why didn't Ron jump off before the Queen hit him? Is that not allowed? Would the game be void?

- How did Hermione carry Ron up through that trap do and past fluffy and all the way to the hospital wing? Leviosa maybe?

- I love that Harry thinks it's impossible for Quirrell to be the one. Harry learned that day that evil comes in all shapes and sizes and even those who seem cowardly can be on the dark side. Should have remembered that later in the series.

- I love the little touch of Harry's scar only hurts when Quirrell's back is to him.

- How did Dumbledore get the stone into the mirror? What kind of spell is that? Elder Wand ex machina?

- Even the CGI of Voldemort's face in Quirrell's head is great. What is this? This isn't 2001 graphics.

- Voldemort looks so weird with a nose.

- Why did it burn for Harry's hand to touch Quirrell and but not for his throat to touch Quirrell's hand? It is because Voldy was only in Quirrell's head?

- How was Harry not scarred by turning a man to dust?

- In case you don't already think Dumbledore is a d**k, he comes into the hospital and immediately starts picking through Harry's candy.

- I hate that Dumbledore keeps Harry in the dark for so long. Like I get that Horcruxes and all might be a lot for an 11-year-old but after what he just went through I think he can take it. Or at least tell him some of it. Damn.

- Earwax. That's what you get for taking Harry's candy!

- I will never get over the beautiful shots of the castle. The one where Harry walks out of the hospital wing and Hermione and Ron are up on the second floor is just amazing.

- Reason to hate Dumbledore #394: He announces Slytherin winners of the house cup then gives Gryffindor the win.

- Seriously why wouldn't he just give Gryffindor the points first instead of telling Slytherin they won and then tearing it away?

- Really 50 points for chess? Really? I know McGonagall made it harder than usual to win but geez. Neville should have gotten the 50 and Ron should have gotten the 10 if you are going with his points are for chess.

- Hagrid! A photo of his parents! You are the best! And that goodbye to Hagrid! My heart hurts!

- That line "I'm not going home, not really." AHHHHHHH! and the fact that Ron remembers he said that and says "Welcome home Harry." in the chamber! It's both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

- I love the ending shot of the train pulling away from Hogwarts! It's another perfect shot for this film!

That ended up being so long! Let me know if you made it all the way through! Should I do posts like these for the rest of the films? Let me know in the comments below!

I love re-watching Harry Potter over and over again! It is always great!

Thanks so much for reading this extra long post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: photo taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 camera with an 18-55mm lens

**This post is not sponsored**

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