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Time to be Creative | My 2020 Art Goals

2019 I got so excited about art. I got so many new supplies and I did some pieces here and there but my energy just wasn't there. I ended up not doing too much. Just watching a ton of art videos on YouTube. So this year I've made goals just for my art.

This is my third goals post. If you want to know about my life goals or what I want to do with my blog check out these posts. Let's get into the art goals, shall we?

1. Find my art style

2019 was the first year I started taking art more seriously. But I also didn't do a lot since I was battling depression down days. I'm defiantly excited to work on more pieces and find my style. I know I'm more into an illustrated style and I love watercolours. But I haven't really figured out what I like to do with my lines or how I like to dry lips or noses. Little things that make your art your's.

2. Finish the Sketchbook Slam Challange

I really want to do a Sketchbook Slam Challange but I want to do it with a twist. I want to pick 30 prompts of things that I need to practice drawing and draw 20 pages of that each day. There is a lot that I need to practice. So I won't be short on prompts. I'm thinking 20 pages of hands, 20 pages of facial expressions. Things like that.

3. Finish an Art Month Challange

Inktober isn't quite my thing since I want to play with colour so I'll probably do Mermay or Doodleween. I'm not sure which challenge I want to take up yet but I'm excited about the idea of creating a piece every day. I might start with a doodle challenge since the idea of a full piece every day is a little daunting.

4. Make Art Daily

I want to make line art, paintings, full pieces. I just want to make art! I want to get have a jampacked portfolio by the end of the year! But most importantly, I want to make art I'm proud of.

5. Start every day with a sketch

I got this one while watching Danica Sills. She said she started sketching every morning to warm herself up for art later in the day. I love that idea. It's something I definitely want to start!

I'm so excited to dive into my art and really create this year. Most of which will be documented on my YouTube channel by the way. I'm hoping to get my channel on a 3x a week schedule by the end of January! Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop. **This post was not sponsored**

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