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Why I Hate Dumbledore

I hate Dumbledore... So hear me out.

Dumbledore put Harry in an abusive household and left him there. When other's offered to take Harry in, Dumbledore always said no. He wanted to keep Harry in the dark about the wizarding world and wanted him to grow up troubled so he would kill Voldemort without hesitation.

Everyone praises Dumbledore and Harry named one of his children after him. I just don't get it. He used Harry as a pawn in his war. Harry was just a weapon to him. I saw someone on Tumblr who said something similar for their reason for hating Dumbledore and I was like "YES!!!"

Harry should have named one of his kids Minerva. At least she cared. Her first line in the series includes "these are the worst sort of muggles imaginable."

Even Snape says "You've raised the boy to die." I just don't understand how everyone can worship the ground Dumbledore walks on.

You can't really argue that he didn't know what was happening to Harry. Harry's Hogwarts letter was addressed to Harry Potter The Cupboard Under the Stairs. Dumbledore knew full well what was happening to Harry.

I loved Dumbledore like everyone else until the final book. When you find out what he's done to Harry. I could never look at him the same because of it.

Dumbledore left Harry to be mentally and physically abused so when it came time for him to die for his friends and fellow classmates Harry would do it without hesitation.

Dumbledore left Harry in that house and yes it made him loving but can you imagine what that poor kid went through? You will never convince me that there wasn't a time when Harry wanted his Aunt and Uncle to love him like a son.

By the time we meet Harry he is beat down and takes everything they do to him. That didn't happen overnight. Harry grew up as Dudley's punching bag and as the Dursley's house-elf. You will never convince me that he didn't grow up feeling unloved, hated and like dirt.

Dumbledore put him there. You can't tell me Molly didn't try to take Harry in as soon as Ron told her about Harry's home life. You can't tell me that once Remus found out about James and Lily that he didn't beg to take Harry immediately. You can't tell me that once Sirius was set up back at home that he didn't try his damndest to get Harry away from those terrible people.

Dumbledore didn't keep Harry with the Dursleys because it was the safest place for him. An evil wizard army wants him dead? Yeah, let's keep him with the shitty muggles! Dumbledore kept Harry with the Dursleys to keep him in the dark about everything. Which was pointless after Harry learnt occlumency.

Ok I'm going to stop here because talking about this topic gets me a little revved up and if I keep going I think I might have an aneurysm.

What are your thoughts on Dumbledore? Let me know in the comments below!

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