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What I love about the Halloween Season

When I was a kid my parents decorated the house for many of the holidays. Easter had some Egg and bunny decals and plastic wall pieces. Valentine's Day had some heart decorations. Halloween and Christmas, on the other hand, went all out. For Halloween, we had rubber bats that hung from doorways. Wall decorations everywhere. There were peelable glass decals that went on the windows and on the fish tanks. The candle lights we always had in our window got changed for Halloween ones. We had classic jack 'o' lantern trick-or-treat buckets everywhere in an array of colours. We had fake spiders and webs.

Because of the all-out decorations I've always loved Halloween. When I was a kid I dressed up as a witch for 4 years in a row. I just loved witches. I think it might have had something to do with Halloweentown. Which I watched every year on Disney growing up.

Halloweentown has become a Halloween tradition for me. I also love having a Harry Potter Marathon during Halloween time. As fun as scary movies are, I just love the magical whimsical enchanted stories.

My absolute favourite thing about Halloween has to be the decorations. From the oranges and the purples and blacks and browns and greys to the old tattered books and "potion" bottle labels to witch hats and cobwebs and pumpkins to the skeletons and zombies. Werewolves and cats. Ghosts and goblins. Vampires and goblins. I just love the decorations! The worn potion labels and tattered books are my favourites of them all. Something about the dark edges of the labels and designs on "spell" books. I just love them!

Next year I definitely plan on DIYing spell books and wands and potions. String up purple and orange lights all over the house with cobwebs and ghosts hanging from the ceiling. This year we decorated our front porch with a cute scarecrow, a hay bale, a skeleton window covering, a corn stalk and a bunch of pumpkins. It's cute but more fall than Halloween. Next year I'm going all out on the spoops and spooks.

Halloween is also accompanied by a lovely array of smells. From the cinnamon and allspice of Pumpkin Pie spice to apples to the smell of wet earth as the rain returns to the smell of the falling leaves. The smell of foggy mornings and crisp chilly nights.

I think the Halloween season is one of my favourites because it's what really marks the start of Autumn. The days get chiller as the days go by, the leaves change and become absolutely beautiful. Say what you want about spring and summer but I think the world is more colourful in the fall. Everything is beautiful shades for reds and oranges and yellows and browns. The grass seems greener in the places where it pokes out from under the fallen leaves. Pine trees and evergreens look brighter and more alive. The leaves fall and you begin to see the beautiful trunks and branches underneath. There are trees here where I live that have grey and white patched trunks. Not like Burch. There are no knots. I think they are beautiful.

I absolutely love seeing the creativity come pouring out of people this time of year. You see so many awesome DIY costumes and cosplays. From scares to laughs to badass characters, you see a lot of amazing looks this time of year. I love the scary body paints from MadeYewLook! She does Halloween Specials every October and they are amazing! Lex is freakishly talented!

Something about the vibe of Halloween just makes me Happy. I can't really explain what the vibe of Halloween is or why it makes me fill with happiness but it does. I just love it. I'm filled with the same joy in a different way with Christmas. The decorations are my favourite in that department too. Something about looking at seasonal items and living in that moment just makes me all warm!

What's your favourite thing about Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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