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What's in My Makeup Bag | Back to School Edition

Back to school is upon us again. Most girls want to wear makeup to school but a lot of schools don’t allow a lot of makeup. You can wear makeup but it has to be light. When I was in school I just did BB cream and eyeliner. Today I thought that I would do a school makeup bag.

Always remember with makeup at school to keep it light. With eye shadow you have to keep it nude, matte, and light. Schools tend to flip out with makeup.

So here’s what would be in my makeup bag if I were still in school.

Lip Balm (EOS Lip Balm)

Lip balm should be in any makeup bag. Especially a school makeup bag. You should take lip balm in your purse or pocket. Since you are in classes for long periods of time without drinking anything your lips get dry. I always had lip balm with me in school. Just remember, Don’t Share.

My favourite is EOS Lip Balm. It’s moisturizing and soft and keeps my lips from getting dry all day.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I love this Maybelline BB cream! It’s light but has good coverage. It evens out skin tone without being cakey and it doesn’t look like you are wearing makeup. I love this BB cream. It covers without being heavy and it doesn’t cake. I love it!

This is one of my everyday products. I also love that this BB cream has more shade options. I picked it over Rimmel London Match Perfect BB Cream because the Rimmel one only comes in three shades where the Maybelline one comes in five shades.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

I love this concealer. It has great medium coverage and isn’t heavy. It is also a brightening concealer so when you apply it under your eyes it brightens it up and it makes you look more awake. I love it for under my eyes and it is ok for spots but I have another concealer that I prefer for spots. I love this concealer but it is brightening it can bring attention to spots not hiding them.

NYX Dark Circle Concealer

I love this concealer to cover spots and breakouts. It covers well and blends well into my foundation or BB cream. It has great coverage and isn’t heavy. I sometimes apply it on my under eyes under my Maybelline concealer if my circles are really bad. This concealer is great!

NYX Blotting Powder

I love this powder! It is a great soft powder and isn’t chalky. I love it! It goes on and creates a great matte finish that isn’t cakey. There are four shades. I love that this powder blends out so if it’s a little dark it can be blended in to look lighter. This is still the only powder I use. I love it!

NYX Blush Singles

In school you don’t need crazy highlight and contour. A lot of schools don’t allow it, it is school, not a nightclub. In school, you don’t need more than a little blush. I love the NYX powder blushes because they look is so natural! They are buildable and blendable. You can do a natural little glow or go for bold rosy cheeks. Though in school you should probably blend it out.

Rimmel London Kohl Eyeliner

I love this liner so much! It is an amazing dupe for Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner. It’s so smooth and creamy. This is my favourite for the waterline. There are so great colours. The nude and black are my favourite shades. This liner is the best! Great for the waterline and for lid liner.

Sonia Kashuk 02 Eye on the Neutral Palette - An All Matte Eye Palette

I love this palette. It’s all matte and has 1 nude shade. It’s perfect for school! If you do eyeshadow for school you want to keep it matte and nude. Schools love to enforce dress codes so you don’t want bold colours or dark blacks in your eyeshadow at school. This palette has 12 amazing matte nude shades that you can play with and create fun eye looks that your school won’t send you home for. If you want to play with colours and glitter have fun just maybe not at school. Back to this palette, the shadows are soft and smooth. These shadows don’t powder or cake and they build and blend beautifully. This is still a drugstore product but Sonia Kashuk is the higher side of the drugstore. It’s totally worth the $19! All the high-end matte palettes only have 6 shades and are all-around $36. You get 12 shades in this palette and it is $16 cheaper. I love this palette and recommended it all the time.

CoverGirl Lash Bloom Mascara

I’m not much of a mascara person. I have glasses and longish lashes. So when I apply mascara it makes my lashes hard and they hit my glasses. My lashes never want to hold a curl so I always end up with the lash hitting problem. When I heard about this mascara, which Covergirl markets as a mascara that keeps for lashes soft, I was all in. It’s what I have been waiting for. I have to say it works. I’ve only ever done one coat. My lashes stay soft and bendy. I curled them before and after applying, my lashes stayed curled.

