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Why Harry Potter Should Have Been A TV Show

When books get turned into movies so much is lost. I really wish they would do TV shows honestly. So much import but little things get cut when the book hit the big screen. So many details could be saved if they make the books TV shows instead.

This only applies to series but series are pretty much the only books that get so much dumped during production. If they were TV shows instead 1-3 chapters could make up an episode and each book could be a season. It would be so much better that way.

So here is why I think Harry Potter should have been a TV show.

With 7 books the show could have gone on for 7 seasons. As I said a few chapters could make up each episode. So much wouldn't have a need to be dumped and the characters could have been perfect to the books.

We could have gotten so much about magic details left out of the movies and all the day to day stuff cut for movie time could be put back in. We would have fallen in love with Daniel, Rupert, and Emma even more and people who only watched would have to know the story better.

People who just watched the movies never truly got the full detailed story. The never met peeves who could've stayed in the story if it was a show. There would have been room for his pranks.

If HP was a show it could have really showed the characters for who they were. And maybe the showrunners would have stayed closer to the book when it comes to some characters.

Dumbledore, though I do not like him, was so different than book Dumbledore after book 3 and Malfoy! He didn't walk up to Buckbeak like that. He was a bit of an ass hat until he started to grow up and form his own opinions. Draco was pretty terrible but I hate the way the movies depicted him.

The book to screen issues of Dumbledore and Draco and the force didn't actually exist love triangle probably wouldn't change if it was a show instead of the movies but maybe with a different person in charge it would change.

But the story would have been told closer to the original if it would have been a TV show. We would have gotten more content and the people who only watched would have known the story better.

Some people think it wouldn't have done as well if it would have been a TV show. But the movies did so well because of the books. If it would have been a show the fans would have loved it all the same. They would be just as loyal.

The die-hard fans fell for the books. They would have watching it whether it was a movie or a TV show. Possibly a TV version better since it would have been Truer to the story.

Have you read or watched Harry Potter? Do you think it would be better as a TV show? Do you think it would have done as well as the movies?

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a like if you did, it's much appreciated!

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm Lens

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