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The Zombee Club

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The Zombee Club is a creator and maker community. We have Twitter threads throughout the week and we have a monthly newsletter that goes out on the last Sunday of each month. I round up some of my favourite things from the community that month. From blog posts to YouTube videos to small businesses. I also share some free art wallpapers, planner pages or other digital goodies each month.

Zombees also get The Zombified Update. A bi-weekly round-up of my blog posts in those two weeks. It goes out every other Saturday. Rather than bombarding your inboxes with 3-4 emails a week when I upload a new blog post I send a bi-weekly round-up of my blog posts in one correlated email.

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More about

I wanted to start a blogging/creator community since I first found retweet accounts on Twitter. So I made a Twitter account. I went through a few name changes now. But The Zombee Club feels perfect. We also went by Undead Creators for a little while.


When I finally landed on Zombee Club it felt perfect! Zombie stuff is kind of my brand and I adore bees and have been wanting to put bees into my branding forever. So the Zombee Club is a wonderful name.

Over on our Zombee Club Twitter account, I retweet content with #ZombeeClub from all sorts of creators and makers. We also have weekly threads for everyone to chat and help grow each other's content.

I recently decided I wanted to take it beyond the Twitter account. So I create the Zombee Club Newsletter! This way I could share my favourite posts and YouTube videos and small businesses!

So I started building the plan for the newsletter. Each month I share a round-up of content from makers and creators in the community. I share a few art freebies like phone or desktop wallpapers, colouring pages, planner pages, Instagram templates and other little digital goodies.

The Zombee Club Newsletter is a monthly letter packed full of content from beauty to lifestyle, to geekiness to DIYs to recipes, freebies, digital goodies, submissions from others in the community and other fun little things. 

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The Zombee Club has a retweet account on Twitter. Over the last few years, I've built up a little community with weekly threads. There is a thread every day with a different theme. You can share your blog posts, Instagram photos, small businesses, YouTube channels & more!

Use #ZombeeClub when you tweet your content and we'll retweet it!



Join in on the thread by linking to one of your recent blog posts. Then interact with others. Find new blogs to read, leave comments and make friends!


Similar to blog share. Link to a recent video you've made. Check out some others and leave some likes or comments


Link to a social media page you want to grow. Check out some others and find new people to follow!


Drop by and share some of your art. Link to a shop if you have one and maybe your art Instagram if you have one.


On Fridays, we create a mega Follow Friday thread! Stop in and link to your favourite creators! Share the love!


Drop-in and promote your small biz! Look around and maybe find a new shop!

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I recently added a sticker subscription to The Zombee Club through Patreon! I create an exclusive sticker or sticker pack every month. And I also have a Print + Sticker tier. The monthly sticker/stickers and a print in the same theme! Full details in my tiers on Patreon. (Also I hope to add an Enamel Pin Tier in the future!)

The theme changes monthly and I let you guys vote on the themes. The stickers and prints will be exclusive to my Patreon. Only the Zombee Club will get them. 

You can go sign up on Patreon. The Sticker Club is $6 and the Print + Sticker Club is $10. You also get digital goodies in the monthly themes, sneak peeks of stuff for my shop, unshared sketches and YouTube BTS. Some tiers get even more online goodies!

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