I’m not one for silicon or plastic brushes but I love the way that this one was made. The “hairs” are short and it’s so much easier to get close to my lash line. The way the “hairs” are placed make this brush amazing. I separated my lashes and the formula didn’t clump.

I have to say I love this mascara.

Rimmel London ColourRush Lip Balm Crayons

I love these balms. I chose these over all my other lippie faves because they are more like a gloss than other products. If you wear a bold lip to school nowadays they make you take it off or send you home. You are better off wearing something less pigmented and more like a gloss. I personally don’t like gloss. It’s sticky and way too shiny. These crayons are softer and have the feel of lipstick. They are not as pigmented and have a little shine but not much. And they have the most amazing vanilla scent! I could smell these for hours. I love them.

If you want something more pigmented I would recommend Revlon Color Burst Matte Lip Balms (Crayons). Though I would also recommend that you don’t wear them to school. They are very pigmented and they are either bright or bold. They might be against your school’s dress code.


I’m going to do a few brushes. I love these brushes and they are the brushes that I use every day. Also, just a quick reminder that you should wash dirty brushes every week.

Real Techniques Core Collection

I love this collection of brushes. You get 4 face base brushes in this set for $18.

I use all of these brushes every day, except the buffing brush. I only use it with liquid foundation and most days I use BB Cream.

I love the concealer brush in this set. It’s a little bigger than other concealer brushes.

I use the detailer brush in this set for eyeshadow. Sometimes I use it for the inner corner and brow bone highlight and sometimes I use it for smudging eyeliner.

The setting brush in this set id my favourite. It’s fluffy and round and it is the perfect size for blush. It’s the perfect side for the apples of my cheeks and it is perfect to blend my blush back.

I love this collection and Real Techniques is one of my top 2 brush companies!

Real Techniques Starter Kit

This is an eye brush kit. I love it! It’s a great start to any eye brush collection. It has some of the essential eyes brushes everyone in makeup needs. You get 5 brushes in this kit for $18. I love this kit. I love the angled brush in this kit! It’s thicker than most angled brushes and I love it. I thought it would be too thick for my brows but it’s perfect. I used to use the Eco Tools Angled Liner brush for my brows which is much thinner but I tried this one out one day and loved it. This brush had but been sitting in a cup on my vanity and now that I use it for my brows I can use the thinner Eco Tools brush for liners.

I use the thin liner brush in this set as a lip brush half the time. Occasionally if it’s been cleaned I’ll use it for eye highlight and details instead.

I love the accent brush! I’m a big fan of small shadow brushes. I love to use this for accent colours and liner.

The crease brush in the kit is so fluffy! I love it! It fits perfectly in my crease. It’s amazing for blending colours and for applying.

The shadow brush in this kit is a little bigger than I was used to but now I love it! It applies colour beautifully and is the perfect size for my lid.

I love this kit so much! Real Techniques makes such great brushes! All Real Techniques Brushes are 100% recycled and synthetic. RT brushes are so soft and they are so well made! I’ve washed mine many times and they are still like brand new.

Eco Tools Tapered Blush Brush

This is the only brush I use for powder foundation. It applies the product beautifully and evenly. Eco Tools brushes are my other top 2 brushes. I love these brushes. They are made of bamboo, recycled aluminium, and synthetic hairs. They are so soft and the hold up forever. I have a bunch of Eco Tools brushes and they have all been washed many many times. I have yet to have a brush fall apart.

That is what I'd have in my school makeup bag. I love all of these products to death! I use those brushes every day and most of the products.

In the comments below let me know what products are your go-to for school.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me. If you liked this post or topic let me know in the comments below.

This post is NOT sponsored. Everything in this post was purchased by myself or I received it as a gift. I was not paid to talk about any brands mentioned in this post. Anything mentioned in this post were things I genuinely loved this month and wanted to share with you all.

Photo Credit: photo was taken with a Canon T5 and an 18-55mm lens.

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